Tourmaline Vs. Titanium Hairdryers

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While the market is loaded with hair drying technologies, and newer technologies are either taking over or losing credibility, you may want to stick to technologies that hair experts and people, in general, are swearing by. But before all of that, you need to identify your hair type, know about the mainstream technologies and also decide what suits you the best. Tourmaline and Titanium are popular hair drying technologies among both professionals and home users. But which is better and why? To know, keep reading!

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What do we know about Tourmaline technology?

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone which is rare to find. Chemically, it’s a crystal boron silicate compound.

What differentiates a tourmaline hair dryer from a regular hair dryer is having tourmaline in its internal components. Tourmaline is crushed into fine powder and transferred to the major components of the dryer by molding and coating them with it.

Benefits of Tourmaline

Heat is applied to crushed tourmaline creates a continuous stream of healthy negative ions. It also emits far infrared heat is gentle and evenly dries your hair without having to penetrate the layers of cells. Tourmaline is also proven to be a great natural conditioner, which smoothes and softens the hair cuticles resulting in sealing them. It’s gentle heating coherently dries hair while its conditioning qualities give the hair frizz-free smoothness. This technology is also suitable for all types of hair.

Negatively charged ions that are released from heated tourmaline extracts help the water droplets to break into tiny fragments instead of getting shrunk. As a result, the tiny droplets are evaporated by hot air almost instantly. Hair drying has thus become 40-50% faster with tourmaline dryers.

Cons of Tourmaline dryers

Tourmaline dryers are very much pricey and thus it is not the best budget-friendly hair drying tool. Since tourmaline is a rare gemstone, a fine coating of crushed tourmaline will genuinely be costly. There are cheaper versions of this, but the price mainly varies depending on the amount of tourmaline used in the components. The powerful motors will also consume more energy and cost you utility bills.

What is Titanium Technology?

Titanium is a metal that heats up very quickly and dries your thick hair way faster than ceramic dryers. Titanium leaves a great frizz-free smoothness of your hair and does it very fast.

Benefits of Titanium in hairdryers:

Titanium seals the cuticles of thicker hair and gives a frizz-free smoothness. It maintains a constant temperature which dries your hair is lesser time than its other alternatives like ceramic. Lesser drying time saves your hair from further frizz and damage caused by overheating. Titanium is lighter than many other metals, or even materials like Ceramic and thus, hairdryers with titanium are very lightweight as well.

Cons of Titanium hair dryers:

Titanium dryers can over dry your fine hair and can cause heat-induced damage. Therefore it is not of great use if you have very delicate hair and limited to its benefits on thick hair.

Basic differences between Tourmaline and Titanium:

The following table contains the basic differences between Tourmaline and Titanium technology

Tourmaline technologyTitanium technology
Main material: Tourmaline, which is a gemstone.Main material: Titanium, which is a metal
It is ionic in nature and emits ions as heatedIt is covalent in and creates titanium dioxide as heated
Creates infrared heat, which is very gentle on hairDoes not create infrared heat and can be damaging to fine or delicate hair.
Smoothens cuticles of hair and reduces frizz in all types of hairSmoothens cuticles and reduces frizz in thick hair

Final Verdict:

Tourmaline is more versatile in terms of suitability, whereas Titanium is great for specific hair types. Therefore, Tourmaline dryers can be more widely used and can be a great home and professional hair drying tool saving you the hassle of switching to other technologies depending on hair types and give you an all in one solution.


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