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How Does A Hair Dryer Work?

In the globalized world, who doesn`t want to be stylish in their way of lives? Hair dryer is one of the most important elements and quite easy to use. It will be quite fascinating to know the internal system of it and it is not a complex one. It follows the scientific principle of the nexus between evaporation and humidity. The practical outcome of this nexus is used for drying and styling hair. The principle a hair dryer follows: Humidity is the ratio of the amount of water that air holds at the highest level and it changes with the


How To Clean A Hair Dryer

Filters in the air vent tend to collect dust and debris (grime) to keep the motor clean, thus prolonging the life of your blow dryer. Here the motor can overheat if the filter gets too clogged, which is not just awful for your blow dryer, it’s perilous! It abbreviates the life expectancy of the hair dryer as well. Cleaning the hair dryer at least once a month is a must to avoid overheating and that make sure it’s working effectively and efficiently. Things you need to clean your hair dryer The hair dryer that you want to clean. Some small

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Unconventional Hacks: 9 Surprising Ways to Use a Hair Dryer

It’s incredible to be able to find different ways to make use of common objects. Here are 10 surprising uses for your hair dryer in situations other than hair drying! 1: Drying Nail Polish Faster No more worries if you don’t have the patience to wait for your polish to dry. Power your hair dryer up and let your wet nail polish drying the blink of an eye. Stay careful about placing the tip of the dryer. Never place it too close to your nails as it may create the formation of air bubbles. 2: Getting Old Photographs Out from

Hair dryer attachment

Understanding Different Types of Hair Dryer Attachment

By going through this article you come to know all kinds of attachments that a hair dryer provides. We have mentioned the pros, cons of the attachments and at the end; we have recommended you an all in one product.

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Ceramic Vs Tourmaline Hair Dryer

To some, a hair dryer is just a hair dryer! But to others, the terms Ceramic, Ionic, Tourmaline etc. has significance. A hairdryer is not just a machine blowing out hot air anymore. With technological advances, hair dryers have also evolved with greater potentials to dry your hair. Both Ceramic and Tourmaline hair dryers are popular among professionals and conscious home users. Just like their names, their properties and functions are also different when it comes to heat styling and hair drying. With all that these technologies have to offer for better hair drying, which one should you choose to

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Bonnet Vs. Hooded Dryer

When styling our hair, we want to choose the most suitable technique and tools to achieve the best possible results with minimal damage. But of course, this isn’t as easily done as said. For centuries, women have been using hair dryers to pull off numerous vintage, modern, classic looks for their hair. The two most popular dryers used to achieve an at-home-salon look are the bonnet dryer and hooded dryer. Bonnet Dryer This is a dryer that connects to an iron infused airflow with a cap at the end which is placed over your head. The best feature of a

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Difference Between Ionic & Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The hair drying industry is booming with innovative technologies every day. While most of the technologies claim to give you the best results, it is wiser to do your studies before purchasing a hairdryer which apparently seems great. Ionic technology has been ruling the heat styling and hair-drying industries since the early 2000’s before technologies like Tourmaline took over the market. As each day passes by, the hair dryers will be upgrading and for all good reasons. If you are looking for answers whether Ionic is better than Tourmaline or vice versa, keep scrolling! What is Ionic Technology in hairdryers

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Different Heating Elements In Blow Dryers

Choosing a blow dryer with right heating element has become extremely complicated these days. The highly developed technology has given the purchaser many options to achieve the look they wish for. These technologies absorb them to choose the right styling product for themselves. With the passage of time, these days’ blow dryers have come far afield in terms of their features and technologies with various heat settings, swiftness, and even options. In case of purchasing a blow dryer, heat setting is exceedingly essential for your hair. Since they are prepared to suit each hair type (whether your hair is short

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Tourmaline Vs. Titanium Hairdryers

While the market is loaded with hair drying technologies, and newer technologies are either taking over or losing credibility, you may want to stick to technologies that hair experts and people, in general, are swearing by. But before all of that, you need to identify your hair type, know about the mainstream technologies and also decide what suits you the best. Tourmaline and Titanium are popular hair drying technologies among both professionals and home users. But which is better and why? To know, keep reading! What do we know about Tourmaline technology? Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone which is rare

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How To Fix A Blow Dryer

First of all, take a deep breath and don’t panic. If the blow dryer doesn’t turn on don’t think it’s broken already. Have a little patience and let’s see how to fix a blow dryer step by step Wait for 30 to 40 minutes: If it was working fine until it suddenly stopped then probably it became too hot. Most of the hair dryers these days come with a safety feature that will turn off the hair dryer automatically if it became too hot It won’t turn on until it’s cooled down completely so in this case, you will have

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How To Style Hair With A Blow Dryer

Till date, you might have been using a blow dryer only for drying the hair. Did you know that other than just drying hair, you could style your hair in different styles with a blow dryer? For most people, the answer will be a ‘no.’ Most of us use a hair dryer on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if we can use this everyday tool as a hair styling tool? So, here are some blow dryer tips and tricks for you to style your hair! 1. Wavy Hair With a blow dryer, getting wavy hair is a matter

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Blow Dry Vs Natural Dry

Blow dryers and natural air, both of these help our hair to dry. But there’s always a question left, which one is better? There are particular facts and reasons t where these two methods score over each other. Let’s peep into those facts to know more! Required time This one is the most common difference blowers dry, and natural dry have. A hair dryer will require 10 to 15 minutes of your time to dry your hair. On the other hand, natural drying will take a lot of time. If you have medium to long as well thick hair, it

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Basic Understanding of Hair Dryer Watts

Be cautious about three things before buying a hairdryer. A good-quality hair dryer offers optimal wattage and manageable weight. Yet your hair type too plays a significant role while choosing a quality hairdryer. Buying a wrong hair dryer can expose your hair to excessive heat that damages your hair permanently. So it is immensely important to have basic knowledge in this field if you want to avoid unpleasant ordeals led by an unsuitable hair dryer! What is wattage? Wattage or watts is a unit to measure how fast the motor of your hair dryer spins to produce warm air. Warm

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Do’s And Don’ts When Blow Drying Your Hair

Blow-drying. A great treat for your hair. Can turn out a nightmare too! As lucrative as it sounds, it comes with its due share of disclaimers. As much as you love to tease your hair with an occasional blow-drying session, check out some points to pull off an amazing blow-drying experience – Do’s Go gentle and mild. Your hair is tender; so give it its due share of mercy! Tame the heat. Over-heating can cause permanent damage to your hair cuticles leaving it rough and coarse along with split ends; not to mention the scary ‘hair-fall’ part that comes along!

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Make Your Hair Dryer Last Longer

With all the deadlines to meet and client meetings to rush to, wet hair must be managed quickly and effectively. The hair dryer is indispensable in such a scenario. It can also be expensive if it does not last long enough. At best, the hair dryer will provide its user with 1,800 hours of flawless service. Beyond this point, it will either have to be repaired or discarded. So, the question to ask is: How can you make your hair dryer last longer? The very first thing to do after purchasing a hair dryer is to read the instruction manual

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Myths And Facts About Hairdryers

A blow dryer or a hairdryer is an electrical device which expels heated air to fasten the drying of water from wet hair. Hair dryers help hair to be shaped better in a salon. The styling is sassy but extremely prone to humidity. Blow dry effects to hair disappear with one single wash. In this article, some myths and facts will be shared about hairdryers. Myths about hairdryers Drying hair with a hairdryer is bad. Rumor has it that drying hair with a hair dryer can make hair straw like and unhealthy. This is untrue and hair fallen from this

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Hair Dryer Safety

Who nowadays go out without drying hair with their hot favorite hairdryer? Who has so much time to leave their hair for air drying? Who still believe in boring hair? No one! And so, the hand-held hair dryers of these days are ideal for the women who love their hair but lead a hectic routine. But what if you do not know the proper use of hair dryer? What if your best friend hair dryers are your worst enemy? What if it is the reason of your damage? This is why you should know about the safety of hairdryer because


Hair Dryer Motor

Like most home appliances, the hair dryer runs on a motor. The motor, which is powered by electricity, makes the fan spin. This mechanism allows room temperature air to be sucked in through the vents of the hairdryer and then to be blown over the heating coils. The air is heated and forced out of the head of the hair dryer towards the hair. There are 2 types of motor available in the market – AC and DC. Hair dryers with AC motor are widely used by hair care professionals, whereas those with DC motor are ideal for home use.