Hair Dryer Safety

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Who nowadays go out without drying hair with their hot favorite hairdryer? Who has so much time to leave their hair for air drying? Who still believe in boring hair? No one! And so, the hand-held hair dryers of these days are ideal for the women who love their hair but lead a hectic routine. But what if you do not know the proper use of hair dryer? What if your best friend hair dryers are your worst enemy? What if it is the reason of your damage?

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This is why you should know about the safety of hairdryer because it related to you and your family’s safety.

Precautions and Warnings

Before you run any hairdryer, read out all of the instructions and precautions that are noted on the box. Dryers should be kept in a cool dry place. You are also required to keep your dryer out of your children’s reach because they do not know the use of the dryer and it may burn their body parts resulting in severe destruction.

Plugs and Sockets

Plugs and sockets

Different country has different sockets and plugging methods. Your hair dryer may have 2, 3, 4 etc. numbers of the pin in their plug. Before you plug in your hair dryer, get to know that the plug of the dryer perfectly matches with your country-socket or not. If not then you can buy a universal adapter which will make you run your dryer. Pushing 2 pin plugs into the 3 pin socket or any identical use of plug may harm you and your dryer. You have to ensure if your device includes dual voltage facility or not.

Adapter and Voltage Converter

Adapter and voltage converter

Always try to stick with universal adapters as they will provide you the ability to use them with any hairdryer you want. Choosing adapters may also take you to a dilemma because different adapters have different voltages. Before purchasing adapters, know how much power and voltage it supplies to your dryer. If it is less than what your dryer needs then your dryer will not get enough hot and if it is higher than your products voltage and power then it may create an explosion.

If you are traveling out of your country, try to use Voltage Converter which will convert your voltage and will not risk your life.

Retractable Cord

Retractable cords are great for keeping the devices plugged-in in such neat way that the cord doesn’t get tangled. These cords can be stretched and they also spring back afterward when you need.

To keep your hair dryer safe, retractable cords prevent the body of the cord from getting damaged. The cord does not over-extend. As damaged cords may lead you to electrify the floor and other electric devices, the retractable cord confines damage and diminish the chances of destruction.

Unplug after Every Use


You may have the tendency to leave your dryer plugged in after your use but it may cause you trouble. If your child or anyone switches ON the dryer and if no one switches it OFF then any explosion can happen.

If you habitually forget to switch OFF your dryer then for safety concern you can get a dryer that has Automatic Shut-off feature that will reduce your worries as it will automatically shut-off after 50 minutes to 60 minutes.

But no matter what, always remember to unplug your device after switching it OFF to ensure safety.

Never use your hair dryer when you are bathing. Fatal shock is possible if your hair dryer falls in the water tub. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), if your dryer is switched OFF, even then the water can be electrified.

The best way to protect you is not taking the dryer to the washroom, tub, sink or near water. If it falls down in the tub water then do not touch the dryer or the water (or any other liquid.) The first thing you have to do is unplugging your dryer and then remove it after a while.

Keep the Air Openings Free

To safeguard you and your hair from unwanted accidents, always try to keep the air openings of the dryer free. Do not place the dryer on any soft surface such as the couch or bed when it is switched on. If the air openings are blocked the dryer does not get enough air to operate then it will get hot and there is a risk of fire.

The air openings of the dryer should be free from hair, lint and so not insert or drop any material into the dryer’s openings.

Surrounding of Using a Hair Dryer

Try to avoid using your hair dryer in outdoors. Spray products like aerosol administer the oxygen of the specific area. Do not use your dryer in such a place where these sprays are being used.

Cleaning Hair Dryer

If you want to clean your hair dryer then use a brush for proper cleaning. Do not clean it when it is switched on. If you have just used the dryer then let it cool down and then take a soft brush the carefully clear the inner part of the dryer.

The outer part can be made dirt free by using a soft cotton cloth. Never use a wet cloth or brush to clean your device and if it gets in a touch of water while cleaning then keep the dryer for drying for a long period. Make sure that it is properly water-free when you are using it again.

Make sure that no particles of the cleaning brush or cloth remain inside the dryer as it may cause uncalled misfortune.

General Safety Issues

If your hair dryers get excessive hot then unplug the dryer as soon a possible. Try to use the dryer in a LOW or MEDIUM speed (optional) so that your dryer gets less hot. Keep the electric cord of your dryer away from the heated surface otherwise it may burn the cord and cause an electric flare-up.

If the cord or any other part of your dryer get damaged then do not try to repair it at home rather take it to any service center for repair.

Wrapping Up

As hair dryers are electrical gear, you always need to take the safety issues into account. Even under the normal condition, using dryers along with all electric devices will claim specific precautions, common sense and some know how.

We have described all the details for hair dryer safety so that you can go for trouble free hair drying.

Don’t go out of style but don’t go unmindful; remember that protecting yourself should be your supreme responsibility.


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