Make Your Hair Dryer Last Longer

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With all the deadlines to meet and client meetings to rush to, wet hair must be managed quickly and effectively. The hair dryer is indispensable in such a scenario. It can also be expensive if it does not last long enough. At best, the hair dryer will provide its user with 1,800 hours of flawless service. Beyond this point, it will either have to be repaired or discarded. So, the question to ask is: How can you make your hair dryer last longer?

The very first thing to do after purchasing a hair dryer is to read the instruction manual thoroughly. The manual has all the information you need about your hair dryers such as its components, its attachments, cleaning advice, warranties, and safety guidelines. The next important thing to do is to store this manual safely, so you can refer to it when there’s a problem.

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There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your hair dryer does not expire before its time:

Step: 1

Use it only for its intended purpose, which is drying and styling hair. You might be tempted to use your hair dryer to dry freshly washed cloth diapers, wet A/C filters, or spills on upholstered furniture. Needless to say, this is not what the hair dryer is meant for and can reduce its lifespan.

Step: 2

Store it in a completely dry spot. Since it is an electrical appliance, it is dangerous to handle with wet hands or to use and store in moist conditions. Any moisture that seeps through the plastic or metal casing of the hair dryer will slowly damage the internal elements. For this reason, it is inadvisable to store or use the hairdryer inside the bathroom which is always wet.

Step: 3

Tie the hair dryer cord into a loop instead of wrapping it around the hair dryer. Also, avoid leaving the cord near hot surfaces to prevent damage to the cord. A damaged cord will not allow electrical current to pass to the hair dryer thereby triggering its early retirement.

Step: 4

Towel-dry your hair before drying it with the hairdryer. Using the hairdryer on dripping wet hair will mean using it for longer than is necessary at any one time. To optimize performance, avoid overusing your hair dryer.

Step: 5

Clean your hair dryer regularly. Remove the filter and clean it. Home users should do this every month, while professional hairstylists should do this once or twice a week depending on usage frequency. Allowing the buildup of debris on your hair dryer filter will cut short its lifespan. Also, use a damp makeup sponge instead of tissues or cotton buds to unclog the filter. Tissues and cotton buds leave behind lint which defeats the purpose of using them.

Step: 6

Only use attachments provided with the hairdryer. Do not ever attempt to use attachments which do not belong to your current hair dryer as they are not compatible and will slowly damage your hair dryer.

Step: 7

Avoid using attachments on high settings because they tend to overheat and this can damage both your hair dryer and the attachment.

Step: 8

As with all electrical appliances, remember to unplug your hair dryer before cleaning and when not in use.

If you want your hair dryer to take good care of your hair, you have to take good care of it too. Neglecting to maintain your hair dryer will cause it to lose its functionality way ahead of its due time.


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