Difference Between Ionic & Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Featured Image Of Ionic Vs. Tourmaline Hairdryers

The hair drying industry is booming with innovative technologies every day. While most of the technologies claim to give you the best results, it is wiser to do your studies before purchasing a hairdryer which apparently seems great. Ionic technology has been ruling the heat styling and hair-drying industries since the early 2000’s before technologies like Tourmaline took over the market. As each day passes by, the hair dryers will be upgrading and for all good reasons. If you are looking for answers whether Ionic is better than Tourmaline or vice versa, keep scrolling!

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What is Ionic Technology in hairdryers and how does it work?

You must have learned about ions in your middle school physics classes. An Ion is a charged atom that has unequal numbers of electrons and protons. Whether it is negatively charged or positively charged will depend on the numbers of electrons and protons present in that ion. A negatively charged ion basically means an ion that has more electrons than protons.

Now, what do all these scientists have to do with your Ionic hairdryer? The ionizing starts in your hair dryer with the Corona effect. In typical Ionic hair dryers, a negative voltage is applied to an ion emitter which creates a strong magnetic field. As a result, the acceleration of the motor increases the energy level of the free electrons to the extent, that when they collide with the air molecules, they ionize them.

It more discreetly comes down to how the negative ions interact with the water molecules present in the hair. The water molecules in the hair shaft are shrunk down to an extent that they can easily penetrate through the layers of the hair. The tiny water molecules evaporate much faster and are blown away by the airflow from the blow dryer. Not only do ions allow water to come out from the hair, but it also puts back sufficient portions of it back to the hair shaft and helps retain moisture. Ions flatten the cuticles to trap the moisture in resulting in smoother and frizz free hair.

What is Tourmaline and how is it used in hair dryers?

Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate compound. In simpler terms, it is a rare gemstone. While gemstones are meant to be worn and flaunted, they can have other more productive uses. Tourmaline is the perfect example of a gemstone that has multi-dimensional values.

Tourmaline is crushed into fine powder and is carefully engineered into hairdryers by coating or molding important internal components with it. This process is also done in some of the ionic dryers but they are still not as effective as tourmaline dryers. The crushed gemstones are transferred in a comparatively larger quantity of tourmaline dryers to enrich the airflow with the extracts for more fruitful results.

When heat is applied to the crushed tourmaline in your hair dryer, it emits numerous negative ions similar to ionic dryers. The difference, however, is in its heating. Tourmaline produces far infrared heat which is gentle and evenly dries your hair. This heat saves hair from overheating and does not have to penetrate the layers of your hair. Tourmaline is a natural conditioner that facilitates the process of softening and sealing the hair cuticles into frizz-free smoothness. This heating and conditioning of tourmaline, is in fact, finer and healthier than plain ionizing.

Heated tourmaline similar to ionic dryers releases negative ions. However, instead of shrinking the water molecules this process breaks the water molecules into tiny fragments. As a result, they evaporate more quickly and dries hair 40-50% faster than traditional hair dryers.

Along with the health benefits of Tourmaline, its fast drying mechanisms and even infrared heating, the majority of the available tourmaline hair dryers have the other effective technologies incorporated in them. Which means you can get the benefits of a number of hair-technologies in one. Tourmaline blow-dryers, therefore, have more versatility than many other hair gadgets.

Ionic or Tourmaline? Which is better and why?

It is wiser to choose a hair gadget or product which have health benefits. Since heat styling and drying have their consequences, choose a product that will nourish your hair naturally and also dry it properly. Before choosing an Ionic dryer over a Tourmaline dryer or the other way round, you need to see side by side the basic differences between these two technologies are how they are functioning differently. The following comparisons might help.

Ionic TechnologyTourmaline Technology
Ionic dryers emit negative ions into the hair shaft to dry it but also traps water molecules to balance moisture.Tourmaline blow dryers have major components molded by crushed tourmaline and emits negative ions and far infrared heat to dry hair. It also naturally balances moisture and conditions hair.
Ions emitted from these dryers shrink water droplets in the hair to retain moisture.Tourmaline breaks the water droplets and conditions and retains moisture with the natural benefits of crushed tourmaline.
These dryers do dry air fast, but in comparison to ceramic and other technologies, the difference is subtle. There is a possibility to incur damages to your hair because of more drying time and exposure to heat.Tourmaline technology breaks the water molecules and dries the hair 40% to 50% compared to ionic and ceramic dryers. It also reduces exposure to heat because of lesser drying time.

Final Verdict

Tourmaline and its benefits seem heavier on the scale, whereas Ionic dryers which had been leading the hair industry for quite a long time needs some upgrading. Which is why modern hair drying brands are coming up with a blend of both technologies incorporated in their hair dryers for greater benefits. Some of the best Ionic hair dryers have Tourmaline infused in them.  For the healthiest hair drying experience, choose a Tourmaline hairdryer with upgraded Ionic technology.