How To Use Hair Dryer For Lice?

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Oh, that annoying itching feeling that makes you feel down –lice. How we hate them. Just be calm, don’t freak out. I know it is infuriating but indeed they are not dangerous for your health. We can drive away lice with the very innovative method- using hot hair treatment through a hairdryer.

Have you ever thought that your hair dryer can kill lice? Yes, it is quite a unique fact to know. Generally, we are used to using louse comb to detect them. But using the hair dryer for lice is comparatively more effective. You want to get rid of the adult lice with their nits as well which are sticking in the hair just like glue. So to prevent the lice infestation you need a rapid, effective and safe solution.

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Researchers from all over the globe are working to find out the really reliable and safe to use formulas to wash the lice off the head. Research shows that using the hair dryer by dividing into 20 broad sections aiming at the lower deep part of the scalp can kill breed lice up to 55.3% and eggs of lice 97.9% with blow drying of only 30 minutes.  To be more persuasive, one should use hair dryer constantly till the natural life circle of lice which is about 4 weeks.

As it takes time to notice that you are affected with lice, when you really realize it we know how you feel aggravating then. That is why we have brought on an amazing theory to drive out that buggers from your head. You can try hot blow drying on your hair before this crawling creepy insect makes a garden in your hair to roam around.

Let’s see how to use the hair dryer for lice-

How To Use Hair Dryer For Lice?

Hot hair treatment through hair dryer is very effective against head lice. This formula is about hydrating the lice through hot air. Researchers have proved it as safe, quicker and persuasive method to get rid of lice as well as the lice eggs or nits.

You should use the hair dryer on your freshly washed hair. Remember that if you have applied any chemical on your hair then should not use the hot air. Since some of the chemical products probably consist of flammable elements. Without using any oil or artificial liquid or lotion on your hair, use the hairdryer for lice.

You have to be careful about the distance that you would hold the dryer from your hair. Make broad sections of your hair and hold the dryer from a limited distance on the hair.

How Much Heat Should I Use?

Yes, it is certain that hair dryer can produce sufficient heat as well as air and evacuate lice. But too hot air is not safe for your hair or scalp. Several studies indicate that head lice and nits get devitalized within a very less time after exposing to hot air. So, you can use as much as temperature your scalp can bear and heat that doesn’t harm your lovely hair. Otherwise too much heat air treatment through hair dryer can cause hair damage and hair fall. You can also use low heated air. That is also sufficient for killing lice and nits if you don’t want to bear so much heat on your head.

The Secret Behind Using Hair Dryer For Lice

Hot air from hair dryer works from the root of the hair. The hot air causes dehydration in the lice that kills them and dry outs the lice eggs before they can conquer. You need to steel yourself for the next one month as you have to continue using a hair dryer for lice until they completely vanish. The lice eggs spawn in 7 to 10 days. So you need to use the hair dryer for the more fruitful outcome at each of this 1 to 7 days.

Let me clear you one thing that if you are using a traditional bonnet dryer, it can kill up to 89% lice eggs and merely 10% of lice; on the contrary, the latest model of a hair dryer will offer you to kill 55% of lice and diminishes 98% of nits. Because the blow dryer uses direct heat to solve the lice problem.

Well, now you know how to use the hair dryer for lice. And besides using hot air treatment to get rid of lice, you can add some more steps to make them lice-free totally. Thoroughly clean up the carpet, furniture, bedding, and clothing of your entire home with hot water. Keep pillows in the dryer at the maximum heating set up till 20 to 30 minutes. Don’t forget to wash your hair combs, ties and brushes with hot water up to 10 to 20 minutes. You can also keep them in the refrigerator for all night.

Follow the instruction above mentioned properly and witness the helpful result of using a hair dryer for lice.

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