How To Style Hair With A Blow Dryer

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Till date, you might have been using a blow dryer only for drying the hair. Did you know that other than just drying hair, you could style your hair in different styles with a blow dryer? For most people, the answer will be a ‘no.’ Most of us use a hair dryer on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if we can use this everyday tool as a hair styling tool?

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So, here are some blow dryer tips and tricks for you to style your hair!

1. Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair

With a blow dryer, getting wavy hair is a matter of 5 minutes. The following steps will lead you to wavy hair with a blow dryer.

  • Wet your hair.
  • Separate your hair in some sections.
  • Make a braid on each section.
  • Now, take your blow dryer and blow cold or hot air on each strand till all your hair get dry.
  • Unbraid your hair and spray some hair sprays.

Don’t brush the hair and enjoy your wavy hair the whole day!

2. Curly to Straight Hair

Curly to Straight Hair

Do you have unmanageable curls? Who likes to use a flat iron every day? Let’s see how we can use our blow dryer as a hair straightening tool!

  • For this method, you need a heat protective hair spray or gel, a round brush and, your blow dryer.
  • At first, divide your wet hair into 3 to 4 parts.
  • Now take one part of the hair and separate a 1-inch hair section from it.
  • Blow dries this section of hair with hot air while directing the air from roots to the ends. You have to hold the dryer underneath of the hair section and brush it in the air’s direction at the same time.
  • Continue until hair dries.
  • Repeat the same steps for every strand of hair. Blow all the hair dry.

Till the time you finish drying all the hair, you’ll see your hair silky-straight. This one is easy, right? It takes only a few minutes also!

3. Loose Curls

Loose Curls

Everybody loves occasional loose curls. Our blow dryers can be the alternative of a rolling iron in case of that. Below we have given the steps of getting instant loose curls with a blow dryer.

  • Wet your hair.
  • Take a 1 or 2-inch section of hair and roll it up with a roller. Roll up all your hair in this way.
  • Now turn the blow dryer on and blow hot or cold air towards all the hair sections.
  • When the hair has been dried, spray some hair sprays on them.
  • Now unroll your hair.

So, how do you like those loose and large curls? Aren’t they so stylish? This easy trick might make you pass on rolling irons too!

4. Stylish Curled Bangs

Stylish Curled Bangs

Straight and flat bangs don’t look lively. Let’s fill some life to them by curling the ends of them! That too, with our blow dryers! The steps are in below!

  • Sprinkle some water on the bangs area.
  • Take your round brush.
  • Now blow dry the bangs while brushing the hair and twisting the brush when it reaches the ends of the hair strands. The blow drying should be done from underneath the hair or simple, over the forehead.
  • Continue until hair dries completely.

And the curled bangs are ready! You can leave the rest of the hair straight or give them a wavy look to add more style to your hair.

5. Voluminous Hair

Voluminous Hair

Every girl graves for voluminous and textured hair. But who knew they are so easy to get? Follow the given steps to add volume to your hair quickly!

  • Take a little section of hair.
  • Blow dries the part from root to the end while brushing it. While the brush and the dryer reach the ends, twist the brush, hold for some seconds and keep the air flowing.
  • Continue this with all your hair.

And your voluminous hair is ready!

So, these were some hair styling trick for blow dryer users. Hope you like them!.


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