Do’s And Don’ts When Blow Drying Your Hair

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Blow-drying. A great treat for your hair. Can turn out a nightmare too! As lucrative as it sounds, it comes with its due share of disclaimers. As much as you love to tease your hair with an occasional blow-drying session, check out some points to pull off an amazing blow-drying experience –

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Go gentle and mild. Your hair is tender; so give it its due share of mercy!

Tame the heat. Over-heating can cause permanent damage to your hair cuticles leaving it rough and coarse along with split ends; not to mention the scary ‘hair-fall’ part that comes along! Adjust the temperature to an optimum level – neither too low nor too high.

Split your hair into tufts, three or four, and then work on each tuft at a time. This simple yet catchy trick reduces your blow-time by a third.

Go even. Make sure you apply heat consistently. Do not blow a single tuft for all too long. A uniform distribution of heat makes the finish suave and sleek.

Disentangle first. Instead of running a dryer on entangled hair, it’s a good idea to undo the mesh by running your fingers through the hair; gives you a smooth drying round afterward. Else, blowing the dryer on a web of tangles means you are up for a pretty messy work-out!

Apply heat protectant serum on hair before launching the dryer. The layer would act as a protective cover for your hair against the heat. Having said that, more does not necessarily imply better. Don’t apply so much of oil that it leaves the hair all too greasy and tacky – defeating the whole purpose of blow-drying!

Take your time. Do not rush through. It’s your hair after all! It deserves some ‘time’ of your hectic routine. Finish up all the pending chores at hand and then settle calmly to embark on this mission. Otherwise, you may have to pay the price of being hasty!


Do not brush beforehand. Wet hair is exceptionally delicate; hence the caution. Brushing your wet hair vigorously may acutely harm the follicles.

Do not blow the dryer on wet hair dripping off droplets still. Towel dry first. Let the towel absorb the surplus moisture; leaving your hair adequately moist but not sopping wet.

Do not keep blowing until the last drop of moisture disappears. Rather, stop short and move on to the next bunch when the current one seems to be just damp enough to dry out naturally. It helps you check over-heating.

Do not go bottom-up. Go top-down instead. Start from the roots and move all the way up to the fringes.

Do not ignore the diffuser that comes along with the accessories. It is a much-needed gear that helps you concentrate the hot air on the right spot. So go ahead and make full use of this small but smart kit.

Stick to these do’s and don’ts and you would end up having excellent blow-dried hair; exuding the perfect shine in sync with your confident persona!


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