Different Heating Elements In Blow Dryers

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Choosing a blow dryer with right heating element has become extremely complicated these days. The highly developed technology has given the purchaser many options to achieve the look they wish for. These technologies absorb them to choose the right styling product for themselves. With the passage of time, these days’ blow dryers have come far afield in terms of their features and technologies with various heat settings, swiftness, and even options.

In case of purchasing a blow dryer, heat setting is exceedingly essential for your hair. Since they are prepared to suit each hair type (whether your hair is short or long, dyed or natural, curly or straight) and work with your natural consistency more willingly than damaging it.

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So, here we are giving you a list of finest heating elements in blow dryers so that you can choose the perfect blow dryer to get great, baggy and polished hair.

Finest Heating Elements in Blow Dryers

Blow dryers have a multiplicity of heating elements and they are prepared to ensemble every hair type. Many professional hair stylists are very familiar with these materials used in blow dryers. Nowadays, technology is constantly evolving and it is important for us to know the compensation of different heating elements and why they are acceptable for us. So, here, we are giving you a list of finest heating elements in blow dryers.


A blow dryer with ionic technology manufacturers millions of negative ions. An ion breaks down any substance which is surrounded with negative or positive charges. Normally, water ions are positively charged and ionic dryers release negative ions. Edward Borish (Ph.D.), a chemist in Columbus, Ohio, says that the water in wet hair has the positive charge and ionic dryers that emanate negative ions produce bubbles of water molecules to divide into smaller atom that evaporates fast.  In ionic dryers, negative ions break down the water molecules to speed up drying time of your hair. Negative ions also enhance your hair wetness level and create better quantity with faster drying. They also block your hair cuticles to trap moisture. An example of a best ionic dryer is Betra Professional 1875 Negative Ionic Blow Dryer.

Suitable For:
The ionic technology fundamentally dry through your hair and your hair gets dried not just from the way around it dried from inside out. People with dry and frizzy hair are highly recommended for these types of hair dryers. As a heating element, ion equips you with a glossy, bouncy and smooth hair to overcome the frizzy look.

Ions are great for thick hair. It helps them with balancing out the body of your hair without adding frizz.

If you have fine, thin, flyaway and oily hair you need to be careful with ionic dryers. It can craft your hair fall and your hair may seem lifeless.


BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Ceramic is a merged material which is used as a heating element or as a coating in the body of a dryer. This compound material frequently made of clay. It creates a far infrared heat which gently heats the hair from back to front, rather than scorching it from the outer in. Ceramic creates heat more evenly with the help of its good transmission properties and it which prevents a specific stain from overheating. So, the heat that ceramic give away is not as excessive and there is less chance of a flame. As a side benefit, ceramic also produces negative ions which reduce frizz and the static electricity in your hair.  Ceramic also helps to trap moisture in so it stays smooth. A luxurious ceramic dryer is BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer.

These days many blow dryers using ceramic with pearl, silk, Thermaluxe and more which helps to get silky, glossy locks.

Suitable For:
Ceramic is preeminent for its flexibility and it makes ceramic appropriate for all hair type from rebelliously thick and curly to fine and sensitive. The even heat supply of ceramic is advantageous for fine and straight hair. Those whose hair tends to scorch or dry out easily, ceramic provide them with more consistent and even heat with fewer harsh.

It is enormous for women with weak, damaged and sensitive hair by sealing hair cuticles and scheming frizz.


T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer

In the term of evaluating tourmaline with another heating element, it is more costly than the remains. When you desire for a heat product, tourmaline really does have a propensity to be a good customary in the hair care industries. Tourmaline is a semi-precious metal produces negative ions after getting heated. The interior parts of blow dryers possibly sort of tourmaline or probably coated with a marble compound. In blow dryers, tourmaline crystals have been filled down into a fine constituent part. In any electrical device, these particles transferred to the major machinery. The tourmaline technology is best for manufacturing and exploiting negative ions which close the cuticle layer output and creates smooth hair. Negative ions can reduce drying time to nearly half than other dryers and increase the shine of your hair. Tourmaline can dry your hair up to 40 percent more quickly than the rest of the heating element. Tourmaline usually works with ceramic which helps to traps moisture. Finest tourmaline blow dryer model would be T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i.

Suitable For:
Tourmaline has demonstrated itself as a good asset if you have extremely thick or frizzy hair. Tourmaline emits negative ions that help to break up the water globules on your hair for faster drying and you can have less frizzy hair after you dry it. So, people with very long, thick and curly hair whom hair takes forever to dry can be benefited from tourmaline.


BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryer

Titanium has a propensity to get very hot; it distributes heat evenly and keeps the temperature steady. It does reduce the drying time by provided that consistent high temperature. Titanium weight 40 percent less than ceramic and porcelain and that makes it easier when you have a lot of hair to dry. If you use titanium, there is a slighter risk of your hair being more uncovered to the heat and cause damage. An excellent titanium model would be BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryer.

Suitable For:
If you have exceptionally thick hair that takes a lot of time to dry, titanium will give you the heat you need for drying. Titanium is great for very thick or long hair but it is not recommended for damage-prone or fine hair. It tends to make a dryer very hot so it could cause more damage to your hair.

Far Infrared Light

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

Far infrared light technology infuses moderate heat into your hair. It makes your hair stronger and practically indestructible. The far infrared light is an electromagnet ray which presents even and reliable heat to all areas of your hair.  The placid, thermal therapy recovers the blood circulation of your scalp. Far infrared light helps to prevent hair loss, tangling and split-ends. It also repairs damaged and processed hair. The far infrared light speeds up the drying process by reducing half of the drying time. Far infrared light assures you with a voluminous and healthier looking hair and ensures even heat on all slice of your hair. One great infrared blow dryer is Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer.

Suitable For:
Far infrared light distributes even heat like ceramic so they are suitable for normal to fine hair. Far infrared light uses longer power wavelengths to break through these hairs and dry them from inside out.


ConairPRO Porcelain Series Turbo Hair Dryer

Porcelain also designed to distribute even and gentle heat as ceramic do.  Porcelain emits non-damaging infrared heats which dry the hair gently and endow with heat protection. Porcelain also offers negative ions to prevent frizz and permit you to dry your hair more quickly. An excellent model of porcelain dryer is ConairPRO Porcelain Series Turbo Hair Dryer.

Suitable For:
Porcelain is a good choice if you have affine or dry hair. Porcelain conserved hair’s natural moisture and luster. It is actually conferred good service for all types of hair.

Additional Choices

If you’re in the market and you’re looking for something unusual then there are other options for heat and power. Options like aluminum and silicon are available in the market. They pretty good but they have become older machinery which can damage and dry your hair. They are less ordinary and doubtless not worth bothering with.

The benefit of Choosing Right Heating Elements for Your Dryers

When you’re shopping for a blow dryer you should always focus on the bits and pieces that it’s made of. The heating element of a dryer often heats unevenly but extremely, virtually scorching the natural moisture of the hair, and cooking the cuticle and scalp. This sort of customary treatment is bad news for beautiful hair. But a right heating element can recoup wild frizz, protect tresses from heat damage and award you professional looking hair.

Wrapping up

While buying, generally we don’t take time to consider and recognize these extra features, particulars, and stipulation of a product. But these days choosing a right blow dryer with the right heating element is not as easy as it was twenty years ago. At the end of the day, we tried to give information about most of the heating ingredients of blow dryers so that you can purchase the best dryer for your hair and rest is up to you.