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There are numerous tools available to curl people’s hair. Like curling iron, hot rollers, curling wands etc. Besides these tools, diffuser attached to a hair dryer can also curl your hair amazingly and it also makes your curly hair well-textured.

DevaCurl is one of the best companies in the world that makes various kinds of personal care products for only the people who have curly hair. This is why, when it comes to curly hair, hair stylists always mention DevaCurl. In this article, we are going to review one of their fantastic products – “DevaCurl Devafuser” which is a great universal diffuser attachment to a hair dryer.

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Before we discuss the features of this product, take a glance at the specification of this product:

Model NameDevaCurl Devafuser
Manufacturer BrandDevaCurl
Product TypeBeauty and Personal Care
Diffuser TypeUniversal
ShapeHand Shaped
Product Dimension8 x 5 x 7 inches
Item Model Number6020

Devafuser: What is it and what does it do to your hair

Devafuser is a diffuser attachment made by DevaCurl. Just like the other regular diffusers, when devafuser is attached to a blow dryer, it assists people to curl their hair, add some volumes on the hair root besides drying their hair. It helps curly hair people to hold the quality of their hair by adding some textures.

DevaCurl diffuser vs. regular diffuser

DevaCurl has made devafuser a very high-quality product by providing some great features. Their provided exclusive features have made Devafuser special and different from the other regular diffusers. Take a glance at the following table before we discuss the differences:

CategoryDevafuserRegular Diffusers
DesignHand ShapedFlat shaped
Air Flow360 Degree air flowDirect air flow
UniversalityAdjustable with 98 parents hair dryer modelsMostly adjustable with some particular models

From the aspect of Design:

Ergonomic Design of the Devafuser:

The design of this diffuser is not like the other regular diffusers. It is a hand-shaped tool. As we mentioned before, DevaCurl makes their each and every product for the people who have curly hair and they make their creative ideas to fit into the daily routine of the curly/black hair people.

Curly girls always use their hands to do their hair. They are always scrunching, raking or finger detangling and it is all about a little motion of their hand. This is why DevaCurl has made their diffuser hand shaped to make them more user-friendly

The difference from the regular diffusers:

Shape Details Between Devacurl Devafuser & Regular Diffuser
Regular diffusers are usually flat shaped. And People, who use the flat diffusers, have to think about the bowl size also. Bigger size bowls are able to contain more hair than small size bowls. Diffusers with bigger bowl size more likely suitable to long length hair and diffusers with small bowl size are very much good for short hair people.

But if you choose Devafuser over the regular diffusers, you do not have to worry about the bowl size at all. The hand shaped diffuser is suitable for any length hair.

The final observation of design:

The shape of the Devafuser is more user-friendly. Since this is not flat shaped, people do not have to worry about its bowl size and it is suitable for any length hair people.

From the viewpoint of the air flow system:

360 Degree airflow:

360-Degree Air Flow System Of DevaCurl Devafuser
360-degree air flow is another feature for which this product is different, special and beneficial to use than other regular diffusers. No diffuser has this feature. As we mentioned before that it is a hand shaped diffuser, there are little holes all along the fingers and the palms. As a result, the air can be equally distributed through all the fingers of this little claw.

The difference from the regular diffusers:

In the regular diffusers, all the air is just come straight out of one spot. So when you put a regular diffuser in a single area of your hair, the air just affect that area directly. So if you put these diffusers underneath your curls it will just blow only one spot.

On the other hand, if you use devafuser underneath your curls it will hit each and every individual curl underneath there which will help you to hold the quality of your hair and curl them perfectly.

The negative part of this feature:

Though 360-degree air flow feature is a lot beneficial, it also has a demerit. For this feature, in this diffuser, air flows both from the inside and outside of the diffuser. Since the air is distributed, it will not be able to add as much as a volume in your hair roots comparatively to the other regular diffusers. But devafuser undoubtedly can add enough volumes

The final observation of the air flow system:

With a regular diffuser, you have to blow every portion of your hair severally. On the other hand, you may get comparatively “a little” less volume in your hair root which is not a big deal and with Devafuser you can blow few portions of your hair at a time; perfectly.

From the Aspect of Universality:

Universality Aspect Of DevaCurl Devafuser
Devafuser is a universal diffuser. Many of the hair dryer companies do not provide diffuser attachment with their product but you can just buy this and add to your existing hair dryer. It will definitely save your money from buying a new hair dryer product with a diffuser attachment.

Moreover, if your existing diffuser gets damaged, broken or something, devafuser will be a great deal to fulfill the lack of your diffuser. You can attach this amazing hi-quality diffuser with market’s most of the popular hair dryers.

Take a glance at the following table so that you can make sure whether devafuser will fit with your existing hair dryer or not:

Barrel Circumference (The measurement around the barrel)5.5 inches - 6.5 inches
Barrel Diameter (Width of barrel)2 inches - 2.5 inches
Barrel Length (Minimum and the maximum length of the barrel)2.5 inches - 6.5 inches

The difference from the regular diffusers:

Many companies make universal diffusers which are only adjustable with the hair dryers of that particular company. On the other hand, Devafuser has the highest adjustment rate with hair dryers. It is adjustable with 98 percent hair dryers. No other diffuser in the market has this much adjustable rate.

The final observation of universality:

Devafuser has clarified their product’s minimum and maximum size of the circumference, diameter, and length to release the confusion about the adjustability. And it is adjustable with most of the popular hair dryers on the market than any other universal diffuser.

How to attach devafuser with a hair dryer:

  • Insert the barrel of your blow dryer into the end of the devafuser.
  • Push it onto the dryer gently and make sure it is attached soundly.

Besides all of the good features we discussed above, DevaCurl has used a ceramic inner core in Devafuser which assists to conserve moisture and keep curls shiny and free from the frizz.

Devafuser Kit:

DevaCurl Devafuser Kit
DevaCurl has also brought Devafuser Kit in the market where you can have a universal adapter with the diffuser severally. Both of the products are good but we recommend you to buy “DevaCurl Devafuser” rather than “DevaCurl Devafuser Kit” by considering the overall package quality and efficiency of the product.


  • Do not push the barrel past its silicon band while attaching devafuser to a blow dryer. And remember, the four horizontal vents must remain free all the time.
  • Use a good quality heat protectant in your hair before using.

Overall Observation:

This product is much costly than the other diffuser attachments of the market, comparatively. But if you consider the quality, the features of this product, even its amazing universality, It may cost you twice than the other regular diffusers, but it definitely worth buying.

Curling Hair By Using DevaCurl Devafuser
People who have curly hair can curl their hair perfectly by adding much volume and texture as Devafuser is made especially for the curly hair people. Hair length will not matter at all if you use this product. Besides those people with fine hair also can use this product to curl their hair.

Summary of deva curl diffuser reviews

DevaCurl Devafuser

DevaCurl Devafuser is one of the best diffuser attachments in the market. The provided features are undoubtedly admirable. It can make curls in your hair so perfectly, give your hair a natural look, elegant shape by adding volume and make your hair shiny, frizz free.


  • Overall Rating by Author - 9/10

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