Blow Dry Vs Natural Dry

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Blow dryers and natural air, both of these help our hair to dry. But there’s always a question left, which one is better? There are particular facts and reasons t where these two methods score over each other. Let’s peep into those facts to know more!

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Required time

This one is the most common difference blowers dry, and natural dry have. A hair dryer will require 10 to 15 minutes of your time to dry your hair. On the other hand, natural drying will take a lot of time. If you have medium to long as well thick hair, it might take two to three hours to air-dry the hair. If you have morning jobs and need to take a shower and head off to the office, you should opt for a blow-dryer. If you have enough time, air-drying is better.


If you are a lazy person, of course, blow drying will require you to do some exercises. Do you have a lot of hair? You might need a lot of hand moving in this case. Natural drying only needs you to blot the hair with a towel and let them dry.


From a general perspective, it might seem that blow-drying damages hair. But the fact is natural drying can cause some harm too. Blow drying with hot air on a regular basis can damage the hair cuticles and make the hair more prone to breakage. Blow drying also gets you a lot of split ends. Then again, rubbing your scalp with a towel can damage and weaken hair roots. If you only blot the hair, it will not cause any damage.


Natural drying makes hair soft, smooth and moisturized. It makes the hair silkier and shiny. Though air drying might tangle the hair a lot, the other outcomes of air-drying are good. And in the case of blowers dry, it will leave the hair dry and remove the moisture. Rough and frizzy hair is the result of blow drying. You can use heat protection or blow dry with cold air to avoid these situations.


When it comes to instant styling, blowers dry inevitably beats natural dry. A hair dryer will make your hair look voluminous and let you style them instantly whereas along with taking a lot of time, air-drying will get you a lot of stubborn tangles in your hair. Air-drying requires you to wait a few hours to get to style your hair.

Where natural drying is the best option for someone who has a lot of time, blow drying is a time-saver who hasn’t got the time. As long as the damage is concerned, you can use a diffuser and hold your hair dryer at a reasonable distance from and use cold air to dry the hair. Use any drying method you and the situation are compatible with while keeping the safety of hair in mind.


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