The 3 Best Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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Vidal Sassoon has a longstanding name in the hair care industry as an innovation seeker. Introducing an advanced optimal temperature system in a compact hair dryer, the brand has proved its technological excellence once again and its attention to people’s need for the ultimate care and safety of hair fiber.

However, you, as a serious buyer, want an answer to this sure question, “Is Vidal Sassoon hair dryer good?” Well, this (providing a viable answer) is one of our primary goals plus we’ll discuss different Vidal Sassoon hairdryer models, so you can find an appliance that gives you a fast, optimal, and precise blow-dry service throughout its lifespan.

A Quick Review

Before you eyeball onto the main section where we’ve discussed the different models in details, we would like you to take a sneak peek at the brief overview of each.


Vidal Sassoon VS783 Professional 1875W Dryer & Styler

Best for all hair types

Vidal Sassoon VS783 Professional 1875W Dryer & Styler

The biggest selling points of VS 783 dryer include the innovative ionic technology complemented by the multiple heat and speed settings that ensure the ultimate blow-dry. People with thick hair can get a super-fast dry. With customizable ionic settings, the dryer can meet the variable styling needs of people. Those with coarse or curly hair can use the ionic switch that brings in frizz reduction and proper conditioning of the hair. The styling attachments have made the dryer a handy appliance that comes affordable and with all the benefits of a fast, ionic hair dryer.

However, people with fine hair are recommended to be cautious about using the turbo ionic conditioning settings. Doing otherwise might cause them to pay the price (reduced strength and firmness).
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Vidal Sasson VS505 Blue 1875W Turbo Hair Dryer

Best for curly hair

Vidal Sasson VS505 Blue 1875W Turbo Hair Dryer

Curly hair can be a nightmare for anyone, but not with VS505. This ionic dryer features what you would want when you have only a few minutes in hand and your friends awaiting your arrival or company on the eve of a party. The quiet technology fused into the machine enables it to soften your hair tone causing a very low, pleasant sound, no matter if you have to use the highest of the heat and speed settings. Expect to lose your frizzy condition by up to 70%.
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Vidal Sasson VS784 1875W Travel Dryer

Best for those who travel a lot

Vidal Sasson VS784 1875W Travel Dryer

For a travel dryer, VS784 weighs 1.35 pounds which might seem a less than favorable choice. But, you may look at the foldable handle that makes the weight a breeze to carry with wherever you go. Keep it in your small handbag or a purse, and it won’t complain. Its dual voltage property allows for uses in all corners of the world. Whether you want shiny hair or frizz-free hair, this dryer meets all your needs with its smart operational settings and attachments.
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About Vidal Sassoon

VS Sassoon has been in the market for several decades, and it is still a popular name among people who look for compact hair dryers with advanced technology and safety features, all at a reasonable price. The founder of the brand Vidal Sassoon was one of the few entrepreneurs directly involved in professional hair care and styling practice. This involvement of the founder enables the brand to get the hang of the trend and produce hair dryers that meet the day-to-day needs of people.

Vidal Sassoon Logo

Contemporary Brands with Vidal Sassoon

The brand had a humble beginning in a market where competition was not as high as it is now. Excelling in production and gaining popularity in a saturated market such as today’s may seem daunting, but VS Sassoon has managed to sustain its market standing with several compact models for both salons and household at very reasonable prices while meeting the demands of most users.

Some of its contemporary brands are Harry Josh, Bio Ionic, and Parlux. Other notable brands include Elchim, Turbo Power, and T3 while there are heavy contenders like Dyson and Conair.

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Features of Vidal Sassoon Hairdryers

As with any specific hairdryer brand, a load of features and technical aspects count significantly when it comes to the blow dryers offered by Vidal Sassoon. In this section, we will discuss all the features and technical factors which you want to consider before buying a blow dryer.

Ionic Conditioning (Specialty in Technology)

Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer Ionic Conditioning Technology

The manufacturer has brought most of its hairdryers with ionic conditioning technology that ensures fast evaporation of water. It gives a short dry time that causes less damage to the hair.

This particular conditioning procedure helps eliminate the static condition of the hair and allows users to style their hair fast while trapping the accumulated moisture. The result is a considerable level of reduction in the frizzy state of the hair. So, it becomes a breeze to get frizz-free, shiny hair in half the time required by non-ionic dryers.

AC Motor

AC Motor Of Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer

Vidal Sassoon has taken the blow-dry job seriously, and the proof is their use of an AC motor for the majority of their models. The motor yields high-performance to help both individuals and hair stylists to take advantage of high air velocity that ensures fast drying operation.

Hairdryers with an AC motor lasts up to 3 times longer than those with a standard DC motor. So, the motor used in Vidal’s appliances has something to do with the dryers’ power and lifespan.


It is one of the primary specifications to look for in a hairdryer. The manufacturer has presented a bewildering variety of wattage properties ranging from as low as 1200 to as high as 2400.

The desirable units include the ones that meet the demands of most individual users. Models that we have recommended in this article come with 1875 watts which should be enough for fine and thick hair as well as curly hair. A few models designed exclusively for professionals feature 2,400 watts.

Versatility (Operational Settings)

These hairdryers offer a moderate level of versatility in its operational setup. The key settings have been described below.

The Cold/Cool Shot Button

Cool Shot Button Of Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer

For those who tend to a wide variety of styles for their hair, a cold shot button is a gem as they can use this magic button to finish and set their style. Assume that your hair is dry, and you want to see your hair with more bounce and volume. You’ve got great help as long as you have a hairdryer from this brand.

The Ion On/Off Switch

VS Sassoon has concentrated on making the ionic condition settings convenient for all their models that come with the technology. This control setting has been of great value to users as they can switch the ionic flow on or off anytime they find that their hair has been adequately conditioned with an ion.

So with a VS ionic dryer, you need not be afraid that your hair may face overexposure to ionic conditioning or any damages associated with the excessive application of ions to your hair.

Heat and power settings

Heat And Speed Settings Of Vidal Sassoon hair dryer

When the control of heat and power matters, Vidal’s blow dryers come with no significant drawbacks! Each model comes with at least two heat and speed settings, and some higher-end models have up to three of them. Use high heat and speed when you want the most of your hair moisture removed in a few minutes. Use the low heat and speed to style your hair when it is almost dry. People with damaged hair would find the multiple settings convenient as they might need neither high heat nor power.


When materials for a hairdryer are the subject, four choices namely ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, and ion come to mind. Vidal’s dryers use both ceramic and tourmaline with ions in their core. Many of the VS models use a combination of tourmaline and ceramic, so users can enjoy the benefits of both worlds.


Vidal’s adoption of a carefully engineered manufacturing method has enabled its ceramic dryers to benefit those with fragile damaged hair. VS dryers that use ceramic offer total protection of delicate, fine hair without having the users to suffer from uneven heat distribution.


As with any reputable brand, tourmaline has found its spot in Vidal’s dryers too, but in a more refined way. Using a fine coating of crushed tourmaline, VS dryers yield the full benefits of the material while allowing people to use a powerful yet energy-saving motor.

Dual Voltage System

While a dual voltage appliance isn’t a rare thing in this age, this brand has taken the concept a little higher than making a dryer that is travel ready. The dual voltage system has been used for most models except a few. Technically speaking, you can choose from the two options, such as 110-120V and 220-240V depending on the location you’re staying. The main objective behind this adoption is perhaps the maker’s intent to help people get their dryers on the go without being confined in the home for a quick blow-dry shot.


Design Concept Of Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer

These dryers come advertised as compact machines that do not cost an arm and a leg but house the required technical and mechanical excellence to handle the variable needs of hair stylists and individual users. Let’s discover the facts about the highlighted feature ‘compactness.’

If a lightweight hairdryer is all you need, this brand has several models to make you happy with. While a few models may weigh up to 3 pounds, there are several choices that weigh as low as 0.8 pounds. These lightweight appliances stay flexible and comfortable to hands when you need to take drying shots more frequently than once a week.

Storage is never a big deal with these dryers as some models feature a foldable handle and can be housed in a very tight space like a packed suitcase or bathroom drawer. A few models come with rubberized handle and nozzle that let users grip the appliances comfortably and securely.


As long as professional hair treatment is concerned, attachments are must-have tools. Vidal Sassoon blow dryer attachments include brush, diffuser, and concentrator attachments which prove to be very handy for most hair types with variable lengths. Let’s get a brief account of the attachments.

Vidal Sassoon blow dryer brush

Vidal Sassoon blow dryer brush

So far, we have seen three different brushes which are designed to smoothen, detangle, and style hair. You can straighten up your fine hair making a little wave or add some volume to your hair using these accessories. The ones that lack a Vidal Sassoon hair dryer brush feature other attachments like diffusers and concentrators.

Vidal Sassoon diffuser

Vidal Sassoon Blow Dryer Diffuser

One of the reasons why the manufacturer has managed to earn customers’ admiration is the inclusion of diffusers.

You have multiple choices to make one from if you want a Vidal Sassoon blow dryer with a diffuser. These add-ons spread the airflow moderately, so the hair does not suffer any severe damage. Pick any Vidal Sassoon diffuser hair dryer and enjoy doing your curly styles.

Concentrator Nozzle

Vidal Sassoon Blow Dryer Concentrator Nozzle

This attachment becomes a valuable addition to your hair dryer package when you need a particular portion of your strand to receive optimal heat. The models being discussed here have a wide contractor nozzle that covers a broader area of your lock of hair. Whether it’s for a specific style or a perfect blow-dry session, a concentrator like the one included with some of the models from Vidal becomes useful.


These dryers have been designed to work to meet the diverse needs of people with distinct types of hair. There are models when you consider yourself a hair stylist. Also, you need not be concerned if you don’t know the best practice regarding the use of an appliance. To meet the variable demands of both individual and professional users, setting options are available in different standards as discussed above.

Hair dryers from Vidal Sassoon are ideal for another good reason – affordability that makes them preferable when compared with some appliances from contemporary brands.

Hairdryers are available at a price as low as $20 while the highest end models are available at around $200. You can expect to get an appliance that packs adequate power and other features at half a hundred bucks. So, it is obvious the brand has cared for the demands of a broad group of users including professional hair stylists and individual users.

Hair protection properties

One of the good things about some specific dryers is that they come with hair protection features. Supported by many a VS Sassoon keratin protect hair dryer review, the keratin protects models deliver amazing results in helping users style and maintain healthy hair. Here, we can talk about the ionic conditioning and control system once again as users can control the amount of heat their hair receives, so the hair fibers do not get damaged.


Removable End Cap Of Vidal Sassoon Blow Dryer

Cleaning the dryers is not a hassle since most of them come with a removable end cap that makes it easy for users to clean the lint almost effortlessly. The twist-off filter offers ease of maintenance. So, you can keep your dryer in optimal condition by cleaning it every week.

A few downsides

These are the aspects of hairdryers regular users find desirable. Although the brand offers a lot of bells and whistles, the following are the reasons we still need to justify.

No titanium dryers

When managing a steady temperature and quick operation are the keys to your blow-dry job, a titanium dryer is the first thing you would want. However, we did not find any model from Vidal Sassoon claiming to be a titanium hairdryer.

This is the part where the brand went onto working with different materials and technologies like a mix of ceramic and tourmaline along with the fusion of ionic conditioning. Despite the unavailability of titanium, customers can still enjoy blowing their hair dry using the intelligently engineered models that encase the nicety of both ceramic and tourmaline.

No hooded dryers

In spite of conducting extensive research, we haven’t found anything like a hooded dryer from Vidal. This absence has something to do with the brand’s overall popularity among the salons that count heavily on the hooded versions for most of their customers. But, we must say that such a reputable brand cannot help caring about the needs of the professional class.

The introduction to the Vidal Sassoon 3Q (Brushless) and digital sensor dryer are the proof that the company has given serious thoughts to what salons and hair care experts would want.

With all these models, we cannot still avoid the importance of deep conditioning and a relaxed blow-dry experience which are hard to come by without a hooded dryer.

No low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) dryers

We would be much happier if we found some evidence that the dryers emit a little EMF radiation. To be honest, this is one of the grey areas of these dryers. Although there are no established facts that Vidal Sassoon’s dryers can be associated with the negativity resulting from the emission of high EMF radiation, transparency in this area would be desired by customers with discerning health demands.

Top 3 Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryers

Now, we’ll be digging deep into the top Vidal Sassoon hair dryers which we discussed earlier. In this section, you will get a full picture of the dryers, and the reasons behind our choices. We have tried to present you both technical and performance details of each model in comparison with competing models from Vidal Sassoon itself and other brands.

1. Vidal Sassoon VS783 Professional 1875W Dryer & Styler – Best for all types of hair

Vidal Sassoon VS783 Professional 1875W Dryer & Styler - V1 Aug

Using ions as the primary conditioning material, this model comes with all the beauty Vidal Sassoon could pack in a small appliance and market it at a reasonable price.

The three adjustment settings and cool shot button work in a fine combination to allow the users to style their curly, frizzy, silky, coarse, and fine hair with ease and a little time. The anti-static property gives the dryer a solid state to work great against static hair. Here is a comparison chart showing the comparable features and specifications of VS783 and a few of its existing counterparts.

Comparable FeaturesVidal Sassoon VS783 Professional Dryer & StylerRevlon Fast Dry Ionic Hair DryerHot Tools Professional Ionic Anti-Static Hair Dryer
MaterialTourmaline, CeramicTourmaline, CeramicTourmaline, Ceramic
Attachments3 Brushes (Fine Tooth, Wide Tooth & Boar Bristle)Airflow ConcentratorN/A
Weight (Pound)

The above table shows why we have picked VS783 as our top pick. It shares the same technology as the Revlon and Hot Tools models, but the more setting options and attachments are where it surpasses Revlon’s 1875W dryer. Although the Hot Tools Anti-Static model features two speed and six heat setting options with separate buttons, it comes with no attachments, meaning that you might have to pay some serious bucks to get those. With the fast-dry technology, multiple control options, attachments, VS783 outperforms the other models here.


  • Anti-Static model helping remove the static condition
  • Powerful AC Motor (1875W)
  • Ion On/Off Switch for easy conditioning and frizz removal
  • 3 Heat/Speed Settings to adjust with the different hair types
  • Cold Shot Button to help with styling
  • Dual Voltage for use in various locations
  • Hanging Ring included for convenient storage
  • 3 Styling Attachments to set individual styles for curly, fine, and wavy hair


  • No Diffuser and Concentrator included
  • Loud/Noisy Operation

You may get the attachments separately at affordable prices to enhance your hair drying and styling effects.

The likely cause of the noise/sound can be a loosely attached/connected component like a loose impeller, blades within the dryer. Sometimes, small objects might get trapped. Following the right instructions, you may disassemble some of the dryer’s parts and tighten the components that are staying loosely inside the casing or remove the unwanted objects. If it does not help or any mechanical part gets dislodged, you should have a technician fix the issue.

Vidal Sassoon VS783 Professional 1875W Dryer & Styler – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Vidal Sasson VS505 Blue 1875W Turbo Hair Dryer – Best For Curly Hair

Vidal Sasson VS505 Blue 1875W Turbo Hair Dryer - V1 Aug

The tourmaline ceramic technology is nothing new for a VS Sassoon dryer, but this specific model absorbs heat efficiently and helps reduce damage and stress.

The turbo shot system contributes to the versatility of this Vidal Sassoon blow dryer with a diffuser. You can increase the speed of the fan to give the dryer an added boost as it dries your hair a way faster, even though your curly hair presents the thickest of a lock.

Comparable FeaturesVidal Sasson VS505 Blue Turbo Hair DryerTurbo Power Twinturbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer 328AConair Professional Porcelain Series Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer
TechnologyTourmaline CeramicIonicCeramic
MaterialsTourmaline, CeramicCeramicPorcelain Ceramic
AttachmentsConcentrator & DiffuserDryer AttachmentsNozzle Concentrator
Number of Settings (Heat & Speed)546

Twin turbo 3500 offers ionic technology which in some cases proves to be more efficient than most technologies, but the tourmaline ceramic conditioning used by VS505, as our research suggests, does an excellent job of closing the cuticle layer and creating smooth hair out of curly, thick strands.

Although having curly hair means you require more power to handle the blow-dry properly, VS5050 might seem to lack the recommended wattage (2000 Watts), we found after extensive analysis that it delivers nearly the same amount of power as a dryer that runs at 2000 watts, which is not the case with the Conair model.

Unlike the Twin turbo 3500 and Conair model, VS505 includes a concentrator which is a must for any hair dryer designed for curly hair. The Conair model seems to come with a higher number of settings, but VS505 comes with 3 heat and 2-speed settings which should be enough for curly hair as recommended by most hair stylists and experts.


  • Advanced ionic conditioning to ensure less frizz and damage
  • Quiet operation with minimal vibration
  • 3 Heat settings and 2 Speed adjustments
  • A highly responsive Cold Shot button for further styling
  • The finger diffuser for optimal airflow
  • The rubberized handle for comfortable and secure gripping
  • The rubberized concentrator for a focused blow-dry job
  • The removable end cap for easy the maintenance efforts
  • The hanging loop is good for easy hanging


  • Poorly crafted diffuser
  • A little higher price than its competitors

Vidal Sassoon offers high-quality diffusers separately at affordable prices. If you think you need a more efficient diffuser, you may choose one that serves you better than what comes included with the dryer.

Vidal Sasson VS505 Blue 1875W Turbo Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. Vidal Sasson VS784 1875W Travel Dryer – Best For Travelers

Vidal Sasson VS784 1875W Travel Dryer - V1 Aug

Since we want to offer a precise idea about what makes a good travel hair dryer and which specific model you should get, we have presented you a comparison table that includes details like dimensions, dual voltage, weight, and wattage that matter most for a travel dryer. Let’s look at the table and assess why we recommend VS784.

Comparable FeaturesVidal Sasson VS784 Travel DryerVidal Sassoon VS910PIK Stylist Portable Minisize Travel Hair DryerT3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer
TechnologyTourmaline CeramicTourmaline CeramicTourmaline, Ceramic, Softaire
Dual VoltageYesYesYes (Plug Adaptor Required)
Dimensions4 x 6 x 9 Inches9.2 x 2.9 x 7.5 Inches7.1 x 3.1 x 9.1 Inches
Weight (Pound)1.352.91.8

The need for a compact appliance is well understood by people who travel frequently and rely on their blow dryers for daily styling. Look at the dimension! The T3 model comes with a space-saving design, but the VS784 can be kept in much compact space and carried more comfortably as it comes with a well-rounded design and weighs only 1.35 pounds which is lower than the VS910PIK and T3 Micro Featherweight do.

Each of the travel dryers we have presented here comes with a dual voltage mechanism. What makes the VS784 more special in our opinion is that you need not worry about any additional adaptor as you would with the T3 model. The VS784 also outruns the two other compared models in terms of wattage. So, you see why we prefer the VS784 to the other two.


    Tourmaline ceramic technology

  • Great for fast, frizz-free styling
  • 2 Heat/Speed adjustment options
  • Made for Blow-Dry on the go
  • A folding handle for compact storage
  • Cold shot button
  • Wide Mouthed Concentrator attachment for using controlled airflow
  • Hanging ring included
  • Dual voltage


  • No diffusers included

Since a diffuser is of critical value to get the most of a hair dryer, you can purchase an affordable Vidal Sassoon diffuser with the model so that you can maximize your blow-dry benefits.

Vidal Sasson VS784 1875W Travel Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

A few models that deserve attention

We have not included these models on our list of top models, but it does not mean that they are not good at all. What we have tried to inform you is that you can still get more suitable options from the brand, and these models are not just as great as the ones we have recommended above.

Vidal Sassoon 3Q Hair Dryer

Reasons are obvious why the 3Q model got popularity. The dryer uses tourmaline ceramic technology with a large motor life that is anticipated to run for as long as 5000 hours. Our study on the Vidal Sassoon 3q hair dryer reveals that the dryer works well for most users its extended warranty period is one of its positive sides.

Vidal Sassoon vs547 1875W Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer

This specific dryer comes with adequate power as the above ones, but our research did not get us anything special in it except its suitability for fine hair and beautiful look. Technically, it seems as sound as the VS784, but what makes it less preferable is its ability to produce equally concentrated heat and cool air. However, it is incredibly lightweight making itself a desirable option for those who want a blow dryer that is lighter than most others on the market.

Vidal Sassoon VSDR5556 Pro Series 1200W Full-Size Ceramic Dryer

If you compare this model with others on our list, you will get an instant impression that it is close to the ones we recommended. With the advanced ceramic heating disc and original Vidal Sassoon blow dryer attachments, the model stands out to some extent. But, the biggest drawback is its low power (1200W) which is not enough for most users, especially those with curly and thick strands.

Vintage Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer 1500

This is another moderately powerful dryer with dual heat and speed settings. It features 1600 watts which should be adequate for fine hair, but not necessarily for curly and thick strands. No attachments are available with this model.

Non-Recommended Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryers

Vidal Sassoon VSD-1212/PJ & VSD-1211/RJ Hair Dryer

With some respect for the brand, it is likely that you would choose just about any VS model. But, this won’t add value to your money and purposes of buying a good hairdryer. Following are some VS hairdryers which we didn’t find to be a perfect match with all types of hair and styling needs.

Vidal Sassoon Pink Series negative ion VSD-1212/PJ dryer

With no attachments and notable advancement in the operational system, it couldn’t make it to our list of best blow dryers. Another significant setback that it suffers is its low power which cannot meet the drying and styling demands of most users. So, we suggest you could move onto another product that is free of these limitations.

Best Alternative: Vidal Sassoon VS783 1875-Watt Professional Dryer & Styler

Vidal Sassoon Negative Ion VSD-1211/RJ Dryer

It comes advertised as a salon standard hair dryer, but we cannot comply with the statement, especially when we see its power at a little higher than 1200W only. It also includes no attachments, meaning that the end price could go higher. You can choose something else with a lot more features and motor power.

Best Alternative: Vidal Sassoon VS505 1875W Fast Dry Turbo Dryer


Well, enough read! Each model we included on our list as the best hair dryer has distinct advantages over others. We have considered the underlying factors that count while choosing the best hair dryer 2019. Vidal Sassoon has brought several blow dryers which are not equally convenient in terms of wattage, technology, operational settings, materials, and attachments.

We suggest that you carefully consider your drying and styling preferences and draw a contrasting overview of your needs and the many features of the above models. Thus, you can hope to find a great blow dryer that serves you for the years to come.


  • 1. Vidal Sassoon Professional 1875W Dryer & Styler (VS783)
  • 2. Vidal Sasson Blue 1875W Turbo Hair Dryer (VS505)
  • 3. Vidal Sasson 1875W Travel Dryer (VS784)

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