How To Use Hair Dryer Concentrator Nozzle?

Featured Image Of How To Use Hair Dryer Concentrator Nozzle?
Concentrator nozzles that come with your blow dryer is a magical tool for perfecting your blow dry. This small tapered funnel-shaped equipment is there to work smartly with your blow dryer. It makes drying and styling your hair easier. And if you are a person who is concerned about the finishing of your blow dry, then concentrator nozzle should be your best friend!

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Now, there are some specific ways to use a concentrator nozzle to get perfect results. I am going to share some steps so that you can style your hair and look like a fashionista!

  1. Don’t ignore the small duckbill-shaped equipment in your hair dryer box. This has to be the first step. Because, sometimes, ignorance is not bliss!
  2. Attach the concentrator nozzle in your hairdryer and the attachment should be in the same direction of the handle. What I mean is, don’t attach it perpendicular to the direction of the handle. This is a very important step. As you attach it parallel to the handle, the heat will directly blow towards the hair in your brush.
  3. Please hold your blow dryer a little distant from your hair. Keep a minimum of a 1-inch gap between the nozzle and your hair. Otherwise, your hairdryer might be overheated and the motor might burn out. In worst cases, you might also burn your hair! So, be a little careful and hold your dryer at a distance.
  4. Move your hair dryer and your hairbrush together. This implies that you have to have your brush and the mouth of the concentrator nozzle moving together at the same speed. The concentrated air flow from the nozzle will give you a more polished finish throughout your hair.
  5. Dry your hair a little bit before you use your concentrator nozzle. This will prevent causing uneven heated areas in your hair.
  6. For just drying your hair, just direct your nozzle towards the hair in the brush and continue brushing by sectioning the hair all over your head.
  7. If you want to lift your hair, direct the concentrator nozzle towards the roots of your hair. This will add volume to your hair.

Follow the steps above to get a fabulous hair-do at home. Concentrator nozzles are like a magic wand. It smoothens your hair in a better way and gives you a polished finish. This small flat vent is also essential for drying fringes and taming baby hair! So, I hope you realize how important concentrator nozzles are. Follow the steps above and give your hair styling routine a new touch of life.

TIPS: Use wide nozzles if you have long and thick hair. And use narrow nozzles if you have wavy and curly hair.