What Is the Best Electric Converter to Get For a Trip to Central Europe from the USA

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Traveling is fun. The European countries have beautiful places for short and long trips. However, the Americans get in trouble while paying a visit to Europe when they find out that their electronic devices cannot operate in that new place. Don’t worry! There are electric converters to save the day!

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Why you need an electric converter

One country’s current’s voltage and shape of the plugs differ from other countries. When you’re traveling to another continent, you’re most likely to have this problem. You cannot burn down the electronic devices by trying to charge or operate them with a much higher voltage source than their capacity.

While electronic devices in the USA operate on 110 volts, those in Central Europe run on 220 volts. This difference is huge. Moreover, the plug shapes also differ. If you’re on a trip to Europe, you cannot charge your devices directly from a power source. Either your charger’s prongs won’t fit into the plugs, or you’ll have a burnt wire after connecting the charger.

There are power adapters and converters to help solve these problems. You must use these. Otherwise, you cannot use your devices throughout the trip.

Nevertheless, some devices support dual voltage. If all your devices are dual voltage ones, you won’t have any trouble in Central Europe, but you’ll face numerous problems if your devices work on one specific voltage, and you don’t have a converter.

An electric converter for trips in Central Europe

Don’t make assumptions about the electronic devices about their voltage settings to save you the time of buying a converter. You’ll find the power requirements of a device written on its charger. Some devices have built-in converters, but most don’t. So, check it before your trips and get a suitable converter.

All in ONE World Travel Plug Power Adapter Voltage Converter

You can try the Bonazza All in ONE World Travel Plug Power Adapter Voltage Converter. This one is one of the best electric converters for your Central Europe trips. This adapter is compatible with over 150 countries’ electrical power source sockets.

This item is an adapter and voltage converter at the same time. Unlike most, it’s a compact size converter. It sits in one corner of your big backpack while not burdening you with much weight. Its weight is only 6.5 ounces. It has four plugs in one body to fit into current source plugs in more than 150 countries. There’s a converter mode which you can turn on and off. Enabling this setting will save your devices when you connect them to the high voltage power supply lines in Europe.

Use converters so that you can utilize the hair dryers, hair straightening irons, curling irons, mobiles, laptops, and all other electronic devices without damaging them. This converter will fit in almost all types of outlets. It can reach a maximum of 2000 watts when you turn on the converter mode.

There are many converters for people who love to go on trips and have to travel. The Bonazza converter is a good one, but yes, you can find better options than this.


Electric converters are lifesavers for trips in other countries or continents. If you’re planning trips in Central Europe from the USA, make sure to have a converter. You’ll find differences in power outlet’s shape in Europe, and so, stay prepared. Have fun with all the electronic gadgets in all the unknown places! Forget the troubles of low and high voltages and keep praising electric converters!

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