What Does Dual Voltage Hair Dryer Mean?

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Ever burnt out your hair dryer as soon as you plugged it in and turned it on? If you are a regular user of hair dryers, you might answer YES! And if you are a traveler, you must have had this bad experience at least once in your life.

Hair dryer is a very common electronic styling appliance without which we cannot go even a single day. This is one of those appliances, which we never forget to include in our luggage while traveling outside the country. It is used by both men and women, irrespective of gender. There are thousands of brands for hair dryers out there, which are of course of very high quality in fact. However, we often complain that our hair dryer is not heating properly and also freak out saying that our hair dryer burnt out with the first use! Now, the question arises, why does this happen and what is the solution to this problem? Well, the answer is pretty simple and easy. Dual voltage travel hair dryer is the savior in this case.

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You might be asking that what exactly is a dual voltage hair dryer? Well, in short, the answer lies in its name. This hair dryer works in both high and low voltage ranges without an external adapter.

Let’s explain the voltage variance first. In countries around the world, there are two types of voltage, 110-120volts, and 220-240 volts. And the 110-125volts range is used for the main supply in North America. And in other countries, 220-240 volts is the usual range.

Dual voltage hair dryers are manufactured in a way, such that, they can support both higher and lower voltages. Usually, these hair dryers have labels in their manual with the numbers “120/240V” or “120-240V” (the numbers might be a little up or down too). They can operate in higher and lower voltage range without causing any damage to the appliance, unlike a single voltage hair dryer. Dual voltage hair dryers have automated functions inside their motor to operate according to the voltage of the electric supply. A few of them have external switches too, which allow the users to use the dryer according to the requirement.

Now, let’s say that your hair dryer supports 110-120 volts and you are using it in Australia, where the main supply is 230V. Your hair dryer will overheat and burn out. Again, if your hair requires a higher volt, but you plan to use it in a country with 110-120 volt, you will fail to get the expected performance and this will also damage the motor of the appliance. To solve this problem, we need a hairdryer that can support both high and low voltages. Dual voltage hair dryer is exactly that magical appliance. This hair dryer is the solution to this varied voltage all around the world. And it is a great styling equipment for the travelers.

Dual voltage hair dryer is basically that revolutionary product which works under any voltage range. Be it 110V or 240V. You will seamlessly get the desired output without even thinking of the voltage. Because your dual voltage hair dryer is there to save the effort! It is that hair drying and styling equipment that will give the best result, no matter where you use it. Most importantly, if you are a frequent traveler, you must consider buying a dual voltage hair dryer. This is a simple suggestion which will probably save you a lot of accidents and money, too!