Travel Beauty Tips for Light Packers

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Light packers make an efficient use of space by packing only the necessary items for a trip. You definitely cannot afford to stuff your luggage with as many beauty products as you can if you opt for a pleasant journey! Similarly, leaving all the beauty accessories at home will surely affect your confidence.

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So let me advise you a number of unavoidable travel beauty tips for light packers that will ease your journey. And yes that includes your blow dryer too! Read on to discover a simple trick that will help you to bring along your hair dryer on a trip.

Pack basic makeup kits

Makeup kits
Many of us girls prefer wearing makeup on a daily basis. Whether we take a casual walk along the landscape or go to the dazzling night parties, we put on makeup based on our respective attires. If you’re one of us, try packing the neutral colored makeup shades that go well during both days and nights. But also keep a red lipstick in your package because its striking color complements your neutral makeup at night.  Thus you can wear light makeup during the day and add the red lipstick with your natural makeup if you choose to hit a party at night! It is advisable to keep 2 to 3 makeup accessories, such as the eyeliner or mascara and a lipstick on your bag. So, in a nutshell, you have two ways of packing things as per your preferences:

For everyday makeup

If you want to wear makeup daily without making your luggage heavy with unnecessary beauty accessories, keep only the basic, neutral shades on the trip. Neutral makeup suits any clothes you wear. It always gives you a fresh look and a complacent mind.

Makeup only on special occasions

If you wear makeup occasionally for special events such as night outs, take bold makeup kits depending on your party dresses. You can pack a red lipstick that instantly lifts your look!

And don’t forget to keep the beauty products in a small, separate bag specially made for makeup tools. This will keep your kits organized and handy.

Things you can include in your makeup bag as a light packer:

Light packer makeup

  • Foundation/ face powder
  • Mascara/ eyeliner
  • Lipstick

Pack essential hair products

Packing important hair products can save you from a tedious bad hair day! You can easily change your looks with unique hairstyles using simple tools like bobby pins and hair ties. Carrying a large brush everywhere you go, on the other hand, is not an easy task. You can carry a comb instead that has both wide and small teeth on both ends. Thus you will be able to style your hair as well as manage those unruly bed hairs too!

Sometimes, during a trip, we can barely manage the time for a shower. In such cases, dry shampoos come in handy. You can mix the liquid on your hands and apply it on your scalp. A couple of minutes later, the dry shampoo will remove the oil from your hair making you look freshly bathed!

So what are the things you should include in your hair care on a trip?

Essential hair products

  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties/ hair bands
  • Dry shampoo
  • A comb

Manage your hairdryer too!

It is preferable for travelers to carry lightweight hair dryers. Some light packers insist on not carrying a blow dryer at all. However, using a simple trick, you can too bring your hair dryer on a trip. Higher wattage hair dryers tend to be heavier. So choose a hair dryer in between 1000 to 1200 watts and that hair dryer will not cross one pound! Higher wattage hair dryer does not only eat up space, but it also creates severe pain in the arm when you dry longer hair for a long time.

Always remember that you don’t need to make complex hairstyles on a trip. Even simplest of the hairstyles can make you look elegant! And simple hairstyles do not require high wattage hair dryers. So pack low wattage hair dryers and manage your space! Sometimes the hotels provide hair dryers. But why depending on chance when you can manage your space using a simple trick?

Keep your hairstyles simple

Simple hairstyles

Braided, Ponytails, Messy Hair Bun & Hair Buns Using Hair Bands Hairstyles

Do you know for simple hairstyles, hair ties are not always necessary? Learn a couple of hairstyles that will make you look dazzling on a trip!

  • Braided hairstyle: Braided hair does not necessarily make you look like a child! Trust me. Remember Rapunzel from Tangled? Yes, using the fishtail braid, you too can look so stunning like her. The fishtail braid is the simplest, yet the most elegant of the hairstyles. And not to mention, it keeps all your hairs in one place so that you can walk or travel freely.
  • The most preferred ponytails: The ponytails are the easiest hairstyles that take up to five minutes to create. There are many styles of ponytails. You can do the low architectural ponytail near the nape of your neck or even bind the hair at the top of your head to keep the hair away from blocking your view. Either of the hairstyles will give you a professional yet comfortable look.
  • Messy hair bun: Messy hair buns are the easiest to create. All you have to do is create a ponytail on one side and curl it up into a bun. It’s as simple as that! Sometimes on a busy trip, we can’t even manage the time for a shower. On those days, you can try out these messy hair buns to avoid bad hair days!
  • Hair buns using hair bands: You can wear a hair band and squeeze your hair into it. Try to get a stretchy hair band so that you can tuck in all your hair in it without much difficulty. The bun will give you a stunning, yet natural look.

Natural curls by simply sleeping with a bun!

Sleeping with a bun
If you want to enjoy natural wavy hair, make a bun or braid your hair before sleep. This will give you natural curls without using the curler! You can also have braided hair or a bun while you are on the way to your destination. This will protect your hair from attracting dust and pollution.

Wear stylish hair scarves!

Hair scarves
Apart from styling your hair, you can wear scarves in various ways. These tiny pieces of clothes come in real handy during bad hair days! On the other hand, if you have short hair, you can’t just simply go about creating a bun when there is literally no use of it. For you who have short hair, you can easily try out those trendy hair wraps to give yourselves fashionable looks every day!

Solid perfumes take up the smallest space

Girl using perfumes
Instead of carrying those heavy bottles of cologne like the famous L’Air De Panache, you can pack solid perfumes to make an efficient use of space. The solid perfumes have a lightweight and a smaller size. They stay with you for a longer period of time and keep you fresh all the time. Spraying perfumes in public places can be embarrassing! Solid perfumes save you from judgmental gazes. You can put it on anywhere, anytime without even drawing public attention.

Manage beauty products in separate bags

Packing beauty products
Keep your hair and beauty products in small, separate bags. Do not take more than three beauty products with you. Pack only the basics. Do not bring hair Straightening Irons or curlers. That will make your bag unnecessarily heavy. You can bring a hair dryer, but that must not exceed 1200 watts.

Be as minimalistic as you can!

Don’t even think of carrying the big, fat bottle of shampoo on a trip. Pour exactly the amount you’ll need depending on the duration of your trip in a small container. Travel sized products are readily available in stores. Try to buy containers that can keep 1 oz or less than that. Keep your shower gels, creams and shampoos in the small-sized containers. Avoid buying spray like products as they are practically impossible to transfer to another container.

The ease of your journey very much depends on the products you choose to keep with you.  You have now seen how you can manage your hair and beauty routine on a trip using the basic products. Keep these light packers hacks in mind and you will be able to enjoy your trips to the fullest.


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