How To Use A Dual-voltage Hair Dryer Converter

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Planning a trip to Europe or America? Tickets booked, bags packed, all ready to go? You must have packed your hair dryer and other hair styling equipment in your bag as well, right? Now, think about a situation. You travel all the way to your destination and plug in your favorite hair dryer after a relaxing shower after a long journey, and your hair dryer blows off because it could not handle the voltage difference. Did you pack anything in your bag to prevent that from happening?

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Your problem can be easily solved with a dual-voltage hair dryer converter. Don’t know what that is or how to use it? Keep reading on.

Dual-Voltage Hair Dryer

The travel hair-dryers have dual voltage system. They have a switch which helps to switch its voltage from one to another. They normally are able to work in 120V and 250V. Just flip the switch to your desired voltage, and you are good to go.

Find out the voltage ratings of your devices

First, you need to find out if your hair-dryer is a dual voltage hair-dryer, and at what voltages it can work. Generally, in every electronic device, the amount of voltage it can withstand is written. If your device says-

120V/250V it means it can work in 120V or 240V. The device will probably have a switch that will help to shift from 120V to 250V. You do not need any extra converter in this case.

120V-250V means it is able to work in any voltage within this range. You do not need any converter in this case either.

120V or any device which indicates only one voltage and not a range means that the device is able to work only on that particular voltage. So, if you are going to a country where the supplied electricity is 240V, your device will probably burn and not work anymore. In this case, you will be needing a voltage converter.

Find out the voltage of your electricity supply

Generally, in every country, the electricity is supplied in only one voltage range. It is either 110-120V or 220-240V. Only in North America, it is supplied in the range of 110-125V.

Using the hair-dryer

If the voltage of the country you are living in is 125V and the country you are planning to visit has 250V when you want to use your hair dryer just plug in your device and flip the voltage switch of the dryer to 250V. Then keep using it like you always do. If you buy a hair dryer from another country and plan to use it regularly in your country, make sure it is a dual voltage hair-dryer. Otherwise, you will need to buy an extra converter to be able to use it. You might need an adapter to plug in your dual-voltage hair dryer as well. Gather all the information before you travel and you will be fine.


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