What Does Tourmaline Hair Dryer Mean?

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Hair dryers! In today’s age, do you think it’s possible to find a civilized person who hasn’t seen or used a hair dryer? I don’t think so! But what I can say confidently is that 50% or more people don’t know how these blow dryers’ system functions, how many types they got, which type of hair dryer suits which type of hair, etc.!

We should have minimum knowledge about this tool that we use frequently. A tourmaline hair dryer is a type of hair dryer among the four or five forms of it. Below we are going to discuss more details about it.

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Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral. It is a rare gemstone. Crushed tourmaline stones mixed with other particles form the parts of a tourmaline dryer. This dryer uses negative ions and infrared heat waves to dry hair.

You can say, tourmaline hair dryers are a combination of ceramic and ionic hair dryers. The difference is, tourmaline dryers flow negative ions and infrared waves a lot more than the other two types.

When you turn the dryer on, the temperature of the tourmaline increases. Upon heating up, this mineral creates many negative ions. These negative ions along with the infrared heat wave dry the hair quicker than all other types of hair dryers.


Among all other hair dryer types, tourmaline blow dryers have got some greater advantages. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • This hair dryer dries your hair faster than all other hair dryer types. The emission of negative ions of these hair dryers is more than other ion based hair dryers. The ions quickly break the water molecules and dry the hair. If you’re always in a hurry to head out to the office, you might consider using a tourmaline blow dryer.
  • The negative ions also close the hair cuticles layer. This way the natural moisture of hair stays locked, and you get silky smooth hair.
  • The infrared waves help smaller water molecules to penetrate through hair shaft. This process adds extra moisture to your hair.
  • Infrared heat is easy to distribute through hair strands. They don’t cause damage to the hair. So, your hair also stays damage-free.


Nothing is an unmixed blessing, and neither is the tourmaline hair dryer. But I must say that a tourmaline dryer hasn’t got a lot of dark sides. Only one thing that I could think of when I was wondering about their disadvantages is that they cost a little higher than all other hair dryers. Though the price is due to the added technology, many people might not get to use a tourmaline blow dryer because of the expense.

But the bright side is, if you use one of these dryers, you’ll understand that the performances of these dryers are worth every penny spent on them. You should try them out to justify the fact by yourself!