The 3 Best Rusk Hair Dryers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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There are so many hair dryer brands on the market, but are they all equally good? Of course not! There are always a few brands that are leading and RUSK is one of them. RUSK has been a popular brand in recent years among professionals and users in general.

This particular franchise of Conair Corporation has earned its goodwill through their world-class dryers with quality motor and internal components that will give you service for longer than expected.

A Quick Review

Following are the top RUSK hairdryers that we have shortlisted keeping the variety of hair types in mind. It is important to understand that hair dryers and their heating elements do not work the same way for all hair types. While Tourmaline dryers are an all in one solution, hence they are the expensive ones as well.

On the other hand, Titanium is preferable for thicker hair types for its quick heating properties and Ceramic, on the other hand, benefits Fine hair types for gentle heating. We have chosen three RUSK dryers that are suitable for all types of hair, one for thick and curly hair types and the other one for fine hair to add to your conveniences.


RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Hair Dryer

Best for all hair types

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Hair Dryer - V10 July

Our First preference is RUSK w8less Professional hair Dryer which lives up to its name because of its lightweight and ergonomic design. If you have used good dryers, you know they weigh as much as they work and that isn’t a very healthy practice if you are someone who dries hair frequently. Whether you are a stylist or not, you’ll love this dryer because of its lightweight and ergonomic design as well as its Ceramic and Tourmaline infusion that works equally great for all hair types. This dryer is one of the lightest and fastest dryer you can get that will care for your cuticles at the same time.
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RUSK Engineering CTC Lite 1900W Hair Dryer

Best for thick hair

RUSK Engineering CTC Lite 1900W Hair Dryer - V2 July

RUSK CTC lite is a dryer that is most suitable for thick and curly hair types. Also, this is one of the very few RUSK dryers that come with a Diffuser attachment. It has a unique blend of Titanium and Ceramic in its heating components to create the perfect balance of quick heating and gentle drying.
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RUSK Engineering Deepshine Professional 1875W Hair Dryer

Best for fine hair

RUSK Engineering Deepshine Professional 1875W Hair Dryer - V1 July

RUSK Engineering Deepshine Professional is perfect for those with fine hair because of its Ceramic components. This Ceramic Ionic hair is designed to add extra shine to your hair by caring for the raised cuticles with the natural healing quality of Ceramic and its gentle infrared heating. It will also prevent your hair from any damage that is caused by overheating.
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About RUSK

Founded by Rita Rusk, RUSK is a renowned brand of hair care products and devises for salons. The parent organization of RUSK is Conair Corporation. As we all know, Conair is popular for selling hairdryers of all shapes, sizes, and types. However, when it comes to Professional dryers, Conair has its Children Concerns RUSK and BaByliss PRO which produce dryers that are salon grade.

RUSK Dryers are 2000 watts dryers that have AC motor and internal configurations which are able to produce strong airflow and professional grade performance. Other than that, they have mastered Tourmaline Technology and other important technologies that enhance the quality of your hair.

RUSK dryers have been topping lists in magazines and hair care blogs in recent years and the credit goes to RUSK’s clever engineering that has enabled quality components and lightweight materials in the same dryer.

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Contemporary Brands with RUSK

In terms of price, quality, popularity and other factors, the contemporary brands with RUSK are T3, BaByliss PRO, Drybar Buttercup, Elchim etc. Other than these brands, people who prefer RUSK also associate this brand with dryers from Dyson, Solano, Bio Ionic etc.

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Features of RUSK Hairdryers

To some, a hairdryer is just a hair dryer. But we say, there are differentiations in terms of quality, performance and many other factors although they look identical in some cases. Following are the popular features RUSK hair dryers usually identify with.

Minimum 1875 watts and Maximum 2000 watts hair dryer

Most popular RUSK dryers are 2000 watts, but they also have 1875 watt dryers. This means, as manufacturers of professional dryers, they have kept people of all hair types under consideration. 1875 watts dryers are recommended for fine hair types, whereas people with thicker hair types should go for dryers with 2000 watts or above.

Balanced weight for comfortable handling

Rusk Hair Dryer Comfortable Handling Designing Preference

RUSK has done their fair amount of research to come up with designs that do not compromise the performance and quality of the dryer but is lightweight at the same time.

Professional grade dryers with 2000+ watts usually weigh 2.2 pounds and above. But for RUSK, they have made it their aim to break that stereotype. Their dryers are 1.0 pounds and below. As a result, drying and styling are way easier and much comfortable with RUSK devices.

Professional grade performance

As mentioned, RUSK is the professional wing of Conair Corporation and thus their aim to make dryers that can be used at salons and by professionals. Which means, they are bound to maintain that standard with their motor quality, wattage, and both internal and external components. RUSK dryers are a revolutionary wind of change in the market of professional hair dryers.

Quality AC motor for enhanced performance

Rusk Hair Dryer Motor

Most of the RUSK dryers are powered by professional quality AC motors that hold the ability to blow strong airflow and heat that will dry hair faster and give you the performance just as any great salon dryers do. AC motors compared to DC motors are more durable and will serve you for years.

Specialized in Tourmaline, Ceramic, Titanium and Ionic technology

RUSK is doing great with Tourmaline technology and our top three dryers are all infused with Tourmaline and Ceramic to take care of the health of your hair. Tourmaline has its natural healing ability and can enhance the quality of your damaged hair.

Tourmaline creates gentle far infrared heating whereas Ceramic creates infrared heating. The combination of tourmaline and Ceramic can do wonders on the hair of any type. Titanium is specifically great for thick hair types because of its quick heating properties. Using titanium dryers on fine hair can be damaging.

Long cord for convenient use at salons as well as home

Rusk Hair Dryer Cord

RUSK dryers have an 8 to 10 feet long cord on average which is important for a professional hairdryer because of convenient moving and saving you from the worry of frequent disconnections which is common with short wired hairdryers.

Proven to dry hair faster

Because of powerful motor, wattage and Tourmaline infusion, RUSK dryers dry hair faster. But it should be the case for any dryer that has similar configurations. For RUSK, we have found it to be faster compared to dryers of other brands and hence RUSK w8less is the no.1 dryer of all dryers on our list.

Removable filters to keep the machine and motor clean from lint

Rusk Hair Dryer Removable Filter

It is important to have a removable filter in hair dryers. Reasons are, it helps you dryer clean externally and internally. Cleaning lint means, your dryer’s motor will stay longer and will be saved from malfunctions.

Variable Heat and Speed settings

RUSK dryers have minimum 2 heat and 2-speed settings and maximum 4 heat and 3-speed settings allowing you to choose the correct setting for your hair. For best results try low to medium heat settings for fine hair types and medium to high for thicker hair types.

A few negative aspects

Every popular brand has its pros and cons and so does RUSK. RUSK has won the internet and the users off the internet for all its great features and it’s up to the mark performance. However, there are a few negative aspects of RUSK dryers too.

All dryers do not come with diffusers

All RUSK dryers do not come with diffusers although they can be used on curlier hair types. If you are someone who has curls or waves, you might have to purchase a separate diffuser. But if you have straight hair, it might not be needed.

Diffuser and concentrator attachment might fall off!

Some users do find it a matter of annoyance as the attachments do not perfectly fit and can fall off. Some users tend to adjust it by holding the dryers by pressing it against the hair, which temporarily works.

Cool shot button needs to be pressed constantly

Another issue with RUSK hair dryers is its cool shot button. It needs to be constantly pressed to get the cool burst of air that helps you set your hair in style. For some people, it isn’t very convenient.

They do not have varieties of dryers

RUSK produces only handheld full or sized dryers and they do not manufacture travel sized dryers or other kinds of dryers such as hooded or bonnet dryers.

RUSK dryers are not very reasonably priced

RUSK does not produce drugstore quality dryers and hence their prices are also not the most reasonable. You need to have a budget of $100 to own one of these dryers. However, compared to their performance and other qualities, these dryers are not overpriced either.

Top 3 RUSK Hair Dryers

Following are the hair dryers by RUSK we suggest keeping all the hair types in mind. Among the five hair dryers we have suggested, three are for all hair types. Rest of the two dryers are each for thick hair and fine hair. We have made comparisons between our preferences and also with other significant dryers from contemporary brands.

1. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Hair Dryer – Suitable For all hair types

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Hair Dryer - V11 July

RUSK w8less professional is the best hair dryer of the year 2018 on our list of hair dryers. This dryer is below 1 pound in weight but still has strong interior components to provide powerful airflow.

Its airflow is enriched with healthy negative ions and the healing Tourmaline-Ceramic extracts that will blow your hair and mind! Professional grade AC motor that will last longer than other dryers that have DC motor.

The best thing about this dryer is that it has everything that a good dryer needs to have but it is very lightweight and will save your hands from the strains and pains, especially if you are a salon owner. Also, it has 7 heat and speed settings to get you the perfect heat and airflow.

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2nd PreferenceRUSK Speedfreak Professional Hair Dryer which also is a Tourmaline-Ceramic-Ionic dryer with a lightweight design. The internal configurations are almost the same. But the exterior is a bit different as it comes in black instead of white. Also, it has only 5 heat and speed settings instead of 7.

3rd PreferenceRUSK Superfreak Professional Hair Dryer. This dryer is also similar to Speedfreak in terms of its internal configurations and technological standpoint. It weighs 1 pound. The differences are subtle in terms of exterior design and heat-speed settings. Whether you want RUSK w8less or the other two dryers is a matter of your personal preferences.

We have compared our three recommended dryers from RUSK that are suitable for all hair types in the table below for your ease of information.

FeaturesRUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair DryerRUSK Speedfreak Hair DryerRUSK Superfreak Hair Dryer
  • Tourmaline
  • Ceramic
  • Tourmaline
  • Ceramic
  • Tourmaline
  • Ceramic
Weight0.8 pounds0.8 pounds1 pounds

As you can see, the dryers are identical in terms of their configurations. However, since we have picked RUSK w8less as our winning dryer, following are the Pros and Cons of this dryer.


  • The lightweight design of this dryer is deliberately done to let you enjoy strain free hair drying.
  • 2000 watts and Tourmaline Ceramic infusion cut down your drying time by 40-50%.
  • Ionic conditioning helps you deal with your frizz and static problems, while Tourmaline naturally conditions your hair.
  • AC motor will produce powerful airflow and will last for minimum 3 years.
  • Its variable 7 heat and speed settings will allow you to get maximum control over airflow and temperature.
  • The dryer’s motor and its longevity will be enhanced manifolds because of its removable lint filter that will enable to keep the dryer clean.


Read the full review here.

2. RUSK Engineering CTC Lite 1900W Hair Dryer – Suitable For Thick hair

RUSK Engineering CTC Lite 1900W Hair Dryer - V3 July

This RUSK Dryer is made with the perfect balance of Titanium and Ceramic. Since it is infused with Titanium we recommend this dryer for Thick hair. It can also work great for smoother curls and waves since it comes with diffuser attachments.

But if you want a straight hair day, you can do that with its concentrator nozzle. CTC lite has topped many lists as well before the popularity of RUSK w8less. This dryer, however, is a bit heavier in weight, which is 2.2 pounds. Hairdryers with powerful wattage as 1900/2000 and good motor tend to have a heavier weight and hence, CTC light’s weight is justifiable.

We have compared RUSK CTC Lite with another Titanium hair dryer that is BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portino below to demonstrate why we think RUSK CTC lite is a better choice.

FeaturesRUSK Engineering CTC Lite Hair DryerBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portino Hair Dryer
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic
Weight2.2 pounds2 pounds

As you can see, Both of the dryers are very similar. However, in the case of RUSK CTC Lite, the Ceramic balances out the intense heat of Titanium and hence we have chosen this one. Following are the pros and cons of RUSK CTC lite.


  • While titanium produces the perfect heat for thicker hair types, Ceramic works as a healing and heat balancing material. Which means, your hair will dry fast and will be protected from heat at the same time.
  • 3 heat/ 3 speed and the cool shot will let you use this dryer to the fullest with maximum control over its temperature and airflow to suit your convenience.
  • This dryer comes with its own concentrator and diffuser attachments and hence you wouldn’t have to purchase any of these separately.


  • Although the dryer is named ‘Lite’ it’s not as lightweight.
  • Attachments may occasionally fall off while drying, which may cause annoyance.

Read the full review here.

RUSK CTC Lite Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. RUSK Engineering Deepshine Professional 1875W Hair Dryer – Suitable For Fine Hair

RUSK Engineering Deepshine Professional 1875W Hair Dryer - V2 July

This blow-dryer is a perfect device you can own for your fine hair because of its Ceramic components. If you are fond of Ceramic dryers, this wouldn’t disappoint you.

This one here is lightweight, ergonomic and produces negative ions and healthy infrared heating that will care for your delicate strands. In terms of other technical standpoints, this dryer too has quality AC motor and is powered by 1875 watts to balance the heat.

To create the impression of this dryer we have compared this dryer with BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Dryer below.

FeaturesRUSK Engineering Deepshine Professional Hair DryerBaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Dryer
MaterialsCeramicPorcelain Ceramic
Weight1 pounds1 pounds

The reason why we chose RUSK Deepshine over Babyliss Pro 2800 dryer is that of its wattage. Although Porcelain is the upgraded version of Ceramic, 2000 watts will be too powerful for fine hair and we recommend either 1875 watts or low heat and speed settings for any dryer to be suitable for fine hair. Below are the pros and cons of RUSK Deepshine blow dryer.


  • Even infrared heating is especially great for delicate and fine hair since it works as a heat protectant.
  • 1875 watts will produce the perfect airflow for fine hair.
  • The ionic generator will produce negative ions that will help you fight frizz and static efficiently.
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings will help you choose your convenient temperature and speed.
  • Lightweight design will help you enjoy strain free drying.


  • The attachments may fall off occasionally.

RUSK DeepShine Professional Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

RUSK vs. BaByliss Pro Blow dryers

RUSK Vs. BaByliss Pro Hair Dryers

Both RUSK and BaByliss pro are under the same parent concern, which is Conair Corporation. Also, RUSK and BaByliss Pro are both manufacturers of Professional grade dryers and hence there is a little bit of competition among these two premium salon brands in the market.

Some tend to prefer RUSK while others like BaByliss Pro. While RUSK is doing great with their exclusive lightweight dryers, Babyliss PRO focuses more on the internal components and lesser on the weight or design.

Also, BaByliss PRO has a variety of dryers including travel dryers, standing, and hooded dryers etc. However, since both brands are leading the market, it is only a matter of preference which one should you go for.


Among the numerous brands that swear by their claims, RUSK proved their worth. With their lightweight dryers, RUSK has changed the definition of professional hair drying. Also, people are more confidently purchasing professional dryers for home and regular use because of brands like RUSK. While Drybar, T3 etc. have once dominated, newer brands are also coming into the limelight because of their technological advances and clever Engineering.


  • 1. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Hair Dryer (W8less)
  • 2. RUSK Engineering CTC Lite 1900W Hair Dryer (IREB5587)
  • 3. RUSK Engineering Deepshine Professional 1875W Hair Dryer (Deepshine)

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