Revlon Rv408 1875 Watt Full Size Turbo Dryer Review

Revlon RV408

Revlon RV408 1875 Watt Full Size Turbo Dryer has designed nicely for easy drying & smooth styling. It has all the features as a regular dryer. The low price, small size & effective performance combinations makes this one an ideal one.

It has 3 speed/heat settings which are really comfortably attached for easy drying & smooth styling. It makes fewer frizzes while using the dryer without damaging the natural moisture of the hair. So feel free to style your hair without any kind of hesitation.

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Heat/Speed Settings & Storage Facilities

It has 3 heat/speed settings which are attached to comfortable switches. Included 1 cold shot button & nozzle type concentrator help users to pick any type of style they want. Hanging ring helps to store the product on the wall which saves your storage space.

Special Qualities

Revlon RV408 Full-size Turbo Dryer has the whole thing you need in an inexpensive simple hair dryer. It has 3 speed/heat settings with 1 cold shot button which are really advantageous for smooth hair styling & hair drying. This dryer has a removable narrow nozzle concentrator for all you’re styling. For easy cleaning removable cap & for convenient storage hanging ring is included as special features.

Things to consider

With this hair dryer, some users have experienced some terrible experience which is given below–

  • Heat settings are not individual
  • Less powerful
  • Having no diffuser
  • Sometimes they get it quite noisy & immense
  • Air flows are not much hot as they expected for drying their long, thick hair

Though some of the users appreciate this dryer & they think it works great. If you do not like the features of this model, then you can check other top-rated models of the Revlon brand.

Revlon RV408 Overview Table

Product nameRevlon RV408 1875 Watt Full-Size Turbo Dryer
Brand nameRevlon
SpecialtyIt’s a simple, lightweight dryer with 3 speed/heat settings for hair drying/styling.
appropriate hair typeAll types
Why should you buy Revlon RV408
  • Effective motor performance for faster drying & specific styling
  • Extended Cord Length (6 feet)
  • Light, not louder
  • Concentrator attachment for proper airflow
  • Not separately 3 heat/speed settings
  • 1 cool shot setting for styling
  • For convenient storage, hanging ring is added
  • Detachable end part for easy cleaning
Things to Consider
  • Heat settings are not individual
  • Less powerful
  • Having no diffuser
HeatSpeed settings3 heat/speed settings (Low, Medium, High) with 1 cold shot button
Product Dimensions3.8 x 9.9 x 9.5 inches
Weight1 pound
SizeConvenient size
Including accessories
  1. Concentrator
  2. User Manual
  3. Hang up ring for wall attachment
WarrantyLimited 1 years warranty

Summary of Revlon RV408 1875 Watt Full-Size Turbo Dryer

Revlon’s New RV408 1875W Full-size Turbo Dryer is really expedient in size with exclusive cheap price. Considering the users’ comments, it’s a less powerful dryer. But if you have no interested in strong, powerful dryer, you can easily choose this simple, inexpensive dryer for your daily use. Though it’s not like a professional one, it works on form.


  • Overall Rating by Author - 8.2/10

User Rating

2.5 (2 votes)

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