Revlon Laser Brilliance Hair Dryer Review

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Dry and die fast, give shiny look with less frizzy outcome.

Revlon Laser Brilliance has all the outstanding features that a standard hair dryer should have. This device is dual functional, beautifully designed, technically outstanding, professionally caretaking, and safer but shorter lifespan spoils all of its earnings as it acts on after using for fewer times.

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Why it is Laser Brilliance

Airflow with negative ions for faster drying with the elimination of static, infrared laser heat for precise drying and ceramic coating for hair protection gives a brilliant performance in combination.

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Let’s examine this product from the following perspectives and score out of five in each section so that a neutral and logical review can be achieved.

Functional angle

  • Hair dryer
  • Hair Styling

As this baby does dry and styles your hair, Revlon laser brilliance meets all the requirements for daily and future needs. Okay, let’s give it A+.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 5/5, Functionally outstanding

Design viewpoint

  • Comes with white and gray color
  • Standard plastic handle but no soft grip on it
  • A removable filter for easy cleaning
  • One hanging ring
  • Spectacular orange light
  • Not foldable

The handle is made of aesthetically white and gray plastic of standard length and has no soft grip on it, yet it is comfy for holding. Moreover, that removable filter turns the cleaning job cushy. However, being not foldable means not travel-friendly but hanging ring makes storing easier. Lastly, infrared light at the front gives spectacular visual effect. So, the nearly perfect design has some flaws like the moon.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4.5/5, Gorgeous in design

Technical point of view

  • 1800 Wattage
  • Beneficial Tourmaline Ceramic produces negative ions and emits far-infrared heat
  • Heavy-duty AC motor
  • 60-inch cord though not retractable
  • Covering material made of plastic & heat shield underneath made of mica
  • 2 Heat & 2 Speed setting
  • Presence of cold shot button
  • Two separate professional rocker switches
  • 110 Single AC Voltage

With professional 1800 wattage, heavy duty AC motor, longer cord, multiple heat/speed settings, cold shot button, and rocker switches Revlon laser brilliance proved its efficacy but the coated element (Tourmaline Ceramic) instead of solid one bears sub-standard level though solid material made dryers are far pricey. However, that cord is not retractable, 110 voltage forces you to buy an additional device to use internationally, and the plastic cover is prone to breakage. How can I give a lower grade as nothing is perfect in this defective world?

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4.5, Technically Sound

Attachments Stance

  • One Diffuser and one Concentrator attachments that snap on and secure firmly
  • Suck hair without accessory

By providing one diffuser and one concentrator, the manufacturer of this kit understands and meets the demand of your hair styling. This hair dryer sucks in hair when you use without attachment. Revlon deserves the best ranking for supplying paraphernalia.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4.5, Ample supply of accessories

Caring stand


Tourmaline Ionic technology infuses negative ions into the airflow to break off water droplets into smaller ones for faster drying and smooth, less frizzy outcome. Negative ions also eliminate static electricity in your hair.

By 3X Ceramic Coating

The best thing comes with this Revlon model is three layers of ceramic coating, ensuring even heat distribution without any pocket and making drying quickly and precisely. I would like it more if this one comes with solid ceramic rather than a coating. However, it is still better than shoddy ones.


According to Revlon, Infrared heat penetrates the cortex of your hair, heating your hair from the inside out, preserving natural moisture balance, and preventing over-drying while maximizing shininess and softness. Some users are fretful about hair falling due to infrared laser heat.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4.5/5, seems to take care of mothers

Safety outlook

  • UL listing states that this device is safer for using
  • No Auto shut off

Though UL listing of the machine ensures safety, it has no Auto Shut-off mechanism after a certain time to avoid untoward damage if left unattended. As Revlon compromises extra safety by lowing price, I want to punish Revlon Laser by giving a lower score.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4/5, Safer if obeying precaution

Durability and other Noteworthy points

  • Two years warranty
  • 32 once i.e. lightweight
  • Has shorter lifespan
  • Less noisy

32-ounce weight and the less noisy device comes with limited Two years warranty. Most importantly many users complain about its shorter durability though longevity largely depends on proper use. Spending your hard earned money on non-durable products bears no significance. Taking sustainability as a primary concern, it cannot deserve a higher grade. I must say a perfect example of Irony !!!!!

Sectional Rating & Comment: 2/5, Your money appreciates durability

Best for

Though women with all hair types can use the gadget by setting appropriate heat and temperature settings, women with curly and thick hair can reap the most benefit out of it.

Summary of Revlon Laser Brilliance Hair Dryer

If I put aside the durability issue, Revlon RVDR5105 does what they say. If I add base values of 5 in 7 sections (total 35) and average it by dividing 7, I get the average base value of 5. And taking obtained marks in 7 sections (29) and dividing by 7, I get 4.15. Hence overall rating is 4.15 out of 5.


  • Functional angle
  • Design viewpoint
  • Technical point of view
  • Attachments Stance
  • Caring stand
  • Safety outlook
  • Durability and other Noteworthy points

User Rating

5 (1 vote)

Good: Outstanding features at affordable price.

Bad: Not so durable.

Bottom line: You may buy other popular Revlon blow dryers or Remington D3190A with the same functionality and features.

Executive summary:

CriteriaStandard Value /PresenceRevlon Brilliance Value/Presence
Wattage1800 or 1800 +1875
Ionic TechnologyYY
Solid or coating of Ceramic, Porcelain, Tourmaline, and TitaniumYY
Multiple Heat and SpeedYY
Cold ShotYY
Cord TypeSwivelFixed
Auto shut offYN
Dual VoltageYN
Attachment FacilityYY
Hair TypeAllAll (Special for Thick)

Note: Y & N means Yes and No respectively.