The 4 Best Revlon Hair Dryers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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REVLON is a popular name in the beauty industry. This brand was founded in the early 1930’s with one single product (a certain type of nail enamel) and now have entered all most all spheres of beauty and self-care products.

Mostly popular for cosmetics and skincare products, this brand has also successfully been launching hair care products.

They have a good collection of hairdryers, curling irons, flat irons, and other hair accessories.

The strongest advantage of having a REVLON hair dryer is its overall quality compared to its economic price.

Catching up with the competition in the market, REVLON dryers are often inexpensive yet have what good hair dryer needs.

Quick Overview

Here is a short review of REVLON hair dryers that we have chosen by carefully skimming through many other contemporary dryers.


Revlon 1875 watts infrared dryer

The most affordable yet great Tourmaline Dryer!

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer - V12 July

This is one of the bestselling dryers of REVLON that is economic in price but extra-ordinary quality wise. This is a dryer you can get within a budget of $20 that has Tourmaline and Ceramic components to ensure healthy outcome after drying your hair. It also comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments.
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Revlon One Step Dryer and Styler

All in one solution to straightening hair

Revlon One Step Dryer And Styler - V1 July

This dryer is a one-step solution to drying waves or curls into straight and sleek finishing. This one is also popular among users for its creative solutions to hair drying and straightening at the same time. Because of its attached brush, there shouldn’t be any worries about using a brush while drying your hair. Alongside other great features, this dryer is infused with ionic technology.
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Revlon One Step Dryer and Volumnizier

An essential tool to add volume to fine hair

Revlon One Step Dryer And Volumnizier - V2 July

This Revlon dryer works wonders on fine hair that is lacking volume. It gives almost a salon grade finish and adds the desired volume your hair really needs. Its attached round brush saves you the hassle of using two tools at a time while drying hair. This dryer has Ionic technology to solve frizz problems as well.
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Revlon 1875 watts Ceramic compact travel dryer

Great solution drying hair on international travels!

Revlon 1875 Watts Ceramic Compact Travel Dryer - V4 July

This dryer is far from a basic travel dryer and is enhanced with 3x Ceramic Coating and Ionic technology to help you deal with travel hair problems. It is compact in size and has a folding handle for easy luggage packing and storage solutions. Last but not least, this dryer is one of the very few REVLON dryers with dual voltage facilities allowing you international travel solutions.
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Based in New York City, REVLON is an American multinational company that manufactures and markets various cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and self-care products all around the globe. This venture was founded in 1932 in the midst of the “Great Depression” which was one of the most severe economic depressions in history. It is almost a miracle that a company founded in such testing times has later established itself as a leading American brand.

Charles Revson and his brother Joseph and Charles Lachman together contributed to the Brand name REVLON and collaborated to come up with a unique manufacturing process that produces a certain type of nail enamel using pigment instead of dyes.  Within 6 years of selling nail polishes, REVLON became a Multi-million dollar company.

Bit by bit REVLON added other cosmetic products like lipsticks, fragrances etc. REVLON, later on, got into tough competition with major cosmetic lines like Estee Lauder and Cover Girl and lost its ground. It went through many ups and downs.

REVLON was one of the first companies to refrain from testing on animals during the 1980’s. Later, however, in 2011 PETA removed REVLON from their trusted brands due to accusations on paying Chinese Laboratories to test their products on Rabbits. REVLON left the Chinese market in 2013. In recent years (2016), REVLON purchased Elizabeth Arden and regained its ground to some extent.

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REVLON Hairdryers and the Contemporary

It was only very recently REVLON entered the sphere of the hair industry although very hard to accurately date when they launched their 1st hair dryer. It is assumed, REVLON dryers entered the industry in the early 2000’s.

Until now, this brand has 23 models of hair dryers, of which 21 are handheld dryers and 2 are bonnet dryers.

REVLON, as always kept versatility alive even among their hair dryers. They have tried to keep up with the contemporary and popular technologies and brands while keeping their products popularly economic in terms of price.

Revlon dryers have tough competition with Brands like Conair, Jinri because of similar pricing. While CONAIR has more dryers than REVLON, the latter focused more on quality than quantity and have gained popularity with very few products.

It is indeed a test for REVLON as a newbie in the hair drying and styling industry to keep up with the reputation and they haven’t done that bad, to be honest.

What should you know about REVLON dryers?

Although REVLON is an established brand, many might wonder the credibility of their hair tools. While they have some really good products, there are mediocre and below mediocre dryers on their list as well.

REVLON claims in their official website that hair tools are “expertly engineered to protect against harsh styling damage”. However, we still enquired and scrutinized their claims to see if they are really true. Below are the typical reasons why REVLON dryers are doing great in the market.

Are all REVLON dryers ionic?

Revlon Ionic Technology Dryers

REVLON has both very basic non-ionic dryers and ionic dryers. While their nonionic dryers are liked by many, people are getting out of their orthodoxy and embracing the latest technologies as well.

Ionic technology is nowadays one of the basic features users look for in a hairdryer. REVLON, therefore, did realize the need to upgrade their dryers and thus have many ionic dryers in their collection as well. For example Revlon Pro Collection Turbo Ionic Dryer, Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer.

Specialization in Ceramic and Triple Ceramic coating

Revlon confidently markets their Ceramic dryers because of their 3x Ceramic coating specialization. Ceramic is a heat protectant and helps you dry and style your hair saving you from the worry of heat-induced damage. Ceramic also produces infrared radiation which is a healthy alternative to heat produced by non-ceramic heating units. Some of the known REVLON ceramic dryers are Revlon Perfect heat series dryers such as Perfect Heat Fast Dry lightweight dryer, Perfect Heat Quiet Light Styler.

Other materials used in REVLON Dryers – Tourmaline, Tourmaline Ceramic

Tourmaline is proved to be cutting drying time by 40% to 50% and hence hair dryer manufacturers are in a frenzy to produce dryers with Tourmaline or Tourmaline-Ceramic heating units in their dryer.

REVLON is also no exception in this case. They have successfully marketed some mediocre to great quality Tourmaline dryers. The problem with tourmaline dryers is their price. Tourmaline is a pricey gemstone for something as regular as a hair dryer but its benefits on hair cuticles are extraordinary as well. Tourmaline boosts the natural moisture balance of the hair and enhances the quality of your hair. As a result, your hair appears shinier and healthier. Tourmaline dryers are therefore expensive in general.

However, REVLON had to keep up with their reputation as one of the most popularly priced brands and have successfully manufactured Tourmaline dryers that are available below $50. Such as REVLON Pro collection Salon Infrared Styler, Pro Collection Salon AC motor Styler, Pro Collection Salon Performance Turbo Ionic Styer.

Standard 1875 wattage range in most dryers

Almost all REVLON dryers generate airflow powered by maximum 1875 watts. Although 1875 watts is considered to be the standard wattage for dryers, none of the REVLON dryers are typically professional dryers although many of them mention their eligibility for using in salons. However, their performance is great for home and family use.

AC or High Torque DC motor in almost all dryers

Revlon Hair Dryer Motor

Although REVLON has kept the pricing of their product pretty much affordable, they have not compromised with the quality of their internal components.

Motors are an essential part of electro-mechanical devices like hair dryers. Many of the great REVLON dryers have an AC motor. AC motors are long-lasting and able to produce a powerful blow to dry hair faster. Other dryers have stable or High Torque DC motor to sustain the quality airflow they claim to produce.

What you should know about weight- size- wattage ratio and Revlon Travel Dryers

Most of the REVLON dryers weigh below 2 pounds. Other than their travel dryers, most dryers are mid to full size. Although the travel dryers are compact in size, their weight compared to travel dryers from other brands are a bit higher on the scale but negotiable in terms of their wattage range. Its hard to find travel dryers with a wattage range as powerful as 1875 watts, but REVLON made that possible.

Although REVLON has dryers of almost all categories, they gained a lot of popularity for their One-Step series that has two dryers with two functions. These dryers have attached brush with them.

One step dryer with a flat detangling brush is made with the intention to dry and style waves and curls into the straightened look. The other type is designed with a round brush to add volume to fine and straight hair that appear limp. These dryers have holes in between the bristles that flow heated air through them. Both of these One Step dryers are praised by users, vloggers for their unique design and effectiveness.

However, in terms of internal components, these dryers are not manufactured with technologies such as ionic, Ceramic or Tourmaline.

Especially great for fine hair types

So far this brand has manufactured very basic blow dryers, Ceramic dryers to dryers with Tourmaline infusion. While Tourmaline suits hair of all kinds, most REVLON dryers that have materials incorporated usually has Ceramic heating units. Most Revlon hairdryers are therefore befitting for usage on fine hair types unless they have Tourmaline in them.

Innovative Designs and Creative Engineering!

Revlon 360 Surround Styler

REVLON has their creative game strong! Many of their dryers are unique and innovative in terms of designs. Revlon’s One-step Styler and One-Step Volumizer did not yet lose its hype until very recently in mid-2017 they launched REVLON 360 Surround Styler as a complete game changer, that allows you use it as a traditional dryer with the horizontal flow as well as a styler that flows air vertically from both sides.

Although the designs are great and innovative, technology-wise REVLON still need to step up the game for these dryers and can upgrade them in the future!

Most REVLON dryers have their own Concentrator and Diffuser attachments

Many of the REVLON dryers come with their own concentrator and diffuser attachments whereas some of the really good dryers from other brands require you to purchase them separately.

The price range of REVLON dryers is very economic!

REVLON dryers are very conveniently priced regardless of their category. Handheld dryers start from below $20 to $60. Bonnet dryers on the other hand also cost below $60. If this isn’t affordable then what is?

A few negative aspects of Revlon dryers

While there are a lot of positives, there are a few criticisms too. Below are the few negative aspects of REVLON dryers.

Very few REVLON dryers are suitable for Curly hair types

Heating units of most REVLON dryers are Ceramic based. It is challenging for Ceramic dryers to produce enough heat to dry thick and curly hair types faster. On another note, these dryers do not exceed 1875 watts. Therefore, only the models which have Tourmaline or Tourmaline-Ceramic infusion can be used on curly and thick hair.

They do not have 2000 watts dryers

Almost all of the REVLON dryers are 1875 watts. While 1875 watts is sufficient to produce standard heat, hair types which are thick, coarse and curly in nature require more powerful airflow and wattage to dry faster. Most 1st grade professional and salon dryers are 2000+ watts, but this is not the case for REVLON dryers. Hence you won’t see many professionals using REVLON dryers in studios or salons.

They have not yet made Titanium Dryers

Although REVLON has Titanium Barrel hair brushes, they have not yet incorporated Titanium in their hair dryers. Titanium dryers are perfect for thick and coarse hair types because of heat conductivity and quick heating properties of titanium. REVLON should seriously consider this option.

They have bonnet dryers but have not excelled at it

Revlon has only two Bonnet dryers. Both of their soft and hard bonnet dryers are ionic. However, they look almost identical to Laila Ali dryers. These dryers also do not have timer options. There is room for improvement for these bonnet dryers and REVLON need to think more innovatively.

Many of their travel dryers do not have dual voltage facilities

If you are an international traveler, a dual voltage option in a dryer is essential. Sadly, most of the REVLON travel dryers are designed for domestic travels inside the U.S. Which means, you will have to spend some extra bucks on dual voltage converters and travel adapters with those dryers. However, we have suggested a REVLON travel dryer that has dual voltage facilities on our list.

Top 4 REVLON Hair Dryers

Below are the REVLON dryers we recommend for you based on their features, technology and effectiveness and approval by users.

1. Revlon 1875 Watts Infrared Dryer – For all type of hair

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer - V13 July

This blow-dryer is one of the bestselling dryers by REVLON. Reasons are, this dryer has everything a good hair dryer needs starting from technology to motor to its overall performance.

1st of all, this is a Tourmaline Ceramic dryer combined with ionic technology to work equally great on all types of hair. Tourmaline helps retain the natural moisture balance smoothens hair cuticles, so you can use this dryer on your hair if you are suffering from dryness and rough texture. On top of all that, ionic technology will reduce the frizz.

Secondly, this dryer has an AC motor, which will help create powerful airflow and is durable at the same time. It has a removable lint filter to further enhance the quality and durability of the motor’s performance.

Following is a comparison between Revlon 1875 watts infrared dryer Revlon Salon 1875W Fast Drying AC Hair Dryer.

RequirementsRevlon 1875 watts Infrared DryerRevlon Salon 1875W Fast Drying AC Hair Dryer
MaterialTourmaline CeramicTourmaline Ceramic
Wattage1875 watts1875 watts
AttachmentsConcentrator DiffuserConcentrator Diffuser
Removable FilterYesNo

We chose REVLON 1875 watts infrared Dryer although both of the products are very similar in terms of their features. Reasons for not picking the second dryer is its bulky design and no removable filter attachment essential to maintain the motor quality. Also, the latter dryer is comparatively more expensive with similar facilities.


  • This dryer also has 2 heat and 2-speed settings and a Cool shot button for maximum control and styling options.
  • Tourmaline and Ceramic together create healthy far infrared heating that prevents damage and hence the name ‘Infrared dryer”.
  • Concentrator and diffuser attachments are included which is hard to find in many expensive dryers.
  • The cord length is 6 feet which allow you hassle-free
  • All of this within a very reasonable price.


  • The concentrator and diffuser attachments are clear plastic which might not be preferable by some. However, it works just fine and snaps on easily.

Read the full review here.

Revlon 1875 Watts Infrared Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Revlon One Step Dryer and Styler – For Straightening Hair

Revlon One Step Dryer And Styler - V2 July

This dryer is both innovative in design and effective in terms of usage. Among the popular and hyped up dryers by REVLON, this dryer is there on the list. This dryer works especially great on curly and wavy hair to get a straight and sleek finish. Following is the comparison between REVLON one step dryer and styler with a similar product by contemporary brand Conair.

RequirementsRevlon One-step Dryer and StylerInfiniti Pro by Conair Diamond-Infused Ceramic Smoothing Hot Brush / Straightening Brush; Black
Attached Paddle BrushYesYes
Variable heat and speedYesYes
Ionic TechnologyYesYes
Cool SettingsYesNo
Wattage1100 watts580 watts

We didn’t pick Conair’s Diamond Infused Paddle dryer for one simple reason which is its poor wattage. REVLON one step dryer although does not have any gemstone infusion, because of its wattage it works great on thicker and coarser hair types as well.


  • This dryer is lightweight and easy to use.
  • This dryer also has cool settings in case the heat seems a bit too much.
  • It helps reduce frizz with ionic technology.
  • The brush is especially great for detangling.
  • It saves you from having to use an additional brush along with a separate dryer.


  • The handle is a bit wide and could have been more comfortable to use if it was a bit narrow.

Revlon One Step Dryer And Styler – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. Revlon One Step Dryer and Volumnizier – For styling and adding volume to fine hair

Revlon One Step Dryer And Volumnizier - V3 July

This dryer is similar to One Step Dryer and Styler with a difference to its brush attachment. It has a round brush attachment which is designed to add volume to straight and limp fine hair. Check the following table where we have compared REVLON one step dryer and Volumizer with another similar dryer by Conair.

RequirementsRevlon One-step Dryer and VolumizerInfiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler
Attached Round BrushYesYes
Variable Heat and SpeedYesYes
Ionic TechnologyYesYes
Cool SettingsYesYes
Wattage1100 watts500 watts

As you can see, Conair’s Spin Air Rotating Styler has only 500 watts which will not suit most hair types. REVLON’s wattage is 1100 watts that will work on thin and thick hair types.


  • This dryer’s brush is not exactly round but oval, which works great for adding volume.
  • Ionic technology will help reduce and control frizz.
  • Nylon pin and tufted bristles will work great as a detangler.
  • It is lightweight and convenient for using.
  • It saves you the worry of using extra hair brushes.
  • It can be used as close to the scalp and will not burn your skin.
  • Cool settings are there to the rescue if the heat seems too much.


  • This dryer, similar to the One-Step Dryer and Styler with paddle brush has a wide handle and would have been easier to hold with a narrower one.

Revlon One Step Dryer And Volumnizier – Check Current Prices On Amazon

4. Revlon 1875 watts Ceramic compact travel dryer – Best REVLON travel dryer with dual voltage facilities

Revlon 1875 Watts Ceramic Compact Travel Dryer - V5 July

This dryer is one of the very few dual voltage dryers that REVLON has manufactured. Apart from dual voltage facilities, this is also more than just a basic travel dryer with ceramic heating units and a folding handle. See the following comparison between this dryer and a very basic REVLON travel dryer.

RequirementsRevlon 1875 watts Ceramic Compact Travel DryerRevlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer
Ionic TechnologyYesNo
Dual VoltageYesNo
Wattage1875 watts1875 watts
Folding HandleYesNo

As you can see, the 2nd dryer does not have many special features and is a very basic travel dryer. On the other hand, Revlon 1875 watts Ceramic Compact Travel dryer has features similar to a full-size hair dryer but in a compact sized dryer.


  • This dryer is dual voltage and will allow you to use it in countries outside the U.S.
  • Folding handle will make packing and store a lot easier.
  • Standard 1875 watts will let you enjoy the performance of a full sized dryer away from home and will help dry your hair faster with its powerful airflow.
  • Ceramic heating units will create infrared heating and will protect hair from damage.
  • Ionic technology will help fight frizz in the middle of busy travel schedules.


  • This dryer is not as light as a travel dryer should be.
  • Although it will do the job, it might not work as great as Tourmaline or Titanium travel driers dryers on thick and coarse hair types.

Revlon 1875 Watts Ceramic Compact Travel Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Revlon dryers we do not recommend

There are a few REVLON dryers which are either outdated in terms of technology or do not live up to their claims and hence we do not recommend these dryers.

Non Recommended Revlon Hair Dryers

Revlon Quick Dry, Revlon Perfect Heat Fast Dryer & Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Revlon Quick dry

This Revlon dryer was great until technologies like ionic, ceramic and tourmaline took over the market. Revlon Quick dry is a very basic hair dryer with no special technological advances whatsoever and hence it falls under out not recommended list.

Revlon Perfect Heat Fast Dry Speed Hair Dryer

This dryer does not live up to its name. Although it has a triple baked ceramic coating, other Revlon dryers with the same feature have proven to give better performance. This is just another ordinary ceramic ionic dryer that will not suit most hair types and it’s simply not the fastest dryer REVLON has.

Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

This dryer does not qualify to be a great travel dryer because of not having dual voltage facilities. It might be fine for domestic travels but will not work internationally. At the same time, this dryer neither has the ionic technology nor does it have its heating unit made with any material such as Ceramic or Tourmaline.

We also do not suggest to buy Revlon Laser Brilliance Hair Dryer.


REVLON as a brand already had the popularity for their make-up, skincare products, and manicure line. Hair dryers by REVLON there got an easier ground to promote their products. But this brand didn’t simply try to sell their name but lived up to the standards of many other hair drying brands.

However, REVLON should consider making a few Titanium series dryers that will suit thicker hair types to complete their versatile collection of dryers. Also, upgrading their travel dryers by adding the latest technologies can uplift their image in the hair industry.


  • 1. Revlon 1875 Watts Infrared Dryer (RVDR5105LA1)
  • 2. Revlon One Step Dryer And Styler (RVDR5212)
  • 3. Revlon One Step Dryer And Volumnizier (RVDR5222)
  • 4. Revlon 1875 Watts Ceramic Compact Travel Dryer (RVDR5005)

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