The 5 Best Remington Hair Dryers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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Are you looking for a hair dryer which is high quality, affordable, and at the end of drying, will five your desired result? Congratulations! Remington is the exact Personal Care brand that will fulfill all of your requirements by their amazing hair dryers. They are durable, full of modern features, and technologies.

We will show our deep analysis of Remington’s hair dryer in this article in detail and suggest you the 5 best quality hair dryer products of Remington. Before jumping into the discussion, check out the short product reviews.

A Quick Review

Before we start telling you all the details about Remington, let us enlighten you with a short review of top 5 Remington hair dryer products. You will get to know the more about these products (comparison with other products, pros, cons) in the product section below.


Remington D3190 Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer With Damage Control Features

Remington D3190 Hair Dryer - v9 July

It is the most popular and vastly used Remington hair dryer product not only in the USA but also around the world. This dryer is of 1875 wattage that comes with ionic conditioning with ceramic coating. It also provides tourmaline material which will help you to avoid hair damage big time. It comes with a concentrator and a diffuser attachment to assist you in styling and taking extra care of your hair.
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Remington “Thermaluxe” Hair Dryer

Advanced thermal technology gives everyone a big lead

Remington Hair Dryer With Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology - V1 July

This is one of Remington’s exclusive hair dryer products that comes with “Thermaluxe” technology which is actually an advanced thermal technology that protects your hair in a great way. This product is designed, lightweight. And it has 3 times longer motor life than the other hair dryers. It is capable of drying your hair 2x faster.
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Remington Pro AC2015 Hair Dryer

An especial hair dryer for fine hair

Remington Pro AC2015 Hair Dryer - V2 July

This product comes with Remington’s exclusive pearl ceramic technology that delivers micro conditioners to your hair. It protects your hair from damage. This dryer is very much good for fine hair people for its overall packaging. The motor of this product flows the air 40% faster that helps to dry your hair quickly. The provided concentrator will help you to have accurate airflow and diffuser will help to take care of your curls.
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Remington D5951 Titanium Hair Dryer

No more worries about curly hair

Remington D5951 Titanium Hair Dryer - V1 July

Remington has made this hair dryer especially for the people who have curly hair. They have thicker hair than other hair types and they need a good amount of heat flown on their hair. This is why Remington has used titanium so that it can provide continuous heat to your hair which is very beneficial for curly hair people. It ionic ceramic technology will help to dry your hair faster. It will also help to reduce the frizzes from curly hair. And provided diffuser will add a good amount of volume in the curls as well.
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Remington D5000 Compact Size Travel Hair Dryer

Take it wherever you go, it will give a salon quality result on travel

Remington D5000 Compact Size Travel Hair Dryer - V1 July

This model of Remington hair dryer is very much popular among the travelers for its compact size. As a result, people can carry it easily in their bags, travel around the world and use it whenever they want. It is of 1876 wattage and provides ionic conditioning. It also provides energy saving eco setting which is very beneficial for travelers.
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About Remington

Remington is an old company. It started 200 years back, in 1816. That time, this company was known as “E. Remington and Sons”. It has gone through some changes during these years. In 1927, It merged with Rand Kardex Corporation and became Remington Rand.

The company started making electronic shavers in 1937. Victor Kiam bought the electronic shaver company in 1979. After Kiam’s death, the company is to Rayovac, a battery company in 2003. And they named the company, Spectrum Brands.

Since then Rayovac markets Remington brand men’s and women’s electric shavers, beard and mustache trimmers, ear and nose hair trimmers, make-up mirrors, foot massagers, blow dryers, heated hair rollers, hair clippers, curling, and flat irons.

Remington Brand Logo

Contemporary brands with Remington

Remington is a very popular personal care company that produces various kinds of products. It is a very common fact that if a brand continuously keeps doing good business by producing fantastic products, various brands often come forward to give them competition. Remington also has its competition with a few other brands which are also doing very well in this section.

Conair, Revlon, Andis, Jinri, Karmin, Berta – these are the contemporary brands with Remington. All of these brands produce hair dryers and their provided features in those products are quite similar to Remington products. And pricing is another reason behind keeping these brands in one line. Their produced hair dryer can be bought almost in the same price range.

Revlon RVDR5105LA1 Banner
John 6900 Banner
Elchim 3900 Banner
Babyliss BHHIN Banner

Features of Remington hair dryers

Remington company is very much concern about the quality of their products. They know the demands of their customers very well and as a result, they always try to provide as much as features they can provide which can be advantageous for its users. We have researched hours to find out the features that Remington provides in their hair dryers. Take a look at the following.

Ionic Conditioning technology

Remington Hair Dryer Ionic Technology

Ionic conditioning technology is very good for all types of hair and it is important for every hair dryer product to have this technology provided. Ionic conditioning helps to dry hair faster but the most important feature of this technology – it is capable of reducing the frizzes from people’s hair. From our deep research, we came to know that it helps to reduce the frizzes up to 40 percentages than other hair dryers.

Provides over 2000 wattage

Wattage is very much important for drying which is the main job of a hairdryer. Right? Minimum 1300 wattage is needed to dry fine and little wavy hair. For curly and thick hair, more power is needed.

More power means more wattage. At least 1800 wattage is needed to dry curly thick hair. Besides this, higher wattage gives you the opportunity to use various speed and heat settings while drying. This helps to prevent possible hair damage to your hair.

Remington offers up to 2000 wattage in most of its hair dryers. but you will also find some dryers (very few) that provide over 2000 wattage. As we already have informed you that most of the high-quality Remington products provide equal or less than 2000 wattage, they are fully concerned about the protection of people’s hair. And this is why they have made “Thermaluxe” dryer.


Remington Thermaluxe Technology

“Thermaluxe” is an advanced thermal technology which is brought to you by Remington. This technology improves the heat levels of the dryer so that it can dry your hair rapidly without damaging it. It comes from Ceramic coated grill that emits millions of negative ions during the airflow which prevent hair damage and decreases the frizzes from your hair.

“Thermaluxe” is very convenient for curly hair people as well as fine hair. Where it comes to curly hair people, comes our next topic to discuss – Titanium material.


Remington has provided titanium material in some of their hair dryers. These hair dryers are very good for curly hair people for its capability of producing consistent temperature. It keeps producing heat continuously that is very beneficial to dry curly hair quickly. Besides drying fast, it leaves your curls smooth and frizz free as well.

As a material, it is very light in weight and strong at the same time. So using titanium in a dryer makes the whole dryer very lightweight. When we come up with the lightweight feature of a dryer, we want to talk about more about it. But before that let us finish talking about the other materials that Remington use in their hair dryers.


It is one of the most common materials that is vastly used in hair dryers.  Ceramics distribute heat equally and they are also able to stabilize the temperature quickly. This material makes hair smooth by reducing frizzes and sealing hair cuticles. It is very recommended for weak, damaged and sensitive hair. The dryers that have ceramic material are ionic naturally. As a result, it can deliver negative ions into the hair shaft which make the hair look shiny and fuller.


When your hair is exposed to excessive heat, it is very dangerous for the health of your hair. So here is the savior – tourmaline material. tourmaline helps you to prevent the hair damage by making the temperature gentle on your hair. So, it reliefs people from the worries by assisting to save their hair from excessiveness of heat in a great way and make their drying experience wonderful.


We talked about hair dryers being lightweight because of the use of titanium before in this article. It is very much important for a dryer to be lightweight because the people’s comfortability depends vastly on the weight of the dryer. If a dryer is heavy, people will not be able to hold it for some moments and it will undoubtedly cause them muscle strain in their hands.

This is why Remington has tried to make their dryers as much as the light they can make while providing the most of the necessary features. At this point, they did not think about whether titanium is used in the dryer or not, they just simply made them lightweight for the people’s convenience.

We informed you about the basic features like wattage system, technologies, and materials used in hair dryers above. Now it is time to discuss other important features that help you drying at ease and make your drying experience comfortable. Let’s talk about the attachments first.


Attachments are extra tools that are used with a hair dryer for various purposes. There are few types of attachments available for hair dryers. Among them, Remington has provided two most advantageous tools for you. They are:


Remington Hair Dryer Concentrator

Concentrators are good for all types of hair. This tool helps the dryer to flow it air perfectly, accurately. By using this attachment, people will not face vagrant airflow anymore. They will be able to dry every section of their hair way more perfectly, as like as they want it to be. It helps to close the cuticles and make hair shinier.


Remington Hair Dryer Diffuser

Diffusers are very good for curly hair people. If we call it “good” only, it would be wrong. It is actually a lifesaving kind of tool for curly hair people.

Diffuser solves most of their common problems. It adds necessary volumes in the hair root. it helps people to take care and maintain their curls finely. Besides helping curly hair people, it also helps fine hair people for styling purpose. Fine hair people can turn their straight hair into curly one by using to diffusers whenever they want.

Designed for home use

If you notice above, you will see that the features and details we mentioned that Remington provides in their hair dryers are greatly auspicious for people whether they use them in home or salon. But Remington has targeted the people who use dryers in their home mainly. And the number of people in this group is huge.

This is why if you look at the pricing of Remington hair dryers, you will see that they are very much affordable. Remington has not made the typical professional dryers that cost over $100. But they have made dryers enough quality that they can be used in salons besides domestic use.

Various Heat and Speed Settings

Remington Hair Dryer Multiple Heat & Speed Settings

Different heat and speed settings are important for a few reasons. But the most important job that these settings do is – save your hair from damage. It is always recommended to dry your hair using high speed with low heat setting or low speed with high heat setting.

So if a dryer does not have various settings, you will not be able to control the heat and speed according to your demand. So if a dryer is of higher wattage, you can easily control those power and use the exact amount that suits your hair most.

Few negative aspects

Every personal care company has flaws, more or less.  So does Remington. There are a few negative sides we should know about this brand.

Lack of quality travel dryer

The first thing we want to say is Remington’s dual voltage hair dryer. Dual voltage hair dryer is important for those people who often need to travel around the world. Keeping them in mind, Remington has made one. Yes. They literally have made only one dual voltage hair dryer.

That comes with folding handle feature which is actually a good feature. But the matter of fact that, they did not make this product finely. From our research, we have found this dryer faulty and not very recommending depending on its overall quality. Remington must manufacture more dual voltage hair dryers for world travelers which is obviously high quality and convenient for the people.

No comb attachment provided

We have mentioned earlier that Remington offers concentrator and diffuser attachment. But they do not provide comb attachment with any of their products. And this comb attachment is not less important or beneficial than others. It is very helpful to remove frizzes, tangles from hair. It also assists in straightening wavy or curly hair a little.

Fewer varieties of dryers

Remington has made regular and compact size travel hair dryer. But Remington has not made other varieties of hair dryer like wall mounted, hooded/standing or bonnet dryers.

Top 5 Remington Hair Dryers

Remington always tries to do what is best for the people who are very hair conscious. They have made almost every sort of hair dryer that is needed considering the different kinds of hair types. Here we are going to suggest you 5 best Remington hair dryers that we have come up with after many days of deep research out of numerous high-quality Remington hair dryer products. For your convenience, we have compared each of these dryers with other dryers and after that, we will let you know the reasons why these are best with logic explained. So let’s get started.

1. Remington D3190 Hair Dryer – Best for all types of hair

Remington D3190 Hair Dryer - v10 July

Every personal care brand should make at least one hairdryer product which is high in quality and people with any type of hair can use it without any complication. Yes. This is the dryer. This is exactly that kind of dryer that every person can use and will undoubtedly get a fabulous result.

Remington D3190 is Remington’s most popular and most sold hair dryer. It must be the number one dryer we want to suggest to you. There is another Remington product which is Remington Retro Hairdryer, offers quite the same features. So we are going to compare these two dryers so that you can easily understand why we are recommending Remington D3190.

Model NameRemington D3190 Hair DryerRemington Retro Hair Dryer – D4100
TechnologyIonic ConditioningN/A
MaterialCeramic, TourmalineCeramic
AttachmentConcentrator and diffuserConcentrator and diffuser
Weight1.4 pounds2.2 pounds

From the upper discussion, we can see that both of these dryers are quite the same in features. But depending on the provided technology and tourmaline, we had to choose D3190 over the other one. Besides this, people will feel comfortable while using it because it is quite a bit lighter. Check out the other info about this dryer:


  • 1875 wattage
  • Ionic conditioning to have frizz free hair
  • Micro-conditioners technology provided because it can cause less hair damage
  • Ceramic helps to dry hair fast
  • Tourmaline makes the heat gentle on hair to prevent hair damage
  • Lightweight
  • Concentrator and diffuser to style hair with accurate airflow and add volumes in curls
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings and one cool shot button to have the control over the power
  • 2 years of warranty


  • No comb attachment included

Remington D3190 Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Remington “Thermaluxe” Hair Dryer – Advanced thermal technology protects all types of hair

Remington Hair Dryer With Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology - V2 July

Hair dryer manufacturers often make one hair dryer model which is different from their usual hair dryers. They make it special by providing any advanced technology or any other exclusive feature. In this case, this hair dryer comes up with an advanced technology which Remington wants to call as “Thermaluxe”.

This technology is way beneficial to dry hair faster even if it has a low wattage system. As we have now come up the term wattage, we want to compare this dryer with two other hair dryers that provide over 2000 wattage.

Model NameRemington “Thermaluxe” Hair Dryer - D9140SRemington 2400w Hair Dryer - AC9096Remington D5215 (UK)
TechnologyAdvanced thermal technologyIonicIonic
MaterialCeramicN/ATourmaline, ceramic
AttachmentConcentrator, diffuserConcentrator, diffuserConcentrator, diffuser
Weight1.2 pounds1.7 pounds0.9 pounds

You may be thinking after watching the comparison table that we should recommend Remington D5215. You are kind of right. We would be really confused between “Thermaluxe” and D5215 dryers because they both are very good products.

Where D5215 offer 2300 wattage with tourmaline which “Thermaluxe” does not provide. But it offers advanced thermal technology which will give you a close result. But it is a fact that, D5215 is not available in the USA, it is made by Remington for a European country with a different voltage system. And the other dryer cannot beat “Thermaluxe” as that does not provide any special technology and a bit heavier. This is why we are clearly recommending “Thermaluxe” for any type of hair.


  • 1875 wattage with powerful advance thermal technology which is called “Thermaluxe”
  • It dries hair 50% faster
  • The motor lasts longer, around 3 times longer than other dryers in the market
  • Ceramic to dry hair rapidly
  • 2 Concentrators and a diffuser attachment for gorgeous hair styling facility
  • 4 sectioning clips provided
  • 2 speed and 3 heat settings
  • Tangle-free fabric cords for easy storage
  • Lightweight design
  • 4 years of warranty

Remington “Thermaluxe” Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Remington D3190 Hair Dryer vs. Remington “Thermaluxe” Hair Dryer

You see, we have already two different hair dryers for all types of hair. Both of these products are of quite the same amazing features. The specialty of the D3190 dryer is its tourmaline material and “Thermaluxe” is special for its advanced thermal technology. But we have chosen Remington D3190 Hair Dryer as our first priority because tourmaline can protect your hair a bit greater way than “Thurmaluxe” can.

3. Remington Pro AC2015 Hair Dryer – Best dryer for fine hair

Remington Pro AC2015 Hair Dryer - V3 July

Remington has made dryers for all types of hair. With that dryer, everyone can get a good result. But what if you want to get a dryer that is made especially for you? Do you have fine hair? This is the right Remington hair dryer you need to buy immediately.

We have selected Remington Ac2015, especially for fine hair because of its provided technology. There is another high-quality product of Remington that can give a good competition to Remington Pro Ac2015 hair dryer model. Let’s see the comparison:

Model NameRemington Pro Ac2015 Hair DryerRemington 2000w D3010 Hair Dryer
MaterialPearl ceramicCeramic
AttachmentConcentrator and diffuserConcentrator and diffuser
Weight1.6 pounds1.5 pounds

We can see, both of these dryers are very good and offers almost the same features. Where Remington D3010 take a step forward for its 2000 wattage, Remington Pro Ac2015 has pearl ceramic technology. And providing this fantastic, exclusive technology with 125 lesser wattages, take this dryer a big step ahead than D3010.


  • 1875 wattage professional AC motor
  • Ionic conditioning for silky locks
  • It dries hair 40% faster and lasts 4 times more compared to the other DC motor hair dryers
  • Pearl ceramic technology for a smooth finish, very recommending for fine hair
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings for easy power control
  • Concentrator closes the cuticles, makes hair shiny and less frizzy and diffuser attachment adds volumes in hair to look them fully
  • 4 years of warranty


  • No comb attachment provided

Remington Pro AC2015 Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

4. Remington D5951 Titanium Hair Dryer – Best hair dryer for curly hair

Remington D5951 Titanium Hair Dryer - V2 July

If we want to sort out those people who keep worrying about their hair all the time, we will see that they are the people with curly hair. Yes, we know curly hair is hard to maintain. Curly hair people have to extra care for their hair comparatively to the fine hair people.

And this is why Remington has made D5951 Titanium hair dryer, especially for curly hair. Besides this, there are few more Remington hair dryers that are very good for curly hair. Check out the similarities:

Model NameRemington D5951 Hair DryerRemington D5220 Hair DryerRemington Proluxe - AC9140 Hair Dryer (UK)
TechnologyIonicIonicIonic, OPTIheat
MaterialTitanium, CeramicCeramicN/A
AttachmentConcentrator and diffuserConcentrator and diffuserConcentrator and diffuser
Weight1.5 pounds1.54 pounds2.1 pounds

All of these dryers are very good and according to their quality, we have to keep them in a close line. Though Remington Proluxe hair dryer comes with an advanced OPTIheat technology, we are keeping this model aside because it is made for European country only. And the best hair dryer is a step ahead because of its higher wattage but Remington D5951 wins the race because of the use of the titanium.

Though higher wattage is good for curly hair which the other dryer has but titanium is capable of producing temperature continuously. And it can have the job done for curly hair without even having 2000+ wattage system. This material is actually very good for curly hair and without it, no hair dryer can be considered good for curly hair especially.


  • Ionic technology for getting rid of frizzes
  • Able to control the frizzes 7x better than other dryers
  • Ceramic technology helps to dry hair fast
  • Titanium technology for fast drying with continuous heat which is very good for curly hair
  • 1875 wattage of power
  • Concentrator and diffuser attachment for fabulous styling. Specially diffuser helps curly hair people to maintain their curly hair by adding a good amount of tension and volumes.
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings and one cool shot button to set the style
  • Lightweight
  • 2 years of limited warranty


  • No comb attachment provided

Remington D5951 Titanium Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

5. Remington D5000 Compact Size Travel Hair Dryer

Remington D5000 Compact Size Travel Hair Dryer - V2 July

People often need to travel around. Not everybody can roam around the world, but almost everybody needs to roam around his/her city; in the country for various purposes. And hair conscious people always look for a hair dryer that is very handy, easy to pack and get the best drying experience from that.

Remington has made compact size dryer for the people who need to travel frequently. There is another contemporary model – Remington D2400 hair dryer. Check out the following comparison table between these two dryers:

Model NameRemington D5000 Compact Size Travel Hair DryerRemington D2400 Hair Dryer
Weight0.7 pounds1.2 pounds

The D2400 hair dryer has mixed blessings. It offers folding handle and worldwide voltage but the overall build quality of this dryer is faulty. The handle often does not click into place. And it takes a bit more time to dry hair. And finally, it is bulky as a “travel hair dryer”. And as we said earlier, Remington has made only one dual voltage, folding handle hair dryer product.

So you cannot get another dual voltage dryer rather than choosing this faulty one. And if you are really in need of a dual voltage dryer, get a travel adapter (you can buy “BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter” and use it with Remington D5000. Besides, this dryer is also compact in size, so you will not have to face difficulties in carrying this in your bags and travel around.

People need concentrator often, we know. From that aspect, D2400 is good. And you can buy that additionally, right? But you should not choose a dryer over another that provides ionic conditioning technology and 1876 wattage. It is very rare for a travel dryer to provide high wattage power.

Most of them provide 1000w or a bit more. But with D5000, you can travel around and use it without worrying about your hair type. Fine hair needs 1300w to dry but curly hair needs higher, at least 1800w to dry properly. So for curly hair people, it is as much as recommended as it is for fine hair.


  • 1876 wattage, powerful travel dryer
  • Compact in size (L x W X H) -10.10 x 5.90 x 3.10 Inches
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings
  • Lightweight


  • No folding handle feature
  • Not dual voltage
  • No attachment included

Remington D5000 Compact Size Travel Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Universal Attachments

Universal Hair Dryer Attachments

NZ3 3-way Adjustable universal smart nozzle & Willie Morrow’s Unbreakable Thermo Blow Dry Nozzle

If you need additional concentrator, you can buy NZ3 3-way Adjustable universal smart nozzle. And for comb attachment, go for Willie Morrow’s Unbreakable Thermo Blow Dry Nozzle.

Non Recommending dryers

We do not recommend the following Remington hair dryer for some of its flaws:

Remington Air 3D hair dryer

This Remington hair dryer cost close to Dyson hair dryers. They want to call it the “fully professional” hair dryer. But it is a matter of sorrow that it does not provide any special feature or anything that a full professional dryer should have. It offers 1800 wattage of DC motor.

Ionic conditioning, concentrator, diffuser attachment, and various heat and speed settings. See? What they offer extra at least from their other regular hair dryers? Considering this whole packaging of features and pricing, we are forbidding this dryer to buy.


From this whole article, you see that Remington brand is very much dedicated to manufacturing hair dryers. They try to satisfy people with their hair dryers by providing every helpful feature or technology they can include. They have made some dryers which are good for every type of hair. This is we can call economic as well.

On the other hand, they have made hair dryers especially for fine and curly hair as well by proving special technologies, materials that are suitable for that particular hair type. They have made travel hair dryers also. So they have actually given every group of people many choices. People can simply pick any dryers of Remington according to their hair types, and requirements without any difficulty.


  • 1. Remington D3190 Hair Dryer (D3190D)
  • 2. Remington “Thermaluxe” Hair Dryer (AC9140A)
  • 3. Remington Pro Hair Dryer (AC2015)
  • 4. Remington Titanium Hair Dryer (D5951)
  • 5. Remington Compact Size Travel Hair Dryer (D5000)

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