Volumizing Blowouts – How To Pump Up The Volume Of Your Hair

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Who doesn’t want a fabulous carefree volume and movement in their hair? Don’t you want, too? All those shiny bouncy volumes add confidence to how you look, how you talk, how you walk and how you flaunt your style. Most of the girls will agree to this! Right? So, will you. And the prettifying volume of hair works for every girl around this world. It’s so much flattering for everyone around all of the countries!

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However, getting the flattering pumped up volume needs some work. You need to use the right products in the right techniques to get that desired volume! So, in this article, I’m going to share with you the right products, right techniques, myths, and a detailed voluminous hair tutorial. Read on!

Products to boost the volume of your hair

Mousse or root lifting spray

Girl using root lifting spray

These products can give you the volume that you always dream of! Mousses and root lifter sprays have bodybuilding formulas, that instantly thicken your hair and add volume. It doesn’t add any sticky feeling to the hair at all. That means, it makes it easier to flaunt the fake boosted up the volume all day long.

Apply the boosters in the roots of your hair and use your fingers to work them out to your strands. Another thing to remember is that you need to look for alcohol-free boosters. Because the alcohol-free boosters are heat activated and thus you will not need unnecessary heat to apply.

Round brush

Round hair brush

Round brushes are a must if you want a mega boost of volume in your hair.

MYTH – Some people think their hair might get winded up along the round brush. However, this is not true. Since the round brush, you are using is to keep the tension on your strands by gliding on. You are not going to try to detangle your hair with that brush.

TIPS – Keep round brushes of two diameters. One small and one big. The small ones for the hair strands that are the closest to your scalp and the bigger ones for the length of your hair strands.

The right blow dryer

Blow drying - V2 July

Always look for a blow dryer with the mentioned characteristics to increase volume: contains turbo motor, facility of a cold shot button, dual voltage dryer. A turbo motor is the most important one here. Why? Because the turbo motor helps to dry faster. It also minimizes damage to the hair. It doesn’t require more than 1800watts. The budget for these dryers might be a bit higher than the regular ones. However, the payoff will be worth it!

TIPS – Do not forget to use the nozzle that comes with your hair dryer! That is a magical equipment that can make your volumizing process smoother with added benefits!

Some quick techniques to boost up the volume

Divide the hair into sections

Hair Sections

After the shower, pat dry your hair. Get all the excess water out of your hair. Afterward, divide all your hair into four or five sections. The advantage is that you will be able to work out the sections individually while blow drying, and it will not create a mess!

TIPS – Remember to use a microfiber towel to pat dry. You can twist your sectioned hair and clip them on their respective sides!

Protect your hair with heat protectants

After sectioning, use high-quality heat protectants. And the smart technique is to apply the heat protectant in each sectioned hair separately. Spread the product evenly in each section.

TIPS – Use alcohol-free heat protectants.

Lift up your hair

Use mousses or lifter sprays to each section of your hair. Focus on the roots. This is the most important technique of all.

Lay your hair in the opposite direction

If you usually part your hair on the right side, this time, do it on the left side. That is, lay your hair on the opposite direction of what it lays usually. This technique surprisingly adds volume when blow drying!

Blow dry

Blow drying hair with nozzle

After the mentioned things are done, just blow dry your hair with the nozzle attached, obviously!

Use the cool shot button

Well, this is very important! Utilize the cool shot button in your hair dryer to seal the frizz-free voluminous style.

Hair Spray

Yes, lock your volume with a hairspray.

These are some small technical procedures for the boosted up volume. However, I am sharing a hair tutorial for flattering voluminous hair below:

Flattering voluminous hair

STEP 1 – Part your hair as mentioned in the technique above.

STEP 2 – Use root lifters in the roots to add volume to your hair. This step will lift up the roots of your hair and will make the hair appear thicker.

STEP 3 – Blow-dry your hair upwards. The upward direction will add volume to your hair. This will actually result in a MEGA volume!

STEP 4 – Use Velcro rollers! This equipment is so amazing in adding volumes. Get some medium sized Velcro rollers and roll your hair onto those starting from the tip of your hair. And yes, take equal sections. Secure the rollers with a clip or a pin.

STEP 5 – Run the dryer all over the hair slightly and let the hair cool down.

STEP 6 – After the hair is dry, sprit some hairspray on the rolled hair. Let the rollers stay for ten more minutes and let the hairspray set the hair. Then, remove the rollers.

STEP 7 – After removing the rollers, sprit some more hairspray and finger style your hair. To add some more volume, you can slightly blow dry in opposite direction and then put the hairspray.

And that’s the end of the process. You will get a glorious volume in your hair to flaunt your style!


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