How to Increase Volume of Your Fine Hair

Featured Image Of Easy Steps to Increase Volume of Your Fine Hair
When was the last time you started the day without worrying about the fine hair lying flat on your head? Those who have fine hair they struggle to find easy yet affordable ways to put an extra volume to it because ‘we got to look presentable throughout the whole day’. In this article, I am going to talk about the easy and affordable process in 6 steps, by which you can get desirable voluminous hair that will make you gorgeous more than you can think of!

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In order to get voluminous hair, we can use various products that are easy-to-get in the supermarkets; and those are called beauty products. Let’s discuss the most common method step by step that is preferred by people of all ages-the easy one!

1. Wash your hair

hair washing
For this process to work, we need to make sure that our hair is clean; for that, we need to wash it pretty well. Using right kind of shampoo can be an option. For example, if you have a dry scalp you need a shampoo that moisturizes your hair. Picking up the right shampoo is a must.

2. Dry it gently

hair drying with towel
After washing comes the drying of our hair. Our hair should be dabbed gently with a thin piece of cloth to avoid damaging hair follicles. Dry it around 40%. It usually takes 3 to 4 minutes if you have long hair.

3. Apply moisturizer

moisturizing hair
Although moisturizers act as a buffer to heat, it is better if you blow-dry your hair only about 80%. To dial down the heat of blow dryers or curling iron, apply moisturizers to your hair. Popular after-bath hair moisturizer is L’Oreal Paris Hair Spa Smoothing Cream Bath, but you can also use Himalaya anti-dandruff hair-cream or Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack.

4. Choose the perfect comb

using bristle hair brush
Then we need to comb our hair. Spornette Porcupine Hair-Brush is known as ideal for delicate fine hair. Any round bristle brushes can be used too. Curls add more volume to hair. So, you can use a curling iron or use a round bristle brush with your favorite hair-dryer to give you nice and fluffy curls.

5. Blow-dry with hair-dryer

Blow-drying with hair-dryer
First of all, make several sections of hair and taking each section, start applying high heat for the first couple of minutes. Run down the comb through it as you blow dry. Hair dryers with multiple heat and speed settings are very beneficial since it has a wide range of power and speed. High power assures drying of hair more quickly. Since you have fine hair, excessive heat can damage it. For that, make sure your hair dryer has ION Technology. In this technology, the negative ions of metal like tourmaline affiliate with water droplets of hair and diffuse quickly, which means, hair dries quicker than usual and allows the hair to be shinier and frizz-free. When the hair has dried almost about 70%, turn on the cold-shot button. This mode reduces the temperature of the hairdryer and prevents the hair from getting damaged due to heat. Moreover, it gives a final touch to the hairstyle to make it stay volumized longer. You can use hair dryers like Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning, which is highly recommended.

6. Apply hair-sprayer

Using hair spray
Now, in order to set the hair for a longer period, you should apply hair-sprayers like Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray. It is recommended as it is gentler but you can use any other hair sprayer you want.

Voila! You got your fluffy, shiny and voluminous hair in no time.

Although many people do it or even suggest it, but do not tease or back-brush your hair as it destroys the hair follicles. We love our hair and we want to make it look gorgeous but we don’t want to damage it during the process. Last but not the least, healthy diet and medical check-ups are very important than any of the above. Take good care of your hair and nourish it from time to time, because it is an important asset of our personalities.