Toddler Hair Styling Products

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As we need our grooming and stuff, so do our babies. The toddlers, the babies who’ve just started to cross their babyhood, need styling products for their hair too. Many people would say that you shouldn’t use any products on a child’s hair. Nevertheless, when you start dealing with a toddler’s hair, you find out how much they also need them as we do!

Don’t be confused with the term ‘styling products.’ We aren’t talking about products that we use on a grownup’s hair. There’re plenty of child-safe products which contain mostly natural and organic ingredients so that our kids stay harmless.

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Like us, babies also have different hair types such as straight, wavy, etc.  In the same way, they have thin and thick hair. As different children would have different hair types, you’ve to understand your kid’s hair type first. Only then, you can choose the best products for them.

Understanding a toddler’s hair type

Based on the appearance, you can classify a toddler’s hair type in 4 segments. They are-

Toddler hair type

Curly, Straight, Wavy & Kinky Hair

  • Curly- Large, loose curls
  • Straight- No waves, no kinks
  • Wavy- Big, loose waves, not curling up
  • Kinky- coiled and dense curls

Based on the hair density, you have three types-

  • Thin- Hair density is less than usual
  • Medium- Adequate hair density
  • Thick- Dense hair

Based on the texture/diameter of the strands-

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

Based on the condition of the scalp-

  • Dry- Scalp tends to dry up easily
  • Oily- Scalp tends to get oily quickly, maybe after a day of washing

So, these are the types of hair for toddlers as well as adults. Based on the hair type, the products you should use would vary.

Hair Styling Products for Toddlers

While an adult’s hair styling products include a whole bunch of different things, a toddler will need only a few things. You’ll need oil, shampoo, and conditioners to keep hair clean and healthy. There’re gels, tamers, leave-in conditioners, detanglers, brushes, hair bands, clips, and clutches to hold the hair and the styles.

Oil, shampoos, and conditioners

Toddler shampooing

We will discuss these products briefly as they aren’t technically anything for styling the hair. These things will only moisturize and clean the kid’s hair.

You can use any natural oil which suits the baby’s scalp once a week to keep the hair moisturized and hydrated. Many people like to apply shampoo the child’s hair almost every day, but it shouldn’t be so. You should use shampoo only when there’s a necessity for that meaning the scalp gets dirty.

Using a mild conditioner twice a month is enough for a toddler. While choosing shampoo and conditioners, always check the ingredients as a child can be allergic to anything! The same goes for natural oils too. Some nut oils and essential oils contain ingredients that can cause allergies.

Search for ‘no-tear’ formula based shampoo and conditioners so that our kids stay safe even if they get into the eyes. You’ve got many options, but you can check out Johnson’s baby products as they have many of them.

Detangler gels, sprays, balms, and creams

Using spray in toddler hair

A toddler’s tangled hair is the most challenging situation to deal with. As their hair starts to grow long, they start getting more tangled than before. In this case, you can either take a comb or use detangler products.

You’ll find lots of gels, balms, sprays, and creams for detangling a baby’s hair. These products loosen the knots and help you comb through the hair without hurting the baby’s scalp. ‘Johnson’ has detangling shampoos and conditioners. ‘Dream Kids’ and ‘Suave Kids’ have amazing detangling sprays which makes the tangling part trouble-free for you.

Frizz tamers

Toddler frizz hair

Frizzed hair is unexpected for adults as well as for toddlers. To keep frizzy hair at bay, you can use frizz tamers on the child’s hair. Don’t worry as most of the baby hair products are made of fruit extracts. You’ll find many leave-in conditioners and tamers for toddlers in the drugstores. ‘Mixed Chicks’ has some outstanding products for minimizing frizz of a toddler’s hair.

Curl smoothers

Smoothing toddler curly hair

If your baby has kinky or naturally curly hair, you might want to try a curl calmer to make those beautiful curls look defined. These smoothers come in the form of gels, balms, or sprays. Apply it on the kid’s hair, brush the hair, and discover it yourself that those coiled up curls can look so wonderful! ‘Just for me’ has some of the best curl calmer products for children.

Rubber bands

Toddler hairstyles with rubber bands

If you’re dealing with your baby girl’s hair, rubber bands are one of the most important things that you’ll always need. Braids, ponytails and many more hairstyles require rubber bands.

Bobby pins and clips

Toddler hair clips

Here comes the thing that you and your kid need constantly! Bobby pins are charms but easy to get lost! So, store loads of bobby pins as you’ll need them often while styling your baby’s hair. These clips hold the hairstyles perfectly.

Detangling brushes and combs

Combing toddler hair

Another tool for detangling as tangled hair tends to haunt us all the time! Detangling isn’t much of a task if you use a fantastic detangling brush. You should use combs and brushes with soft bristles when getting rid of the tangles of a toddler’s hair. Otherwise, they might get hurt on the scalp.

‘Glide Thru,’ and ‘Bombex’ have excellent detangler brushes for both adults and kids. These brushes are appropriate for all types of hair.

Herbal hairsprays

After giving your kid a hairstyle, you’ll want to secure it using a hairspray the same way we do for ourselves. Stay relaxed as there’re plenty of herbal hair sprays for toddlers. They’ll make your baby’s hair stay calm and not fly away when they get outside.

Child safe hair dryer

Toddler hair drying

Among all the other heating tools, only this one is suitable for babies. Not every model, but most models of today are child-safe. Still, you shouldn’t use it on a regular basis.

Before buying a hairdryer, check if it’s kid-friendly or not. A child-friendly hairdryer can be used to dry a toddler’s hair. Remember to turn it to low-temperature setting and hold it a little far away from the kid’s head.

Most of the renowned brands such as Conair, Philips, Remington, Revlon, and BaBylissPro’s hair dryers are kid-friendly. There’s Disney, Minnie mouse themed hair dryers too for toddlers which feature low wattages (800-1000 watts). All these are child-safe; still, you should stay careful while using electronic tools for styling a kid’s hair.

An interesting thing about a hairdryer is that even if you don’t use it to dry and style your baby’s hair, you can use its sound to calm baby. A hairdryer’s noise is often regarded as white noise as they work out to be soothing and relaxing. So, you might as well be able to get your kid to sleep while drying its hair.

Baby curlers

Toddler hair curlers

Many parents like to experiment with their kids’ hair and try new hairstyles. If those experiments bring you to curling the toddler’s naturally straight hair, you don’t have anything to worry. No, I’m not telling you to use curling irons on your baby’s hair. I’m talking about the silicon, or sponge, or, plastic hair rollers. You can use them without any fear.

These roller sticks aren’t harmful at all. If your kid has straight hair and you’d like to bring some variations on some occasions, you can use those hair rollers to get the desired look. However, don’t use curling irons on a baby’s hair.


So, this was all about the products we need to style a toddler’s hair. Have a 1 to 3 years old kid in your household? Has its hair started bothering you already? Well, that’s not a problem anymore as I’ve presented here almost everything that you needed! You can thank me later!