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We have spent more than 150 hours in researching and interviewing moms before determining the best hair dryer for toddlers based upon their safety precautions, technology, and material used, heat, speed, their quietness level and how well they perform on young kids. We have compared more than a few market-leading hairdryers for toddlers and decided that none could beat the performance of the BERTA 1000 Watts Ceramic Ionic Mini Hair Dryer; this hair tool is small, affordable and promises to deliver phenomenal results.

Short summary


BERTA 1000 Watts Ceramic Ionic Mini Hair Dryer

Very Much Quite Operation & Child Safe Hair Dryer

BERTA 1000W Ceramic Ionic Mini Hair Dryer

This 1000 watts BERTA mini hair dryer comes with a ceramic construction and uses ionic technology to dry toddlers hairs safely. The 2 temperature settings with a cool shot button enable you to dry your baby’s hair with a mild yet steady air blow. With an ETL Certificate and double removable filter with safety net attached, this hair drying tool is one of the safest hair dryers to use on your toddler.
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VAV 1000 Watts Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer

Second in the list

VAV 1000W Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer

Do not be fooled by its super compact size; this VAV children’s hair dryer incorporates a 1000 watt DC motor which is incredibly powerful yet operates very gently producing very much low noise and very strong air force to dry your baby’s hair super quickly. VAV constructed this hair tool using ceramic material and incorporated an ionic technology that evenly spreads out mild heat throughout the hair locks to dry them carefully without causing any heat damage to your baby’s scalp and hairs.
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Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler/Hair Dryer

Mini Hair Dryer & Dries Hair Very Quickly

Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler/Hair Dryer

This ETL Certified Conair MiniPRO hair dryer uses energy from infrared emission to dry babies’ hair very quickly yet securely. Its tourmaline ceramic construction combined with the ionic technology releases negative ions to your baby’s hair locks for super gentle and smooth drying process without causing any harm or casualty. Moreover, this hair tool comes with a dual voltage feature which makes it the perfect hairdryer to use Worldwide.
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Who are toddlers?

In the USA, we define toddlers as a child who has just learned how to walk or transport themselves in an upright position; in simple words, toddlers are kids aged from 12 to 36 months who are in the waddling stage between creeping and true walking.

This is the age when children tend to be more active and therefore gets very dirty within a very short span of time from playing or crawling. Hence regular bathing is quite essential to keep your baby clean as well as healthy. You can also set up a nighttime bath routine for a more relaxing and calming bedtime routine for your baby.

With all these bathing, your kid’s hair gets wet which needs to be dried perfectly; you can either air dry or use a hair dryer to blow dry your toddler’s delicate hair locks. Let’s understand in details the differences between air dry and blow dry and which method should be used on a toddler’s hair:

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Difference between air-dry and blow dry? Which is better?

Air-dryBlow Dry
In general, air drying kids hairs require a lot of timeBabies lose heat quickly -- especially through their heads; to cut down drying time, blow drying your babies hair with a hairdryer is the perfect solution.
Blow drying is super quick as well as extremely convenient
Leaving kids hairs for air drying exposes the hair locks to prolonged wetness weakens hair roots and might result in hair loss and bald patches in your baby’s headHair dryers with advanced technologies dry hair safely without causing any hair loss due to wetness
Air drying is a safe option compared to blow drying your toddler's hairs with an electrical deviceBlow drying your baby’s hair with a hairdryer is also safe only when you use a cool, warm or low-temperature setting; high heat would be harmful to their delicate skin and might rarely burn the skin or hairs
Many toddlers have long hair; when such long hairs are left to air dry, they become easily tangled and knotted which will take a long time and patience for you to detangleEven though hairstyle and looks don’t matter in case of children, but we still want to mention that blow drying your baby’s hairs results in fluffy, shinier locks. You can see some natural hairstyles for babies here.

Air dry or Blow dry? What would suit your baby better?

Taking into account the references from the above table, on any given day we would suggest you blow dry your toddler’s hairs using a hair dryer machine than leaving them to air dry naturally.

We have favored blow drying over air drying because the warm air from the hair dryer actually dries hair super-fast and is good for the hair’s health and your baby’s wellness.

Now as we have suggested that blow drying kids hair with a hairdryer is the best option, let’s find out the if we can use the same hair dryer machine on kids that we use for our adult hair; if not, then what are the differences between hair dryer for toddlers and a hair dryer for adults:

In simple, straightforward words, we should not use an adults’ hair dryer to dry our baby’s hair as kids’ hairs and skin are much more delicate and sensitive than matured skin and hair locks and there are more than a few basic differences between the features and built quality of kids’ hairdryer and adult’s hair dryer machine:

Difference between hairdryer for toddlers and hairdryer for adults

PropertiesHairdryer for toddlersHairdryer for adults
MaterialKids hair dryers are mostly constructed using ceramic or tourmaline ceramic because:
  • These materials produce gentler heat which is not excessive for kids’ sensitive hairs and skin.
  • Ceramic or tourmaline ceramic spreads out heat evenly which prevents the dryer to overheat any specific spot; more specifically, these materials don’t burn your baby’s delicate skin.
But it is always to keep in mind that titanium constructed hair dryers are a big “NO NO” for kids.
Aside from ceramic and tourmaline, adults’ hair dryers are also constructed from titanium for faster drying results. Titanium heats up super quickly and blows intensely hot air to the hair locks to dry them off quickly.

Titanium also controls frizz better and provides a smoother and silkier hair texture. However, we don’t need styling functions for our kids’ hair and therefore, it is not used in hairdryer meant for babies.
Motor powerHigher wattage motor tends to blow more air at once which is not tolerable for a toddler’s hair. Kids’ hair dryer comes with low wattage motor of maximum 1200 watts that blows adequate amount of air to dry babies’ hair safely and comfortably.An adult’s hair dryer machine comes with at least an 1875 watt motor which is considered as the standard moto power for any adult hair drying tool. Higher wattage provides more power to the dryer and ensures faster drying results.
Safety MeasureHair dryers meant for kids are ETL certified and generally comes with safety net covers at the front to provide maximum safety measures:
  • An ETL Certificate is proof that the dryer machine is in compliance with the North American safety standards and has passed all the safety measures required by the US government.
  • The safety net cover at the front lets the heat out conveniently but at the same time keeps away babies’ hairs from getting sucked in.
Although adult’s hair drying machines come with other safety precautions, the ETL Certification and safety net covers are not very common in these hairdryers.
Quietness levelHair drying machines that are meant for babies must be quiet or at least produce a very minimal amount of sound that doesn’t hurt their delicate ears. Long exposure to hair dryer noise can cause severe damage to the ear and hence result in serious hearing problems.Most of the hair dryers meant for adult use operates at around 85 dB which is quite loud. Even though mature ears are not as sensitive as kids’ ears, it’s still advisable to use a quieter hair drying machine for better listening capabilities.

Why toddlers need hair dryers?

There are several reasons why parents think that using a hairdryer is the best option to dry their baby’s hair locks:

  • In the case of babies and toddlers, having a wet scalp and damp hairs might cause fever, cold and other sicknesses, especially in winter time.
  • Sleeping with wet hair or having wet scalp for long period of time might result in fungus buildup on baby’s delicate scalp and can lead to fungal infection, flaky skin and many other skin irritation; all these skin infections and irritations can cause permanent baldness for your precious little baby.
To deal with the problems associated with baby's wet hairs and scalp, you need a hair drying tool that incorporates ionic technology and/or infrared emission.
  • An ionic generator in a hair dryer release at least 50% more negative ions in your toddler’s hair locks that breaks down water droplets quickly and efficiently to cut down drying time for super fast drying results. Moreover, these ions also locks in moisture to deliver healthier scalp and hairs.Infrared emission is the most gentle type of heat energy that warms up each hair strands from inside out very gently yet super quickly; you can dry your baby’s hair locks within minutes without causing any heat damage to the hairs as well as the skin.

    To add more, the energy from infrared emission uses moisturizing heat rather than direct high heat to preserve the moisture and rejuvenate your baby’s scalp and hairs.

    Infrared energy also increases blood flow in the scalp of your baby to stimulate new hair growth.
Hair drying is often a relaxing and a comfortable experience for toddlers; a head full of dried, fluffy hairs helps them to sleep really well.Use a low or cool temperature setting to dry baby’s hairs safely without causing any burn or harm.
  • A low-temperature setting blows breezy airs to your toddler’s hair locks to dry them gently yet quickly.
  • The cool settings releases calming cold airs to the hair locks to dry them softly, but this setting doesn’t offer a quick drying process as the low settings.
Also, for a more safe and pleasant drying experience for your kid, hold the dryer at least 15cm away from their hair as a child’s skin and scalp are super sensitive to heat and might suffer badly when exposed to high temperature.

Must-Have Features

If you decide to buy a hairdryer for your toddler, then we would suggest you select a hairdryer that:

  • Can dry your baby’s hair with utmost care and safety
  • Is constructed from ceramic or tourmaline for even distribution of mild heat throughout your baby’s hair locks
  • Must incorporate an ionic generator and infrared technology
  • Has a moderately powered motor of not more than 1200 watts
  • Must have a low heat setting to safely dry hairs without any heat damage
  • Is quiet or produces a very low amount of noise while you are using it
  • Comes with safety measures like ETL Certificate and safety net layering

Let’s compare between some of the best hairdryers for toddlers available in the market

FeaturesBERTA 1000 Watts Ceramic Ionic Mini Hair DryerVAV 1000 Watts Ceramic Mini Hair Dryers for ChildrenConair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler/Hair DryerDeogra 1000W Foldable Kids Hair DryerBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer
Technology: Ionic/ infrared emissionIonicIonicIonic and Infrared emissionNoNano-ionic technology
Materials: Ceramic/ ceramic tourmaline/ tourmalineCeramicCeramicTourmaline CeramicNoNano Titanium
Motor power: maximum 1200 watts1000 Watts1000 Watts1200 Watts1000 Watts1000 Watts
Temperature settings: warm, low or cool settings; high heat would be harmful to their delicate skinhigh, low and cool shot buttonHigh, low and cool shot buttonHigh and lowHigh and lowHigh and low
Quietness level: Quite or makes very low noise (maximum 80 decibels)Quiet operation
(not more than 75 decibels at top speed)
Low noise
(around 75 to 80 decibels at maximum speed)
Quiet operation
(maximum 75 decibels at top speed)
Quite a loud operation
(more than 80 decibels)
Loud operation
(around 85 decibels)
Safety measures: Safety net in the rear, ETL certificationDouble removable filter with a safety net and ETL certifiedDouble layer safety netETL certifiedETL certifiedNone
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Reason for not choosing

Not recommended hair dryer for toddlers

Deogra 1000W Foldable & BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

Deogra 1000W Foldable Kids Hair Dryer

Even though is Deogra 1000W Foldable Kids Hair Dryer is one amazing hair drying tool for kids, we still couldn’t include it in our list of “Best hair dryer for toddlers” because:

  • This hot air brush comes with neither an ionic technology nor an infrared emission for a safe and quick drying process.
  • Deogra didn’t use ceramic, tourmaline or tourmaline ceramic in the construction process of this dryer which is a “must have” feature for kid’s hair drying tools.
  • It doesn’t operate as quietly as its competitors.
  • This hair dryer is recommended for kids above 4 years and thus it is not the best hair drying tool for toddlers.


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

This BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer is one affordable hair dryer with more than a few amazing features. But we didn’t think that hairdryer would be the best choice for toddlers’ hairs because of the followings:

  • BaByliss constructed this hair drying using titanium material which gets hot quickly and might burn kids’ fragile hair and skin.
  • It has a very loud operation which is not at all acceptable in a hair dryer for babies.
  • This hair dryer neither has a safety net at the rear nor does it come with an ETL Certificate which is really important to determine the safety measures of a dryer machine meant for babies.

Top 3 Child-friendly Hair Dryers

1. BERTA 1000 Watts Ceramic Ionic Mini Hair Dryer – Winner

BERTA 1000W Ceramic Ionic Mini Hair Dryer - V1 October

This mini hair drying machine from BERTA topped our list of “Best hairdryer for toddlers” because it comes with all the must-have features that we look for when buying a hair drying machine for our babies; it is safe, convenient and has a super affordable price tag.

Aside from the “must have” features, this BERTA mini hairdryer also comes with more than a few extremely incredible qualities that would surely amaze you.

Some additional features

  • At about 12 ounce of weight and 8 x 2 x 5 inches of dimensions, this BERTA mini hair dryer is extremely lightweight and compact and therefore, can be easily carried around with you anytime and anywhere
  • The low wind setting blows air mildly making it perfect to dry babies hairs; this dryer is suitable for types of baby hairs
  • Comes with a removable filter to initiate timely cleanup; regular cleaning ensures no parasite built-up and also boosts the machines life expectancy
  • The high torque DC motor incorporated in this hairdryer is extremely powerful yet super gentle as well as lightweight
  • This hair drying tool comes with an ALCI US Safety Plug that disables the dryer in case of any accidents and ensures the device’s utmost safety
  • The inner column design that this mini dryer feature helps to avert any damage to the internal parts
  • Comes with a 1.8m swivel cord for ease of use and ease of storage
  • This dryer is backed up by one-year replacement and two years of warranty period

BERTA 1000 Watts Ceramic Ionic Mini Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. VAV 1000 Watts Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer – Runner-Up

VAV 1000W Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer - V1 October

This VAV Ceramic hairdryer graced the second position in our list as it doesn’t come with an ETL certificate and is not as quiet as the BERTA mini hairdryer. Even though this hairdryer for kids doesn’t offer a super quiet operation, it is still safe for baby’s ears as it functions at a very low noise level.

Some additional features

  • This VAV kid’s hairdryer is extremely lightweight and incredibly compact in size that it fits in the palm of your hand perfectly; its size makes it super easy to carry around with you all the time
  • This drying machine comes with a powerful, long-life DC motor to ensure great performance as well as extended durability
  • The filter included in the dryer can be easily removed whenever needed for easy cleanup
  • The ergonomically designed rubber handle of this mini hairdryer ensures a firm non-slip grip
  • The 1.8m long swivel salon cord comes with a hanging loop attached to it for an easy storage facility
  • VAV offers a very budget-friendly price tag for this mini hairdryer
  • Comes with a two year warranty period to assure longevity and customer service

VAV 1000 Watts Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer – Check Price On Amazon

3. Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler/Hair Dryer – 2nd Runner Up

Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler/Hair Dryer - V1 October

This Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic hairdryer couldn’t score the top 2 positions as it doesn’t come with a safety net for better safety measures and also doesn’t have a cool shot button alongside its 2 temperature settings. But, the absence of these features couldn’t suppress the fact that this MiniPRO hairdryer is an amazing tool to dry kids’ hairs safely and also has some other incredible features.

Some additional features

  • This hairdryer is small, beautiful and comes in an alluring pink color
  • It is extremely lightweight and hence super comfortable to hold for even a longer period of time
  • Not just for your baby, you too can use this MiniPRO for a stunning blow dry
  • The dual voltage feature enables you to use this hairdryer even outside the USA
  • The user manual provides adequate straight-forward instructions to ensure that the user has a hassle-free experience
  • Works fine even on natural 4c hair types
  • Comes with a chic free pouch for easy, convenient storage
  • This dryer provides the best value of the money spent
  • Conair provides 2 years of limited warranty to its customer

Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler/Hair Dryer – Check Price On Amazon

Some useful tips

It’s totally fine if you don’t want to use a hair dryer on your baby’s hairs for a long period of time. To cut down drying time by several notches, you can first towel dry your baby’s hairs using a microfiber towel; a microfiber towel has more surface area that absorbs water from the scalp and hairs rather quickly for faster drying. Since this towel dries hair super-fast, your baby’s hair requires less drying time and hence, is less exposed to heat.

You can use the Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel for your precious baby; at 20X40 inches, this towel is large enough to cover the whole body of your toddler.


All the hair drying machines that we have discussed and recommended above are amazing at full-filling their job of drying out toddlers’ hairs cautiously and harmlessly. Each of these hair tools offers and deliver more than they have promised and takes maximum care of your baby’s hairs and scalp for healthier looking locks.


  • 1. Berta 1000 Watts Ceramic Ionic Mini Hair Dryer
  • 2. Vav 1000 Watts Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer
  • 3. Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler/Hair Dryer

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