Turn Your Thick Coarse Hair Soft And Silky

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Coarse hair is a very unique hair texture that can be identified as a thick hair shaft and has the largest circumference compared to any other hair textures. This type of hair seems to be very thicker and stronger and feels very uncomfortable and lackluster on the head.

Additionally, coarse hair strands are also very uncooperative and look super dull, and therefore, you might find them unmanageable and hard to style. To treat your thick coarse hair easily and conveniently you just have to know the right tricks and techniques, and here I have all the tricks and tips you need to know in order to efficiently turn frizzy dull hair into super healthy and lustrous locks.

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But before going any further, let’s find out what actually causes hair to be coarse?

There are several different reasons that might turn your hair coarse. The most common of them is using hair care products that don’t suit your hair type, for a relatively long period of time. Also, many of us tend to perform rebounding, straightening and smoothing treatments on our healthy hair locks to look pretty. The hairs might look gorgeous for a limited time period but in the long run, these treatments have a damaging effect on hair strands because these are chemical procedures and have severe adverse effects on hair and leave them to be coarse and unhealthy.

Furthermore, other factors like hormonal changes, weather conditions, hereditary history, and medical conditions might cause hair to become coarse and unmanageable.

How to treat and tame coarse hair?

Moisture and nourishment alone cannot effectively treat your coarse hair strands; you need to follow a combination of techniques and routines to achieve the soft and silky locks that you have always dreamt of.

Without any further ado, let discuss some quick tips and tricks to make your coarse hair soft, shiny and super silky:

Get regular haircuts

Girl cutting hair

Chopping off the dry, coarse ends of your hair would keep rest of the hair locks lighter, smoother and lustrously softer. Coarse hair mostly happens because of dry, rough split ends, and maintaining a regular hair trimming session would make a huge difference in the way your tresses look and the way you feel about your hair.

To follow this trick, it’s not necessary that you have to cut down a lot of your hair every time you visit the hairdresser; just trim the split ends and you are good to go.

Wash your hair weekly, instead of daily

Woman washing hair

It’s a misconception that we need to wash our hair on daily basis; washing hair every day with soap or shampoo makes your precious locks rough, dry and frizzy. In order to keep hair healthy shiny and soft,  it’s really important that you let your hair receive the deep conditioning of sebum and consume all the natural oils the scalp release that makes hair strands extremely strong yet super smooth.

Shampooing hair every day also washes off these scalp nourishing oils, making hair rough and coarse. The absence of oils also makes the scalp flaky and results in dandruff. Therefore, to maintain a healthy scalp and beautiful hairs, try to maintain a weekly wash routine that suits your hair type instead of using shampoos every single day.

Try co-washing

If it’s really important to wash your hair more often, then you can try a co-washing routine where you only use a conditioner to rinse off any dirt and debris from your hair without affecting the moisture and pH level of the scalp. This is a really effective way to successfully clean your hair and scalp.

Oil, oil, and oil your hair

Woman using hair oil

Nothing can beat the nourishment and moisturization your hair receives from a good, relaxing oil massage. Try to oil your hair once or twice a week to heal broken hair follicles and tame unmanageable frizzy hair.

Oil penetrates the scalp and nourishes the hair from the inside (deep conditioning) so that you can enjoy more silky, shiny and healthiest of hair locks.

It’s not always necessary that you have to use different specialized oils on your hair; a simple coconut oil massage does the trick perfectly.

Use Hair products meant for coarse hair

Many of us tend to use products that worked great for others but don’t suit our own hair type or texture; this is a huge No-No. Buy hair care items that suit your hair type and texture. Using the wrong products often makes your otherwise healthy hair strands frizzy and dull, and this might result in coarse hair texture.

Furthermore, if you already have coarse hair, it is better for you to choose products specifically meant for this type of hair texture because there is a high chance that you might end up having severely damaged hair using the wrong shampoos and conditioners.

Try natural hair masks and remedies

Natural hair masks

Nothing can manage your coarse hair better than natural hair masks and treatments. Apply a suitable mask made from all natural ingredients once or twice a week to receive healthy, strong hair locks.

You can use fruits and vegetables and other necessary items from your freezer to make amazing hair masks, other than buying expensive ones from the market, that could help you to manage your coarse hair stands in minutes.

Comb and detangle your hair regularly

Woman combing hair

Combing regularly influences blood circulation in the scalp. Increased blood circulation ensures that you have strong and healthy hair from the root. Combing also makes sure that each hair strand is detangled carefully and there is less chance of hair breakage.

Adopt a silk pillow to sleep on

Woman sleeping on a silk pillow

Try to use a soft silk pillowcase to sleep on. That’s because cotton pillow covers tend to soak the oil and moistures from your hair, making your precious locks dry and coarse. Whereas, a silk pillow cover helps you scalp to retain the nourishment leaving your hair silky and shiny in the morning.

Moreover, instead of swapping pillowcases, you can also fully wrap your beautiful tresses in a silk scarf before going to bed to maintain hairs shine and smoothness.

Try to stay away from hair dye

It’s better that you keep your distance from hair dyes to protect your hair locks from further coarse. Most of the dyes available in the market contain harmful chemicals that can damage your already fray hair strands. Moreover, it is also advised to avoid other styling products like blow-dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners that have the potential to cause damage to your hair strands.

If you are a busy person and need a blow dryer, then use a high wattage hair dryer for thick hair. This feature will help to dry thick hair faster.

Consult a professional

To successfully deal with your coarse hair strands, consult professional help if you have the means and convenience to do so. The right person can help you with the right solutions and medicines that would help you to manage the ever unmanageable and dull hair locks.

Also, a professional hair consultant knows and can provide several advanced hair treatments using the latest machinery to get rid of coarse locks effectively and unlock healthy, shiny hair underneath.

All these tips and tricks should help you to successfully turn your coarse hairs into beautiful, manageable tresses without much effort. Try them immediately and enjoy the hair locks that everyone envies.


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