How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker and Fuller

Featured Image Of Some Steps to Make Your Hair Look Thicker And Fuller Instantly

Long and thick hair is perfect to make you look like the hottest girl around. Big hair is sexy as always. It needs no saying! And the best part of big and voluminous hair-look? Well, it’s very easy to pull off. It looks good on everyone. Even if you are a thin-haired girl, you can easily make your hair look thick and full by following some simple steps and some simple regular use styling tools! Awesome, right? It just requires a few steps and voila! You can achieve the full and luscious hair with almost zero effort. The fun thing is that you do not need fake hair extensions to look like a diva. Just a few easy steps and you are done!

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A little lift and tease can get you the hair you always had wanted or you ever had dreamt of! Each and every girl is a fan of the big sexy hair. Can you deny? I bet no. Big hair can make you look confident and attractive. The perfect hairdo can make your entire look reach a completely new level of beauty. You might be wondering and you might also be curious to know the steps to get a thicker hair look, right? No worries! Below are the 5 steps that can instantly make you ready to go for a red carpet!

Step 1 – Apply volumizing mousse

Women using volumizing mousse

From root to tip, apply volumizing mousse, of course of a very good quality. If you want to get perfectly full hair, this step is a must. Start with warming up the mousse in your hands by rubbing the product between your hands. This step is required to prevent the crunchy texture of the mousse. Then apply the mousse from roots to tips of your hair. Afterward, comb through your hair to spread the product evenly in your hair.

Step 2 – Choose your hairbrush wisely

Women using paddle brush

Ventilated, ceramic, heat resistant – look for these words while you buy your hairbrush. Why? Well, hair brushes with these characteristics will go hand in hand with your hair dryer. If you are a styling freak, you must be using blow dryers very often. So, for that, you must choose hair brushes accordingly.

Again, if you want a high volume hair, please opt for a round brush. Paddle brushes will not help you much to get a proper volume, so ignore it. Go for a paddle brush. It will give you a good amount of volume. Also, you get notice great bounce in your hair with round brushes.

Step 3 – Blow dry your hair in a proper way

Women using hair dryer

Using a hair dryer properly might be the biggest game changes in adding volume to your thick hair. I am teaching you the proper technique below. Follow it!

Firstly, flip your head. And then, dry your root first. It should have a random motion. This is a very good technique to lift your hair. After that, finish the process by brushing with a round brush and blow drying. You just need to keep your hair dryer moving along with your round brush. Pull the hair upwards and outwards with the brush and keep your hair dryer going in the same way following the brush. This is one of my favorite techniques to blow dry my hair. It lifts the hair so well. Try it, and you will realize. By the way, do not forget to use mousse or heat protectant gels before you start blow drying!

Step 4 – Opt for hair rollers!

Girl using hair roller

Yes, hair rollers can help you get your desired thick hair look. Just after you finish blow drying, use a few hair rollers on the upper part of your head. Roll the hair while your hair is still hot. And then, just let the hair cool down. Keep it for a while and then put them off. While the hair is hot, the rollers act as hot curlers. They create magical volume and also pretty waves in your hair, that technically gives you the fuller hair look. The wavy thick hair never goes out of style. You can try this technique!

Step 5 – Use hairspray

Girl using hair spray

After using the hair rollers, you might want to lock your volume. So, after putting the rollers off, just smoothen the hair with your round brush. Then backcomb your hair. This is a simple but vital step to give your hair a fabulous lift. Lastly, finish the entire styling procedure with a hairspray. And you are done! Look at the mirror to find yourself as a hot chick with fab hair!

I hope you will follow these steps. The entire process is very easy to follow and also does not require a lot of time. If you are in a hurry or you just hopped into a sudden plan, you can try the steps and get your ever desired thick and full hair instantly. Just a few steps and you are the head-turners!


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