Keep Thick-Hair Healthy, Hydrated, and Shiny With These Four Smart Tips

Featured Image Of Smart Tips For Healthy, Hydrated, And Shiny Thick Hair

You are a lucky girl if you have thick hair! And it needs no saying. Thick haired girls are the winners of genetic lottery in the real sense! However, it might not feel like a lottery since thick hair comes with excessive dryness and breakage factor. And you might need a huge amount of energy to straighten, curl or style or thick hair. But hey! You have the hair that thousands of girls dream of. They use hair extensions and what not to make their hair look thick. Feeling lucky now? Yes, you indeed are lucky. And just some simple maintenance tricks can keep you happy with your thick hair.

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Thick hair might need more work, but it is worth it! Here are four smart and easy tips for you to keep your thick hair hydrated, healthy and shiny as well!


Hair products

Gels, mousses, heat protectants and hair-sprays are our regular styling products, isn’t it? We all use these to style our hair in our preferred ways. We get so much used to these products, that these products become a part of our daily routine. And we use them even if we do not require. Yes, your hair might be able to tolerate all these product layers, but do you really require to use them always? You can look for multitasking non-alcoholic hair-products in place. Result? You will get more hydrated hair. You will need to shampoo less. And on top of that, your hair will not weigh down too much! It will have a natural sleek look! You can use a very small amount of product and slightly blow-dry your hair occasionally. Do not use it every day whenever you go out. Remember this tip and thank me later!


Dry hair

Dryness is a very common problem. And thick hairs are more prone to dryness. If you are a thick-haired girl, you must already know it. And the advice is to avoid dryness. How? Well, you can cut down on your shampooing routine. Because excessive use of shampoo can dry out your hair. When you have holidays, you can, actually, you must do deep conditioning. Give a hot oil massage to your hair and scalp at night, keep it overnight and wash it in the morning. This will treat your hair and provide sufficient oil and protein to get absorbed in your hair. After shampooing, please do not forget to use a conditioner for your hair. Conditioners are a must as it prevents drying of hair as well. Another advice I would like to give is, after every shower, in the end, rinse your hair with cold water. Because this will lock the hair cuticles and will prevent frizz and dryness after the hair dries.

If you go out, please use a heat protectant with SPF factor. This will prevent sun damage.

I hope you will follow my advice and you will surely not regret.


If you have thick hair, then for you, your ideal hair length is medium to long. In this way, your strands will be weighed down. Just the trick is to find a hairstylist who is expert with flattering layers and can use thinning scissors like a pro. This will make a huge difference to your haircut. Please remember not go for step cuts or volume cuts, these will ruin your look. Layers are perfect for your thick hair. You will look like a diva with layered hair!


Girl using hair mask

There are mainly two types of masks for your hair. One is a protein mask and the other is a moisture mask. Moisture masks are to be used if you want more hydration on your hair. However, if you are facing hair breakage and you want to rebuild your hair follicles, then, protein masks are your friend. Choose which mask you need. Apply the masks with a shower cap, this will preserve the heat in your hair and the masks will work better. After rinsing, you can follow up with a moisturizing treatment with good quality hair conditioners. This will make your thick hair shinier and healthier. After the shower, slightly dry your hair with a hairdryer that is suitable for your thick hair.

Therefore, these are some smart techniques by which you can easily take care of your thick hair. You can make your hair look lustrous and healthy with these simple tricks. Just infuse these tips into your daily routine and you will rock any style with your thick hair! Make this routine a habit. Share these tips with your thick-haired friends as well. I hope you will feel amazing with your thick hair from now on!


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