How To Get Long And Thick Hair In One Month

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There will be hardly any woman who doesn’t want long beautiful hair. Yes, ladies long beautiful here, we all adore. We all are born with this natural gift but sometimes for our busy scheduled lifestyle, we cannot effort to take care of that. As a result hair loss, lack of thickness shows up at a very early age. Some cases there are other causes of thin hair such as- lack of nutrition, stressed lifestyle, extreme physical loads, imbalanced hormone, and allergenic issues. Whatever the reason is, you are going to recover it.

Here I am going to share how to get long and thick hair in one month. It is not a magic or any kind of using harmful chemicals or commercial products that only waste your money. I  am recommending the natural solution that is already proved fruitful and useful for getting long as well as the thick hair at a short period of time.

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So, why late! Let’s get to know how to get long and thick hair in one month.

At first, we will discuss the best natural remedies that help to get natural thicker hair.

Regular Protein Treatment

Egg hair treatment

To get the thicker hair you should have protein treatment regularly at least once or twice in a week.

Depending on your hair length beat one or two eggs properly. Sit for 30 minutes applying the mixer and give it time to nourish your hair. Then it is better to do shampoo your hair with lukewarm water.

Another preparation is to blend all these ingredients together- one egg yolk, one tablespoon of any hair oil(coconut, olive, muster seed, or castor oil) and two spoons full of water. Gently massage your scalp with this structure. And then rinse it thoroughly.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

To make soft and strong your ringlet, olive oil is essential.

Thoroughly massage your scalp to hair with this and give it time to effect for about 30-45 minutes. By using any gentle shampoo rinse it away. And for the better result, you can leave the oil after messaging on your hair and wash the day after.

Or, you can make a mixture of this olive oil by adding with honey and apple and apply that on your hair. After 30 minutes you can wash your hair.

You should use one or both of the remedies once or twice a week.


Avocado - V1 Aug

Another important element that contributes to making your hair thicker and moisturized is Avocado. As it contains vitamin E, this fruit is very helpful to get long hair in one month.

Mashed avocado, banana, and add one tablespoon of olive oil with them. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave for 30 minutes after messaging. Your scalp will absorb the nutrients this mixture contains and provides you with shiny, thicker and faster growing hair.

If you want the more rapid result, you can prepare a hydrating hair pack by adding these elements- wheatgerm oil (2 tablespoons), half of a smashed avocado. After you do the shampooing your hair, use this pack on your clean hair as well as scalp and keep it for 20 minutes. After rinsing it again do shampoo.

You should use avocado mixed hair packs at least once a week for good output.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

You will be just amused by seeing the result of using fenugreek seeds on your hair. It prevents your hair loss and also gives you longer and thicker hair growth.

For using the fenugreek seeds or make the mask of it, you need to keep it soaking overnight for almost eight to ten hours in water. Then grind and make a fine paste of it. You can make the pack by mixing coconut oil with it. After 30 minutes use lukewarm water to wash your hair. This treatment prevents dryness of the scalp. You also can use the water where the fenugreek seeds were dipped all over the night. That is also encouraging for longer hair and reduces dandruff also. It is better to use these methods once or twice a week for the better result.



One of the most useful elements that help you in getting longer and thicker hair is Amla. It is rich in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial benefits, antioxidants, and other important particles.

You can use smashed or powdered amla with two tablespoons of coconut oil and make it boiled. Use this mixture as oil on your scalp and let it be there overnight. You can wash hair the next day as usual. For a better result apply this once every week.

Another effective way is to make a mixture of a half cup of amla powder with the quarter cup of warm water and keep that mixed for 10 minutes. After that use it on your hair and after 20 minutes wash it off. Remember not to shampoo for some hours. If you want a rapid result use this remedy almost every week.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil

The quicker and easier way to get longer and thicker hair is applying castor oil message on regular basis. It is enhanced with adhesiveness that protects hair fall and also provides vitamin E as well as fatty acids that causes a new growth of hair.

You can simply add castor oil with coconut oil, and gently apply it on your scalp to hair.

After messaging your scalp in circling motions you should comb your hair so that the oil spreads throughout the hair. Keep your hair covered with that is wet with hot water. After at least one hour you can shampoo and should do this at most once in a week for a rapid result in getting longer and thicker hair.

As for now, we have only discussed on natural elements or remedies that help you to get long and thick hair; but besides these you need to bring specific changes in your daily routine of sleeping, eating and habitual. Since some wrong habits or doings can affect your hair growth and health. Let’s have a look at what activities are the hindrance in the way to get long and thick hair.

How Often You Wash Your Hair

Girl washing hair

Have you ever thought that how often should you wash your hair? You should not apply shampoo on a daily basis on your hair as they contain artificial chemicals that can cause damage to your hair. And also shampooing your hair daily can reduce the level of the natural oil of your hair. For maintaining a healthy routine of hair care you should wash your hair 3 to 4 times a week.

Using A Hair Dryer

Girl using hair dryer - V1 Aug

For a busy lifestyle, it is very common to use the hair dryer to dry up your thick hair, as it can break your hair as well as damage it. Also, you shouldn’t use any towel and squeeze your hair after washing it for drying purpose. I must recommend avoiding any kind of hairstyle equipment that operates by heat. They cause thinness of your hair.

Product Quality

Don’t go with the crowd. Choose your type of products and herbal, mild category products. Always select the item that helps to volume your hair and protect it.

Maintain Healthy Routine

Healthy Routine

How to get long and thick hair in one month- is a very common question asked to me by a large number of girls, and I prefer them to remains on maintaining a healthy routine. A healthy routine consists of eating healthy foods, sound sleep, stress-free day, proper care to your hair and enough rest. When you will follow a proper disciplined lifestyle, your hair, as well as health, will reflect that.

So, how to get long and thick hair in one month is not so difficult task, only you need to follow these natural remedies and healthy lifestyle. Now you too can have that beautiful, thick, shiny and long hair in one month.


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