How To Dry Thick Hair Fast With 7 Expert Tips & Products

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To dry thick hair is more hectic than thin hair. But drying your hair in the proper way is important for the health of the hair. We often don’t get time to dry our hair after a wash. We need to get started for workstation, college or get together. Sometimes we tie up wet hair in a rush. This negligence causes hair fall, dandruff, crack tip etc.

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Let’s have a brief discussion on how to dry thick hair offhand.

1. Use fine fibers based towel

Martex Commercial Bath Towel

To dry your wet hair, use the fine fibers based towel instead of the common towel. The fine fibers easily absorb the hair water and help prevent hair loss. Wet hair should not be rubbed. Instead of pressing it, you need to wipe it softly. It will help to look the hair straight when it is dried. You can use your old t-shirt to wipe your hair to save your money, as it has fine fibers. You can use Martex Commercial Bath Towelif you have a little more budget and want to get more assurance about your hair health.

2. The thick comb is better

Wet Brush Custom Care Thick Hair

When the hair is wet, use thick teeth comb instead of thin teeth. It helps to untangle your hair easily and decrease hair fall. When the hair is unscrambled, it doesn’t take long to dry.  Moreover, it helps to re-tighten the hair and remove the screws. You can use ‘Wet Brush Custom Care Thick Hair’. You can use it after applying conditioner, on wet and dry hair both. Size of this comb/brush is perfect. It stimulates the scalp, untangles & prevents tugging the hair.

3. The conditioner is the BFF of thick hair!

Dove Advanced Hair Series Conditioner

Use a conditioner which suits your hair best. In the shower, do the shampoo and then use conditioner maximum twice in a week. Don’t touch the root, just apply the conditioner to the whole hair nicely and comb the hair with thick teeth comb. Wash the hair with cool water after five to seven minutes. It will help to dry your thick hair quickly. I can recommend ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series Conditioner’ for you as I do use it to get the best result.

4. The alternative to a Hairdryer!

Hairdryer or hair drying machine has been ruling for only a few days. There were complains of hair loss but there was no other way. But now the revolutionary change is coming with the socks of handicrafts. These socks look like a common handmade. It can be a new model to dry easily any thin, dense or crab hair without any damage.

Fenugreek wax is arranged in order to dry completely with water removal from the hair. It will work without any hair gel or spray. London’s online vendor, Hamas’s scalper, is sold for only $ 13. According to him, now it is the best medium to dry hair.

5. Do the section of hair

Hair sections - V1 July

Divide your hair in two or three section according to the density after wash. Then do your morning chores as doing breakfast, meditation, selecting an outfit, making bed etc. Your hair will dry naturally, no need of blow drying at all. Remember, thicker hair needs more than three sections.

6. Use shampoo according to the water type

Clinic Plus & Sunsilk Hair Care Shampoo

Clinic Plus & Sunsilk Hair Care Shampoo

Try to do shampoo on your hair three or four times a week. Select your shampoo according to your hair and water type, both. If the quantity of salt is excess in your bath water, you have to choose a strong shampoo which can reduce the salt from your hair and make it silky. You can use ‘Clinic Plus Shampoo’ in this case. But if there is no salt in your bath water, you can use a natural, light or mild shampoo as ‘Sunsilk or Dove Hair Care’. Selecting an accurate shampoo can make your thick hair gorgeous and easily dried after wash.

7. Not all dryers are same

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

The hair is more damaged if the hairdryer is used directly in excess heat. The use of a hair dryer should be kept at the lowest temperature during use. Dry hair by taking time, do not be too quick. Before drying the hair, it is necessary to apply serum that prevents hair from heat. Also, if you want beautiful hair, take time to care for it. ‘Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000’ is one of the top-rated hairdryers for thick hair as well as use ‘Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum’ before drying your hair. These two will give you an amazing look to your hair.

Final Comments

Thick hair needs more care and nutrition, as it can be damaged easily. So, choose your hair product and techniques wisely to dry it. Otherwise, you’ll have to repent for losing your hair at an early age!


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