Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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While it’s a blessing to have thick hair, taking proper care of thicker hair can become hellish! Because of the nature of thick hair, it is less malleable and hardly tamable. Struggling every day to get your hair into a decent hairstyle is an everyday thing. Coarse texture, extra frizz, lack of smoothness and taking forever to dry is nothing new.

However, every problem has a solution. In this article, we will focus on the thick hair problems that can be solved by a good hairdryer and what are the requirements of a good hair dryer for thick hair.

Side by side, we will also try to point out other important factors for caring for thick hair.

How We Found the Best Hair Dryers For Thick Hair

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Quick Overview

We have explained in detail about our 5 chosen hair dryers near the end of our article. However, we have included a brief overview of our top dryers for your convenience based on the essential features it should have to qualify for thick hair types.


RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer

Great for Faster Drying and Conditioning

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer - V8 June

RUSK W8less is engineered with great materials like Tourmaline and ceramic that makes drying much faster and conditions your hair to enhance its quality. It also has a Professional AC motor powered by 2000 watts to ensure powerful airflow and heat, that too with a weight below 1 pound only!
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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

Great for smoothening roughness

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer - V5 June

This dryer by BaByliss Pro is infused with Nano Titanium Technology that is proved to be great on thick hair for its quick heating and smoothening properties. Alongside the blessing of Titanium, this dryer is 2000 watts AC motor ensuring perfect airflow and heat.
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John 2200w Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Dryer

Great dryer overall with a reasonable price

JOHN 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer - V2 June

For those who want a dryer on a budget, this blow-dryer is a good news! It has Tourmaline-Ceramic and Ionic technologies combined and concentrator and diffuser attachments within a budget of 60 dollars only. It has a professional AC motor powered by 2200 watts! Not just that! It also comes with both concentrator and diffuser attachments, which is a great deal for a 60 dollar dryer. This dryer has everything you need for your thick hair!
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BaByliss Pro Hard Hat Ionic Dryer

Great for hair therapies and treatments while letting you enjoy the music!

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer - V6 June

This dryer professional AC motor powered by 2000 watts with a sophisticated hood that blows ionized hair to treat you’re damaged and frizz prone hair. You can simply sit under this dryer with hair packs and masks and help rejuvenate your dull hair. Alongside its great benefits, its auxiliary inputs allow you to listen to music from your phone or mp3 player!
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BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Great travel sized dryer with the benefits of Tourmaline and Titanium

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer - V15 June

This dryer is not only cute in size but great in terms of its benefit on your worn out hair caused by travel schedules. It has Tourmaline and Titanium which both work great on smoothening rough hair. Its dual voltage enables it to be used internationally, while its folding handle makes it compact enough to slip in at any corner of your luggage and backpack!

Author’s Note

This product is unattainable right now because of the discontinuation of the product. But we seriously considered the necessity of the travel dryer for the travelers and looked for another one thoroughly. We found “JINRI Travel Hair Dryer” and this is unquestionably the best surrogate product of BabylissPro travel dryer. You will find all the features that BabylissPro in it. Besides this, JINRI has included some more advantageous features in their dryer for the convenient of the travelers.

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What is thick hair?

Thick hair is the type of hair that has a wider circumference compared to thin or medium hair types. It has a rougher texture and also much more complex compared to thin hair.

This type of hair has a more defined medulla, cortex and more integrate cuticles. While it’s stronger in design, it is not confined to a single hair type and has a lot of variety.

The word ‘Coarse’ although is used synonymously with thick hair, thick and coarse hair are two different things. ‘Coarse’ refers to the texture of the hair while ‘thick’ refers to density only.

Your hair may be thick but not coarse. On the other side, people with coarse textured hair usually have dense hair as well, hence the confusion.

Types of thick hair are discussed below.

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What are the types of thick hair?

Your hair may be dry and rough but that indicates the condition of your hair and not the type of your hair. Your hair maybe simply just thick, or it can be thick and coarse both. The variety is complex and can be confusing if not explained or understood properly.  Your natural texture and hair type is something you are born with.

While hair is generally divided into thin, thick and curly, there are many subdivisions of these general categories. A more precise categorization of hair is done as type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 4 hair. These categories also have subdivisions. However, for easier understanding, we have described the hair types in the following way.

Type 1 – Thick Straight Hair

Thick Straight Hair

Thick straight hair falls under type 1. Type 1 refers to straight hair. Although straight hair is often synonymously used with fine hair, that is not always the case.

Your hair can be straight and thick at the same time. And thus, this kind of hair is categorized as type 1C or thick straight hair. This hair type is coarse in texture but still straight and shiny. The problem with such hair type is, it’s hard to be styled.

Type 2 – Thick Wavy Hair

Thick Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is known as type 2 hair. Type 2 means hair that is non-linear, S-shaped and wavy.

This category of hair is thicker compared to type 1 hair. Not all of the wavy hair is thick. It is the subcategory 2B and 2C that have a thick texture. Type 2B is wavy and medium thick and is prone to frizz. Type 2C, on the other hand, is wavy, thicker than 2B and coarser in texture and thus can get a lot frizzier than 2B.

The problem with type 2B and 2C is that these hair types are extra sensitive to humidity. In Humid weather conditions, the frizz problem becomes almost unmanageable.

Type 3 – Thick Curly Hair

Thick Curly Hair

Curls are category 3 hair. While curly hair is seemingly unmanageable, they are easy to style and straighten with the right tool. Type 3 and it’s all 3 subcategories fall under thick hair.

These hair are springy and bouncy with curls and becomes linear in shape when wet and goes back to coiled shape when dry. Therefore, while drying hair, the air needs to be diffused properly to maintain the ideal outlook of these curls.

Type 3A is thick and shiny with defined curls but frizz prone, Type 3B, on the other hand, has tighter curls harder to tame. Type 3C is exotic in nature and has very tight curls that can be called a transitional hair type in between curly and kinky hair. All these hair types can get very frizzy if not cared properly.

Type 4 – Thick Kinky Hair

Thick Kinky Hair

Type 4 hair is the most complex hair kind and thus harder to care for. This hair type is more popularly known as Black hair, Ethnic Hair, African American Hair, Natural Hair or Kinky Hair. Although it is very coarse in nature, in reality, it is also more on the scale of sensitivity.

The curls are more of Zigzag shaped strands and have more elasticity compared to other hair types. Type 4A is well defined and tight curls which are also soft. Type 4B is less defined but tight curls which are also soft. Type 4C, on the other hand, has such tight curls that it might not ever appear curly.

The major problem with this hair type is that it has frequent cross-sectional points allowing breakage in the cuticle layer and thus frizz becomes inevitable. This kind of hair also needs good diffusers for drying purpose.

What are the major disadvantages of thick hair?

As you can see, thick hair is diverse and thus, the problems thick haired people face are also many! Following are the problems people with thick hair face generally. Some of the problems are explained specifically to the types of thick hair while others are applicable to all types of thick hair.

Roughness in texture

Most categories of thick locks have this in common! Your hair definitely does not feel like threads of silk! This is because of the natural texture of most thick hair types. The cuticles of thick hair are harder than that of thin or fine hair. Although the cuticles are strong, they lack smoothness and thus feels rough.

Too thick to dry quickly

Thick hair naturally has more volume and thus once it’s wet, it is time-consuming to dry completely. It’s natural to struggle with your hair dryer and make sure air has reached all the strands to dry them.

If your hair is thick and straight, there might be less hassle, but if it has curls or kinks, you need to make sure your dryer comes with a diffuser. Also, it is vital to choose the correct technology that will ensure faster drying.

Changes shape with the weather!

This happens more frequently in curly hair. The science behind this is, the curls become straightened when wet because such hair is very sensitive to humidity. But as you dry your air it shrinks back to its curls. Therefore, when the weather changes, so does the level of water molecules in the air and thus curly hair plays along!

Stays damp all day if not dried properly

In case you don’t dry your hair properly and head out with half dried hair, the consequence will be damp hair all day! This can make you catch a cold, cause a headache if you go out with your hair in a bun without completely drying it.

Humid weather leads to extra frizz

Thick Frizzy Hair

While curls are extra sensitive to weather change, wavy hair types, especially type 2B and 2C result in damage if exposed to humid weather conditions. Similar to curly hair, the side bonds of the hair break down and then rebuild themselves with the changing humidity level of the weather.

So when you are out in the humid weather your hair absorbs extra water molecules, and when you get back to room temperature and humidity, it changes back to another shape, and thus the continuous breaking and building of the bonds plays with the cross-sectional points of your waves and causes breakage and frizz allowing the inner moisture to escape from the broken ends of the cuticles.

Needs to be conditioned more often

Because of its tendency to lose moisture due to the frequency of cross-sectional points, frizz, and breakage, the dryness and roughness of thick hair types intensify. Thus, they need to be frequently conditioned to keep healthy and to make drying and styling work on them smoothly. Using oils, conditioners and deeps conditioners is an essential part of caring for coarse hair.

Short hairstyles don’t usually suit well

Short or mid-length hair makes your hair look extra big and thus stylists and hair experts recommend keeping hair long or get layer cuts to minimize the extra fluffiness. Using hair balms can also reduce the extra bounce that does not look very appealing.

However, it’s important to extra careful while getting a layer cut and its best to refrain from using thinning razors or shears as they can severely damage your hair. Sticking to traditional cutting scissors in a better idea.

Easily tangled and harder to de-tangle

Tangled thick hair is a nightmare! You may just wake up with a tangled bush every day and need to worry about fixing it. When the hair is tangled, it’s knotted and it is very hard to detangle it. Using a traditional comb to detangle such hair can be very damaging.

Using hair oils and washing hair with conditioner can soften the thick hair and thus can be detangled with a lot more comfort. Also, use a detangling comb or a detangling brush to ease the process.

What are the solutions to thick hair problems?

Not all problems of coarse hair types can be solved using a hair dryer, but some can be. Your hair dryer can make hair drying and styling more accommodating. Hairdryers and incorporated with technologies and materials to make it work on your hair.

However, it’s hard to recognize which technology is right for your hair. For thick and coarse hair we would recommend the following hair drying technologies and incorporated materials that can enhance the quality of your hair.

These technologies, however, do not work specifically on the diverse category of thick hair types, but for thick hair in general.

To get control over frizz on all types of thick hair, try Ionic Technology

Thick Frizzy hair Drying By Ionic Technology Hair Dryer

As you know thick hair can be diverse in classification, so should the technologies differ accordingly? Whether or not you hair falls into the diverse categories, frizz is the enemy of them all! Most blow-dryers are therefore incorporated with ionic technology to help all thick hair types fight frizz.

As we already know, frizz occurs in the topmost layer which is the cuticle. Negative Ions released from an ion emitter with the mechanisms of the corona effect work efficiently to seal the damaged cuticles and fix the frizz in your thick locks. The negative ions also ensure preventing your hair from the re-occurrence of frizz any sooner.

A good ionic hair dryer used on a regular basis can solve your frizz dilemma to a great extent.

For faster drying and conditioning, get a dryer with Tourmaline!

In terms of versatility, Tourmaline is always the winner! Tourmaline is the no.1 material that we recommend that can work equally great on the diverse categories of thick hair. It can smoothen the roughness of your thick or coarse hair; it can care for your waves, curls, and kinks and enhance their natural state equally. Here is how Tourmaline accelerates the drying process and conditions your thick hair.

Tourmaline is a mineral extracted and finely powdered to use in the internal components of the hair dryers which emit abundant negative ions to accelerate the drying process of your thick hair.

The negative ions break the water molecules and blow them away saving you from the discomfort of damp hair and reducing the drying time from 40% to 50%. That is not it, it is gifted with naturally conditioning and healing qualities. If your hair is sensitive and fragile, it will strengthen the integrity of the cuticles.

If your hair is dry, it will ensure proper moisture balance by putting back micronized water molecules back into the shaft.

Tourmaline also emits far infrared heating to ensure even and gentle drying but that does not mean the heating isn’t strong enough to dry dense hair. The best thing about far-infrared heating is, it is gentle and does not feel overwhelmingly hot and thus saves you from the discomfort of extreme temperature.

Also for kinky hair types that are fragile and sensitive yet full of volume, far-infrared heating can be really helpful. Tourmaline provides all in one solution to thick hair problems and thus getting a tourmaline dryer would be wise.

Titanium Technology for smoothening the roughness

Roughness To Smooth Thick Hair

Titanium is the best tool for you to smoothen out the roughness of the coarse textured hair. Titanium is a metal that heats up quickly to dry hair faster and also produces heat strong enough to penetrate through thicker locks.

Titanium smoothens out the roughly textured hair cuticles with the heat and smoothens them out giving a sleek and lustrous shine. For smoothening hair and conditioning them, titanium has been used in the hair industry as an alternative to ceramic but for thick hair. The reason is, Ceramic is slow to heat up while Titanium is fast.

Titanium hair dryers have gained popularity among thick-haired women and men for its great results.

Technologies we do not recommend for thick hair

Supersonic hair dryers are trending for its intelligent heating and airflow and its outrageous price! So far only one manufacturer produces such hair dryers. The claim of the manufacturer is that it has intelligent heating and smart airflow control. Its auto adjustable heat and airflow creates a suitable temperature and flows based on the thickness of your hair. And thus, it is considered to be a great blow drying tool for all hair types.

It has gained popularity among thick-haired women and women with curls and kinks but it’s not very clear why. It seems like people are jumping on the bandwagon without clearly understanding if this technology is worth the money.

If you have the kind of thick hair that gets dry and dehydrated easily, you might like what Bio-ionic dryers claim to solve that problem. According to the manufacturers, this technology is designed to naturally hydrate hair and maintain the ideal moisture balance but also dry it much faster.

Also as their material, processed minerals extracted from volcanic rocks are incorporated to ensure desired moisture balance in your dry hair. These minerals are called Nano-ionic minerals which emit negative ions and work similar to ionic dryers.

They say the water molecules are shrunken down to extra micro-sized parts enabling them to get back into the hair shaft to retain moisture while blowing the rest away that sounds more like an exaggeration. While these dryers might be helpful to some thick-haired women, the function of these nano-ionic minerals

What are other features mandatory for thick hair in blow dryers?

While technology is a prime factor that decides the suitability of a hairdryer for thick hair, there are other factors that complete it. Following are the necessary features a good hairdryer for thick hair should have.

Powerful 2000 watts to ensure faster drying

While 1875 watts is the standard wattage for any hair dryer, we recommend hair dryers that are 2000 watts or more for thick hair. Thicker locks require powerful airflow and temperature and anything below 2000 watts will not be sufficient for thick hair. Although many people with coarse hair use 1875 watts blow dryers, we strictly recommend 2000 watts for thick hair. 1875 watt dryers will not be able to dry your thick hair as fast as 2000 watts dryers.

2 heat and 3 Speed settings for control over temperature and airflow

A dryer with 2 heat and 3-speed settings is essential to be able to make proper use out of it. While thick hair needs strong heat, there are a variety of hair types within the category of thick hair that is sensitive and requires a more gentle heat.

For example, type 4A and 4B that are kinky hair, but they are soft and sensitive and requires lesser heat. 2 heat and 3-speed settings ensure your option to choose the correct temperature based on your hair type. Also, for styling, having low heat and speed is essential.

Cool Shot option for setting hairstyles

Hair Dryer Cool Shot Button - V4 June

While variable heat and speed do most of the job, cool shot locks your hair in the right place. This is a styling essential and helps you set your hair and make it stay for longer.

Concentrator nozzle

Concentrator nozzle allows precise drying and styling options.

Hair Dryer Concentrator Nozzle - V5 June

With a powerful wattage and strong heat, this nozzle can be used to straighten your waves and curls if you like it that way.

For best results, divide your hair into sections and run through the concentrator nozzle with a flat multi-bristle brush.

Diffuser Attachment is a must!

Hair Dryer Diffuser - V1 June

Diffuser attachment is a must-have for curls and waves. This means, if you are in category 2, 3 and 4 hair type, you need this tool more than anyone! Diffuser reduces the velocity of the airflow and makes sure air reaches the twists and turns of your curls to dry them properly.

This also prevents frizz and huge hair. If your dryer does not come with a diffuser, get a diffuser attachment separately because you’ll need it!

Professional Motor

Hair Dryer Motor - V3 June

In the context of thick hair, the professional motor is mandatory.

Brushless AC motor is our first recommendation because it is the best professional quality motor that is able to produce powerful blow and desired temperature for thick hair.

If a hair dryer does not have AC we would prefer if it has High Torque DC motor that will accelerate the process of faster drying. How much durable the dryer is will depend greatly on its motor quality, so choose your dryer wisely.

6 requirements for a good hair dryer for thick hair

Following are the list of features we recommend for blow-dryers for hair of rough nature. If your dryer has these features, it has definitely passed the test! However, to make your job easier, we have picked top hair dryers that will be worth your purchase.

  1. Material:
    • 1st Preference: Tourmaline
    • 2nd Preference: Titanium
  2. Technology: Ionic
  3. Wattage: 2000+ watts
    • Exception: 1000+ watts for a travel dryer
  4. Motor:
    • 1st Preference AC motor
    • 2nd Preference High Torque DC motor
  5. Concentrator and Diffuser Attachment must
  6. 2 heat and 3 Speed Settings must, 2 heat and 2 Speed for Travel dryers acceptable.

Top 5 Hair Dryers For Thick Hair

We have come up with a list of hair dryers based on technology and features, the problems faced by also keeping the diverse hair types categorized under thick hair. We have tried to make the list as dynamic as possible and kept a budget and travel-friendly options as well. Below are the best 5 hair dryers for thick hair we have chosen for you.

1. RUSK  Engineering  W8less  Professional  2000  Watt  Dryer – Faster Drying and Conditioning

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer - V9 June

This hairdryer by Rusk Engineering is popular for its lightweight and ergonomic design, but most importantly this dryer is infused with Tourmaline Technology to make your hair dry fast with a smooth finish.

If you have curly and kinky hair that is very rough and dense, this dryer will help you dry hair quick and condition it thoroughly at the same time. With its weight below 1 pound, this dryer can be comfortably handled without straining your muscles to tame your hair.

Check the table below to see why we chose this product over others.

PropertiesRUSK Engineering W8less Professional DryerJohn Frieda Frizz Ease Full Volume Hair DryerPro Beauty Tools Ionic Dryer PBDR5890
MaterialYes (Tourmaline)NoNo
MotorYes (AC)Yes (AC)Yes (AC)
2 heat/3 speed settingsYesYesYes
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

We have chosen the RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Dryer over John Frieda and Pro Tools dryer. As we can see, our chosen product has passed the test more than 95% compared to other two dryers. Following are the pros and cons of our chosen product.


  • Tourmaline technology for 40% to 50% faster drying of dense curls and kinks.
  • Tourmaline ensures proper conditioning to smoothen out the roughness of your hair.
  • Ionic technology working great to fight and reduce frizz and static in hair, also preventing your hair from getting huge because of it.
  • 2000 watts professional AC motor to ensure powerful airflow facilitating the drying process further.
  • Has 7 heat and Speed settings ensuring great control over temperature and airflow and making it versatile.
  • Extremely lightweight and convenient design.


  • It does not come with a diffuser attachment, but can be bought separately for best results. Try BIO IONIC Universal Diffuser with this dryer for greater benefits.

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. BaBylissPRO  Nano  Titanium  Dryer – For Smoothening Rough Thick Hair

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer - V6 June

This BaBylissPRO hair dryer is one of the best hairdryers of the decade! This works especially great on the thick straight and wavy hair, but would also work on other varieties of thick hair.

This dryer is incorporated with Nano-Titanium and Ionic technology combined to bring a sleek and smooth outlook of the rough surface of your hair. We have compared this product with other contemporary hairdryers below.

PropertiesBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium DryerBaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 DryerConair Infiniti Pro Dryer
MaterialYes (Titanium)No (Porcelain)No (Ceramic)
MotorYes (AC)Yes (AC)Yes (AC)
2 heat/3 speed settingsYesYes
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

As you can see, we have chosen Nano titanium for the thick straight hair over the other two popular contemporary dryers.

Following are the pros and cons of the dryer we have chosen.


  • Nano-Titanium technology is great at smoothening the roughness of thick hair types.
  • Titanium produces strong and intense heat that makes coarse hair malleable and enables you to style it conveniently.
  • Ionic technology fights and reduces frizz and static.
  • Professional Italian motor with 2000 watts ensure strong and intense heat and airflow
  • 7 variable heat and speed settings to provide versatile drying and styling options
  • Concentrator nozzle for precise airflow and straightening options.
  • Cool Shot button to lock the style in place
  • Removable Lint filter to keep the dryer clean and enhance the durability of the motor.


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. JOHN 2200 Watts Professional Dryer – Budget-Friendly

JOHN 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer - V3 June

This hair dryer has qualified our test to be fit for thick hair of all types. This dryer has Tourmaline, Ceramic and ionic technology combined to ensure solutions to roughness, damp hair, and damaged cuticles and frizz, that too within a budget of $60 only.

Following is the side by side comparison with other cheap hairdryers to demonstrate why this product stands out.

PropertiesJOHN 2200 Watts Professional DryerToni & Guy Salon Professional Compact Hair DryerJinri 1875w Professional Ac motor Hair Dryer
MaterialYes (Tourmaline+Ceramic)NoNo
MotorYes (AC)Yes (AC)Yes (AC)
3 Heat/2 Speed settingsYesYesYes
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

As you can see, three of the compared products are below 60 dollars but JOHN 2200w Professional Dryer has all of the features compared to its price. Following the pros and cons of this dryer.


  • This dryer has tourmaline and ceramic combined to naturally condition rough hair and dry 40% to 50% faster, that too in a very reasonable price.
  • Tourmaline emits far infrared heating great for thick but sensitive and damaged hair.
  • Ionic technology teamed up with Tourmaline-Ceramic fights frizz and static.
  • It has Professional AC motor to ensure faster airflow and stronger heating which is hard to find in budget-friendly
  • 2200W powerful wattage ensures stronger heat and airflow required to dry dense hair.
  • It has 3 heat and 2-speed settings to ensure versatility in drying and styling.
  • It is 1.8 pounds in wright only and is semi-compact in size for convenient use.
  • It comes with both concentrator and diffuser for styling purposes, which again, does not come with many expensive dryers but come with this one!
  • It has a removable filter for cleaning lint and hence helps you keep the motor intact for years.
  • It has an ALCI safety plug to save you from the electrical hazards of any sort!


  • The heat and speed buttons are horizontally placed on the handle which seemed a bit inconvenient to use.
  • The cool shot button is placed on the side of the handle, which again is a bit inconvenient but still works.

John 2200w Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

4. BaByliss  Pro  Ionic  Hard-Hat Dryer – For Damaged and Frizzy Thick Hair

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer - V7 June

This BaByliss pro dryer is a standing dryer that works especially great for damaged and frizzy thick hair. It’s great for straight, waves, curls and kinks in terms of reducing fizziness.

This is a dryer that will allow you to sit under sit with hair packs, masks for treating your damaged hair. We have compared this product with two other standing hair dryers to convince you why we found this particular one to be better.

PropertiesBaByliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat DryerSalon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style HoodGold 'N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer
MotorYes (AC)NoNo
2 heat/3 speed settingsYesYesYes
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Among the three compared products, BaByliss Pro Hard Hat dryer has passed out test!

Following are the pros and cons of the dryer we chose.


  • This dryer has Ionic technology to work efficiently on frizz and damage prone hair
  • It has professional AC motor ensuring powerful functions and durability
  • It also has 2000 watts which are rare in standing hair dryers. 2000 watts makes this dryer especially suitable for thick hair types.
  • 3 adjustable heat and speed settings enable multi-functionality in terms of drying and styling.
  • It has removable inlet grill to keep the interior clean from chemical residues used on hair.
  • The stand is adjustable with a height of the user.
  • The bonnet is also adjustable
  • A special feature of this dryer is its auxiliary input that allows you to connect to smartphones or mp3 players to play music.
  • Comes with attached wheels that can also be locked in place for convenience.


  • Does not have a timer.

BaByliss Pro Hard Hat Ionic Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

5. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer – For Travelers

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer - V16 June

This BaByliss Pro dryer is a travel dryer which will ensure great thick hair even in the middle of the hustles and bustles of traveling. This Dryer is suitable for all types of thick hair for its teamed up infusion of Tourmaline and Titanium combined. See the following table to know How this dryer made it into our list.

PropertiesBaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel DryerHot Tools Professional 1039 1875 Watt Direct Ion FastDryRevlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer
Wattage (1000+)YesYesYes
MotorYes (AC)NoNo
Dual VoltageYesYesNo
2 heat/2 speed settingsYesYesYes
Check PriceCheck Price

BabylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Hairdryer has qualified for thick hair compared to two other popular travel dryers.

Following are the pros and cons of this dryer.


  • Tourmaline ensures natural conditioning and faster drying for dense and coarse hair.
  • Titanium smoothens the roughness of the cuticles.
  • Ionic technology cares for the frizz and prevents static.
  • Dual voltage for worldwide traveling.
  • 1000+ watts powered airflow strong enough for travel purpose.
  • 2 heat and 2-speed settings for control over temperature.
  • Cool shot to lock style in place.


Currently, this product is not available. We are suggesting Jinri Travel Dryer as an alternative product. 

JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage Blow Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

What other ways can you get better quality thick hair?

While hair dryers can make your daily dealings with thick hair a lot easier, it’s not the one and only solution. Thick hair needs to be nourished with oils and nurtured and smoothened with conditioners. Also, because of the coarse nature of such hair, dirt can accumulate in the hair strands.

For keeping clean and care for the cuticles at the same time use shampoos that are less alkaline and use conditioners on a daily basis. Also, do not forget to deep condition your hair once every two weeks to notice a great enhancement in the quality of your locks.

For combing and brushing, you should use wide teethed combs and multi-bristle brushes. This will prevent tangled hair and allow your hair to remain smooth. Avoid using combs with narrow teeth or round brushes.

Following are the products we recommend you to use for your hair.

Product For Better Quality Thick Hair

  1. Recommended Shampoo: Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo
  2. Recommended Conditioner for daily use: Nexxus Conditioner
  3. Recommended Deep Conditioner: Amino Plus Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment by Hydratherma
  4. Recommended Hair Oil: Carrington Farms Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Final Verdict

Finding a good hair dryer for coarse and dense hair can be very tricky. Dryers in the market either have the right technology but may lack behind in wattage and other essential features to be fit for thick hair.

In this article, we have tried to identify the correct features and have tried to create a prototype of an ideal hair dryer for thick hair after much investigation. We have also tried to come up with an overall hair care solution and have suggested quality products. Our recommended dryers and other hair care essentials will not disappoint you.


  • 1. RUSK Engineering Professional Dryer (W8less)
  • 2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer (BABNT5548)
  • 3. JOHN 2200W Proffesional Dryer (B073T9R3JN)
  • 4. BaByliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer (BHHIN)
  • 5. JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage Blow Dryer

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