Rebonding Your Hair at Home

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If you’ve got curly, frizzy, tangled and unmanageable hair that makes you dread going out, then hair rebonding is the perfect solution for you! Hair rebounding allows you to avoid those bad hair days and makes your hair far more manageable. Hair becomes smoother and easier to style. You can wake up to smooth hair that’s easy to style for on the go. This is especially important for ladies who don’t have much time on their hands to work on their hair every day and often find themselves on the run, whether it be for school, household work or for work every morning. Rebonding offers a quick fix that can last for quite some time.

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What is Rebonding?

If you’re wondering what exactly hair rebonding is, it is simply a chemical process that straightens the hair (or curls it for those who prefer curls). This straightening method can be applied to all types of hair. What the chemicals do is, they break the natural bonds of the hair, whether wavy or curly and work to restructure the bonds in order to make the hair straight. Rebonding can last up to a year. Basically, as your hair grows out from the roots, the rebonded hair starts moving down and eventually the rebonded effect fades away. As long as you condition your hair and take care of it once or twice a month, rebonding your hair will not damage it or have any long-term effects.

Rebonding your hair can take a few hours, depending on the texture of your hair and its length. You can always choose to talk to a hair professional before deciding on whether or not hair rebonding is for you. Don’t hesitate to talk to at least 2-3 hair professionals before making a final decision.

From the Comfort of Your Home

One of the best things about hair rebonding is that you have the option of getting it done from the comfort of your home. That’s right, you don’t need to head to the salon to get your hair rebonded! Countless women are rebonding their hair right from home and are getting amazing results while at it. That extra money spent in the salon can be kept in your pocket. How do you ask? Keep reading.

What You Need to Rebond Your Hair

In order to rebond your hair at home, you need to first purchase a rebonding-kit that is available at your nearest pharmacy or drug store, in the hair products’ aisle. Before starting, make sure to have the following items at your dispersal:

  • A hair rebonding kit
  • A shampoo (one that you know works best on your hair)
  • A deep conditioner
  • Gloves and a brush for application
  • A hair straightening iron
  • A hair streamer or towel
  • Hair clips

Steps to Follow

Once you have the above items, follow the following steps to rebond your hair:

Step 1

Using hair shampoo

Wash your hair thoroughly using your preferred shampoo.

Step 2

Blow-dry your hair on medium heat (to get rid of the wetness and any water on the hair)

Step 3

Separate sections hair

Separate your hair out into at least 4 sections using a comb. Fasten these sections using your hair clips.

Step 4

Applying hair cream

Wear your gloves. Take out the relaxant (or cream softener) from the kit and apply on your hair. This should be kept on your hair for around half an hour. Make sure to read the instructions on the kit before applying as the time may vary slightly.

Step 5

Steam your hair using a hair steamer for anywhere from 10-30 minutes. If you do not have a hair steamer, you can use a towel that has been dipped in boiling water, squeeze the hot water out and wrap it around your hair. Don’t forget to wear the gloves while putting the towel into the hot water. The hot towel can be kept on your hair for 10-30 minutes, depending on which kit you are using.

Step 6

Wash out the relaxant thoroughly and dry your hair using your blow dryer.

Step 7

Apply keratin lotion all over your hair.

Step 8

Straightening hair

Iron your hair with a flat iron until your hair is completely straight.

Step 9

Separate your hair into sections one more. Use the neutralizer that is available inside the kit on each section and keep it on for 30 minutes.

Step 10

Wash your hair once more using cold water and dry it completely using your hair blow-dryer.

Step 11

With the help of your comb and flat hair iron, iron out any knots or kinks.

Perhaps the best part regarding home rebonding kits is the ease at which you can get yourself manageable hair, which you can enjoy numerous different hairstyles with.

If you carefully follow the above steps and ensure aftercare for your hair, you are highly unlikely to experience any negative rebonding side effects that you might be concerned about. Also, make note that everyone’s hair is different. A lot of people do not experience any side effect from rebonding, instead, they find their lives are a lot easier with manageable hair that doesn’t take hours to style or fix.

Get yourself that kit and prepare yourself for striking, beautiful and silky straight hair!

Hair Dryers & Straightening Brushes

Normally hair dryers are used to dry hair post washing. Hair dryers come in handy especially in the morning when you are on a run and can’t wait for your hair to dry out. These small machines can go a long way in saving time and preventing your hair from frizzing up or going out of control. Whether it’s thick hair, thin hair or somewhere in between, hair dryers can help bring some life into all types of hair.

The great thing about hair dryers is, they can help you keep your hair straight and set. If you don’t wish to rebond your hair and still want straightened hair, using a hair dryer on a daily basis is great a viable option for you. Or you can opt for straightening hair brushes which do the job just as well! The options are there for you to choose according to your preference and needs.


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