Keratin Treatment for Fine Hair

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In the hunt for shiny, silky, frizz-free and swingy hair, there are a number of options clients choose to go with, one of the main ones being keratin treatment. With fine hair, frizz is often a complaint more than roughness or the hair’s untamable nature. For such hair, a keratin treatment is a great option. “Keratin treatment” refers to hair-smoothing processes that leave your hair feeling smooth and frizz-free for weeks or even months on end.

You may be surprised to hear that our hair is already naturally made up of keratin. Keratin is a form of protein that aids to support the strength and lifespan of our hair. All you’re doing when deciding to get a keratin treatment is simply lifting the quantity of naturally formed proteins in your hair. You help to put the keratin back in after it has been lost, whether due to age or other chemical processes.

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Keratin treatment is at times referred to as a chemical treatment, but in reality, it isn’t. Hence, it is a safe and great option for most of the hair types out there. When you put the extra protein back into your hair, this helps your hair become straight, shiny and frizz-less.

There is a wide range of keratin hair treatments available and this is why the chemical component comes up. Some of the keratin treatments contain glycolic acid. This can affect colored hair and make it look dull or faded. So it’s always a good idea to make sure the keratin product you are going with is suitable for your specific hair color.

Professional Advice

It’s never a bad idea to get professional advice from a hair stylist or someone who is well informed regarding hair products. You can get personalized suggestions for your hair. As everyone’s hair is unique, how one treatment works for one hair type will not be the same for another hair type.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

Perhaps one of the greatest things about keratin treatment for hair is that you don’t need to go to a hair salon in order to get it. A whole range of hair sprays is now available in the market that you can apply to use along with a flat iron. Through these sprays, the chemicals are sealed into your hair for a certain time period, helping to repair the damage that leads to the frizz.

Among the many benefits of a keratin treatment, is the fact that it is suitable for all types of hair, irrelevant of the texture. Even if the hair is damaged to such an extent that it looks beyond repair or it is hair that has been colored numerous times or even permed, keratin treatment can still be used without causing any kind of excess damage afterward. Even though those with fine, thin or straight hair probably won’t be needing keratin treatment as much as those with coarse hair, keratin treatment does help make the frizz a lot more manageable.

Post hair treatment or how you take care of your hair after the keratin treatment also has a huge role in determining how healthy your hair will remain and for how long. Keep reading to know some of the best ways you can keep your hair healthy post treatments.

Fine Hair Texture

Fine hair texture - V1 Apr

When it comes to the difference between fine straight hair and curly hair, think of straight hair representing a ladder and curly hair representing somewhat of a spiral staircase. The steps that one takes on this ladder represents the hair’s bonds. If these bonds are broken, you can work on reconstructing the spiral staircase to make it a straight ladder, (i.e. making the curly hair into straight hair). Sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate help to permanently break these hair bonds. In fact, this is how traditional relaxers or other straightening methods work to completely transform the overall texture of your hair.

For fine hair texture, many hair stylists recommend a smoothing treatment before cutting it as this helps the smoothness stick longer. Typically, the longer the hair is, the more hair fall there is. Shorter hair can help slow down the hair fall process.

The Time Span

Keratin hair treatments aren’t a permanent solution for frizz control, but it will last anywhere from a month to a month and a half. If you choose to wash your hair regularly or your hair is exposed to water regularly (i.e swimming on a daily or weekly basis), the treatment may last for an even shorter time span. As the chemicals are being washed out, you will end up with frizzy hair, similar to whatever texture your hair was previous to the treatment.

Putting in Volume

Fine hair volume

If it’s volume you are looking for, using the right type of blow dryer along with the right hairbrush can do wonders for your hair. Different hairbrushes and the technique of blow-drying have a significant effect on the overall look post-treatment. Try using your favorite blow dryer along with a keratin spray to get the results of frizz free and volume filled hair that you are looking for.

Keeping it Limited

The reality with these hair treatments is that they’re best taken not more than 2-3 times per year, as continued exposure to such treatments can completely change the natural outlook of your hair. Your hair can become more tangled and brittle once the treatment wears off. This can lead to you going back to the salons for more treatments (and yes, a lot more money will be spent on re-doing the treatment on a constant basis). Permanent frizz-free hair isn’t a viable option but for temporary time spans are completely fine and manageable. Try to get the treatment only for special occasions rather than for normal day-to-day hairstyles.

You can of course repair some of the damage that you cause on your hair through treatments by using natural treatments. Go for lemon juice in shampoos, sea salt sprays, hot olive oil massages, and coconut oil treatments in order to put back nutrients and extra moisture into your hair in between the treatments.

Now, it’s totally your call whether or not keratin treatment is an option for your fine hair. Keratin hair treatments are safe and have the natural element attached. The issue arises when other chemicals and ingredients are added to the keratin treatment. How much time you are willing to give your hair post-treatment in order to ensure moisture and health are key factors as well. It’s best to speak to a hair specialist before making any final decisions.

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