How to Straighten Thick Hair – 6 Tips From A Professional Hair Stylist

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Straightening thin hair is easy. You can just run your hair straightener through the sections of your hair and get the desired look. However, when it comes to thick hair, straightening can be a big deal especially if your hair is wavy or curly.

The reason why it is difficult to straighten thick hair is that the hair weighs down the hairstyle. Whatever hairstyle you do, your hair will bump back to its original structure in a few hours! This is frustrating, right? You invest your energy to create a hairstyle that almost took forever to achieve, and then, just with a blink of an eye, the style disappears!

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So, what might be the solutions to this frustrating problem of thick hair girls? Some people go for hair thinning and some people opt for a haircut that might make their hair thin, for example, they add layers. Girls throughout the entire time had approached various hair stylists and gathered thousands of tips. Below are some tips for straightening thick hair, which comes directly from a professional hair stylist:

1. Use oils in wet hair

Using oil in wet hair

Oils can easily be absorbed into the hair follicles and strands. The advantage of using oils is that oils work as a heat protectant as well. So, by applying oil, you can also get the benefits of heat protectants and heat serum. Use thicker oils. For examples, linseed oil and argan oil These oils are thick enough to penetrate through your thick hair and make the hair ready for straightening. Just apply these oils to your hair when your hair is wet. You will get better results when you style your hair. You can also use some oil to tame the small frizzes in your hair after styling.

2. Dry your hair

Drying hair - V2 July

Do not use hair straighteners on wet hair. It will burn your hair. So, be cautious! Dry down your hair by air-drying or use a blow-dryer. However, hair specialists suggest using a blow dryer in the hair straightening process because air-drying is time-consuming and as well as this method of drying is very harmful to the hair. Air-drying plays role in the bacterial build-up in the hair and also makes the hair prone to breakage. So, blow-dry your hair roughly and make it dry. Just move your hair-dryer rapidly over your hair as you make some sections in your hair. Blow-dry until your hair is completely dry.

3. Thick hair calls for a HOT straightener

Straightening hair - V1 July

If your hair is thick, you need to put the temperature of your straightener to almost the maximum heat limit. If you ever faced the problem of repetitive movement of your hair straightener over the same section of your hair, then it might be because you set the temperature of your straightener too low! Repeating the straightener over the same section of your hair will simply cause your hair to damage and go static. So, increase the temperature to such a limit that it straightens your hair with one stroke! The thicker your hair, the more heat it will require to style perfectly.

4. Keep your overall styling goal in mind

Do you want a pin-straight hair or do you just want smooth hair? You need to decide this at first and remember that throughout the process.

If you want a smooth hair, just take big sections of your hair and move the straightener over it. Professionals suggest clamping the hair straightener very tightly over the hair while moving it downwards. This enables the heat to reach out to all the hair in that particular section, but most of the hair does not come in direct contact with the straightener. This results in smoother hair.

Again, on the contrary, if you want pin-straight hair, then you need to take small sections of your hair. But remember to straighten your hair by starting from the bottom sections. Do not use the straightener on the same section more than twice or thrice.

5. Volumize your hair

If you have thick hair, you might know the struggle of making your hair to not look flat! Thick hair naturally makes hair look flat as it weighs your hair down.

Use a blow-dryer and dry your hair upside down. This will lift the roots and add volume to your hair. You can also use volumizing sprays and also you can opt for dry shampoo! Yes, dry shampoos are great for adding volume. Add volume before straightening, and you will find that you solved the flat hair problem!

6. Brush your hair

Brushing hair

Focus on what I wrote, BRUSH your hair. Do not comb! I know that naturally, we opt for combing our hair. But, combing dry hair is harmful to your hair. As it might cause, breakage or split ends. Combing is for wet hair. For dry hair, brush it. Brush your hair while straightening or blow-drying.

So, these are the tips of a professional hair-stylist. Follow these tips and you will be free from a lot of struggle of straightening thick hair. You will have the hair that you always dreamt of!


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