How To Straighten Hair With A Blow Dryer

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Yes! You can straighten hair without a flat iron at home! Only a hair dryer and a round hair brush will be good enough to create the straight-ironed look!

These were the original tools that were used to achieve pin straight hair long before the flat iron was invented

However, it takes a lot longer to achieve the look, thus we have added some attachments with the blow dryer to speed up the process

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Although, expect result realistically because a person with extremely crimpy and curly hair won’t get the same result as the person with normal to lightly wavy hair

Things needed to create the flat ironed look without a flat iron

  • A wide-toothed comb or paddle brush for detangling
  • Hair dryer: 2000Watt or above with multiple heat settings and a cool shot button
    • A concentrator attachment and
    • A diffuser attachment (Optional)

For the best result, you will need to

  • Straighten hair right after washing your hair with shampoo
  • Use a super absorbent and anti-frizz towel to remove more water efficiently and faster
  • dry hair up to 80% using a powerful blow dryer with a diffuser Attachment

Pre straightening products

Depending on your hair type select from below

  • Use volumizing thermal serum if you have damaged, fine or thin hair but spare the roots
  • Normal to thick and wavy hair should spare the roots and condition only the bottom part of the hair
  • If you have dry, curly and voluminous hair then you may use a conditioner all over

Steps to straighten hair

  1. Detangle your towel dried damp hair with a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush
  2. Start detangling at the bottom and gradually go upwards to the crown
  3. Apply hair product according to your hair type as instructed before
  4. Put the diffuser on the blow dryer if you have thick, wavy, dry or curly hair
  5. People with more straighter hair can skip using the diffuser but it will quicken the straightening process and also add volume which is good for the thin to fine haired people
  6. After your hair is 70% dry put the flat concentrator nozzle on the blow dryer
  7. Hair dryer temperature settingsUse heat according to your hair type,
    • A high-temperature setting for the thick, curly long hair
    • Medium Temperature for the normal to wavy hair
    • Low Temperature for the fine, thin or damaged hair
  8. Make 1.5 to 2 inch long sections of hair
  9. Take a section from the bottom of the hair and clip the rest on the crown
  10. Take the round brush and hold it as close to the roots as possible of the section
  11. Take the section under the round brush and roll over just once
  12. Turn on the hair dryer to your specific heat
  13. Align the mouth of the concentrator horizontally with the round brush
  14. Now slowly pull both the hair dryer and the brush down together
  15. Repeat the same process on each section 2 to 3 times until you are satisfied
  16. Repeat the same process for the middle and the top as well
  17. After you are done with straightening just use the cool shot button all over your head to make the style last longer

Useful Tips

  • Avoid setting your hair in the bathroom right after taking a shower because the bathroom will be wet and humid so the hair dryer will not get hot properly and the humidity will also make your hair frizzy. Moreover, electricity and water is a hazardous combination so for the sake of safety and better styling Go to a different room
  • It’s best to use a medium-sized round brush but if you have thick and long hair then you may need a bigger brush so the diameter of the round brush will depend on the length and thickness of your hair
  • We have added the diffuser not only to speed up the process of hair drying but for also some extra volume. If you don’t have a diffuser attachment then just turn your head upside down and use the blow dryer from the nape to the bottom to add volume and dry hair at the same time


It’s amazing that it is even possible to create this chick and trendy straightened hair using just these plain simple tools at home and on your own!

Using the flat iron will be a little convenient but we all know how harsh it is to use it daily or even every other day. So, don’t damage hair and style it carefully so you can have healthier hair and look drop dead gorgeous without wasting time and money.