DIY: How To Deep Condition Straight Hair (Type: 1)

Featured Image Of DIY: Deep Conditioning with a Hair Dryer for the Type: 1 Hair

It’s a common misconception that since it’s naturally oily, fine straight hair doesn’t need conditioning. In fact, people with oily straight hair are constantly searching for products to cut the grease and volumize their hair.

Sadly, the more you shampoo to remove the oil from your scalp the more the sebaceous glands become aggravated and start to produce even more sebum making your scalp greasier!

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Thus you need to deep condition your oily straight hair almost as urgently as the people with dry hair.

Classification of the Straight Hair

Like any hair regime deep conditioning also depends profoundly on the hair type you have. Straight hair is classified as the Type: 1 – Straight hair. It is again subdivided into the following categories,

  • 1.a –The finest and thinnest hair of all, oily scalp and least volume
  • 1.b – Thicker but pin straight, a little more volume than 1a, soft and silky
  • 1.c – Thicker and has more volume with slight bends, normal texture

Why use a hair dryer to deep condition Type: 1 – Straight hair?

The problem is people with Type: 1 – Straight hair can’t use conditioner after shampoo because it makes their hair limp and may cause itchiness and dandruff too.

You need deep conditioning that makes your hair thicker and stronger. Tourmaline ceramic hair dryers assist the deep conditioning cream to enter the hair follicles faster without damage.

With regular use of this deep conditioning method gradually your scalp and hair will be less oily and your hair will lift up from the roots becoming stronger, thicker with more body.

Should you deep condition overnight instead?

The answer is no! Apart from that yucky oily feeling that comes with the overnight deep conditioning your hair may become softer and rip while you toss and turn restlessly itching and yanking your hair.

Not to mention it annoys our partners as well. Honestly, who can stand the oil stains and smell on the pillow?

The even ionic heat of the suggested hair dryer stimulates blood circulation making the roots stronger and helps the deep conditioning products to penetrate into the follicles faster.

Sleeping with a towel around your head to avoid oil stains is simply uncomfortable because it pulls your hair out and gives you headaches!

Oil sipping from your head on to the face and not being able to sleep can also cause acne breakouts!

The Tight-Budget Solution: Use an ionic hair dryer for Type: 1 – Straight hair with a soft bonnet attachment

The solution is to use a hair dryer suitable for the straight hair and a soft bonnet attachment to make the oil penetrate your hair a lot faster but safely! You can get the deep conditioning done in just about 30 to 40 minutes!

infiniti Pro by Conair 1875w salon performance ac motor hair dryer - V3 Apr

A great quality tourmaline ceramic hair dryer like Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer combined with Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment will do the trick!

The ionic healthy heat of that pro standard hairdryer gets distributed through the holes of the soft bonnet attachment and deeply conditions the scalp and hair evenly all over the head.

So no more unromantic overnight deep conditioning! Forget that uncomfortable turban and sleepless tired face with acne and no more excuses to not to deep condition your hair either.

Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Dryer Attachment - V4 Apr

Why waste time creating curls that just won’t last and instead straighten hair with this same hair dryer saving more time!

You can also volumize your pin straight hair with the diffuser and straighten little bends with the concentrator. Use the cool shot button, in the end, to lock the hairstyle until the next wash.

The alternative solution

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, Purple with White Bonnet

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer - V4 Apr

This Ionic soft bonnet dryer is designed perfectly for deep conditioning treatments. The ionic technology preserves moisture and the healthy uniform heat creates a sauna effect.

With 3 heat settings, you can select the best option for any category of the Type: 1 – Straight hair but it’s best to keep it at low. We want warmth and but not too hot to damage the scalp!

You can dry or curl your hair with Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer after washing the hair too. Use the cool setting to help set your chosen style until the next wash.

Things you need for deep conditioning the type: 1 – Straight hair

  1. A wide-toothed comb to detangle hair
  2. A rat-tail comb to make sections
  3. Hair mask
  4. Hair Oils
  5. A small bowl, preferably made of ceramic or food grade plastic
  6. A teaspoon to measure and combine the oils together
  7. Either (Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer +Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment) or (Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer)
  8. Your favorite playlist of relaxing music

The products you will need to deep condition the type: 1 – Straight hair

This measurement is suitable for the medium length straight hair with medium volume. Adjust your measurement by increasing or decreasing the amount of oil depending on your hair length and volume.

  • Ultrax Labs Hair Vigor Mask: 1 tsp – Clarify scalp and stimulate hair growth
  • Castor oil: ½ teaspoon – Thicken and condition hair
  • Coconut oil/ Sweet Almond oil: 1 tsp – Nourishment of hair
  • Pomegranate oil: ½ teaspoon – Unclog the hair follicles boosting hair growth
  • Rosemary oil- 7 to 8 drops – Treat scalp reducing greasiness

Note: here Tsp= teaspoon

  • If you don’t like the smell of the coconut oil you can replace it with the sweet almond oil
  • Decrease 1½ into 1 tsp and increase 1 tsp into 1½tsp depending on the volume and length of hair
  • Lower ½ tsp to ¼ tsp and 1 tsp to ½ tsp if you have either shorter hair or lesser hair, and
  • Increase ¼ tsp to ½ and ½ tsp to 1 tsp if you have longer hair and more hair

Note: Decrease or increase the amount in this same ratio for more or lesser

Step by step: Deep conditioning process for the type: 1 – Straight hair

Pour the oils into a ceramic bowl. If the coconut oil is solid then don’t microwave it! Microwaving oil can be hazardous and the nutrition of the oils may get spoiled.

Just keep boiling water below the bowl with the oils and stir to melt. We will use a hair dryer to give warm treatment safely and uniformly all over your head so no need to heat the oil.

When all the oils are in liquid form mix the hair mask to have a creamy texture so it can be easily applied

  • Detangle your hair from bottom to the top with a wide-toothed comb
  • Wet and detangle your hair from the bottom to the top gradually
  • Make 1-inch sections on the top, middle and the lower portion of your head with a rat tail comb
  • Dip your fingertip into the cream we prepared earlier
  • massage on each section and on the scalp
  • Don’t put the cream on your palm and rub vigorously and avoid crooked applicators
  • Bend your neck and tilt your head down, start massaging on the lower back of your head
  • Work your way up to the crown and down a couple of times
  • Don’t rub too much and gently rake your fingers through 2 to 3 times to distribute the oil
  • Don’t comb vigorously because your hair is more delicate at this moment
  • Gather hair in a bun and put the soft bonnet attachment
  • Turn on your hair dryer on low heat and maximum speed
  • Let the ionic healthy heat provide sauna treatment evenly through the holes of the bonnet
  • Relax by closing your eyes for 40 minutes to 1 hour and listen to your favorite playlist
  • Shampoo normally with a good volumizing shampoo
  • Don’t use any type of conditioners and use thermal protectant after you dry your hair

The Suggested products for type: 1 – Straight hair

Product typeProduct nameProduct details
Hair MaskUltrax Labs Hair Vigor Mask - Apr
Ultrax Labs Hair Vigor Mask Stimulating Caffeine Conditioning Hair Masque
Stimulating and conditioning hair mask. Hydrates and repair hair follicles from within to promote healthy, thicker looking hair growth
Castor oilOrganic Castor Oil By Sky Organics - Apr
Organic Castor Oil By Sky Organics
This oil is cold-pressed without heat or chemical like hexane thus the beneficial properties of this oil are pure with no additives.
Coconut oilViva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - V4 Apr
Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
This nourishing oil is a natural fungus fighter. May solidify in the cold weather. Microwave it for 10 to 15 seconds to melt it.
Sweet Almond oilNOW Sweet Almond Oil - V4 Apr
NOW Sweet Almond Oil
It is clear colored, light and nourishing oil. Sweet almond has no nutty smell like bitter brown almond oil
Pomegranate oilPomegranate Seed Oil by Leven Rose - Apr
Pomegranate Seed Oil by Leven Rose
100% Pure and boosts the hair growth, thick but spreads easily and doesn't feel greasy
Rosemary oilRadha Beauty Essential Oil - Apr
Radha Beauty Essential Oil
Stimulates hair growth, rejuvenates the scalp
Hair dryerConair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer - V1 Apr
Conair 1875 Watt Ionic
Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer
The Tourmaline Ceramic Technology helps prevent heat damage as well as Ionic Technology for voluminous & healthy hair with less frizz and more body. 3-heat & 2-speed settings for all the types of straight hair. Cool Shot button fixes style in place. Diffuser included for textured styles & Concentrator included for smooth styles
Soft Bonnet Attachment
Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment - V4 Apr
Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment
Adjustable jaw strap and side fitting drawstring to secure the Softhood in place. Over 120 ventilation holes for faster and even heat distribution making your limp hair stronger. Ideal for conditioning treatments and suitable for straight hair too
Soft bonnet dryerLaila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer - V4 Apr
Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer
Ionic soft bonnet dryer perfect for the deep conditioning treatments. Uniformly distributes heat. Hydrates and nourishes scalp promoting blood circulation for stronger, healthier & voluminous hair.
ShampooVitamins Hair Growth SHAMPOO - Apr
Vitamins Hair Growth SHAMPOO - 121% Regrowth and 47%
Clinically proven natural hair thickening treatment for straight hair made with Procapil, a patented formula found to grow hair by 121% and stop hair loss by 47%, plus organic castor oil, coconut oil, and more to nourish hair. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
After shower
Before drying
thermal spray
ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray - Apr
Thermal Hair Protector Spray
Protects against outdoor activities under the harsh sun & protects from damages due to humidity as well as heat styling tools.

The Do’s and the Don’ts of Type: 1 – Straight hair

  • Do deep conditioning regularly before shampoo to control sebum secretion back to normal.
  • Don’t shampoo daily to strip the natural oil from your scalp to over-activate sebum secretion.
  • Do deep conditioning in just 30 minutes with spa effect with the mentioned tools above.
  • Don’t use a heavy conditioner after you shampoo let alone using a leave-in conditioner.
  • Do deep conditioning and wash hair using a volumizing shampoo to lift your hair up.
  • Don’t use the high heat setting of the hair dryer when using it with the bonnet attachment

Maintaining healthy hair has never been easier. Everybody can spare 40 minutes no matter how busy they are and can do deep conditioning economically and conveniently at home.

Everyone who will practice this regime 2 times weekly will get voluminous, fuller, silkier, smoother and healthier hair in about 3 months. It takes time to replace sickly hair with healthier hair but in six months to a year, you will get heaps of hair and compliments too.