Why Men Should Blow Dry Their Hair

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Want to know the secret to great and fabulous hair? Well, the answer is- HOT AIR!

You might be surprised to hear that because hot air technically means using a hair-dryer. But in general, we have a mindset that hair-dryers are only for the females for styling their hair. Men’s hair takes care of itself, this is what we assume about man hair. But, no! This assumption is completely vague. In fact, you will be surprised to know how much a blow dryer can make a difference to men’s hair as well.

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A hair-dryer is an essential styling tool that a man should have in his arsenal. You can boost the volume of your hair, straighten your hair, add height to your hair with this simple tool. The heat from the hair-dryer can set your hair in whatever shape and direction you want and help you gain a more polished finish when it comes to hairstyling. Basically, a hair-dryer opens more hairstyling options and gives a polished and smooth look to your style, which is always better than your regular “good enough” hairstyle that you do without a hair-dryer.

Though hair-dryers consume a few minutes in your daily routine, you should never skip it. Below are some fabulous reasons why men should blow dry their hair:

1. Hair-dryer gives your hair a straight and sleek look

Straight and sleek hair

Worried about curly or wavy hair? Straight and sleek hair is like a dream to you? And you never always get the perfect sleek look with hair sprays pomade? Well, this is the moment you should grab a hair-dryer and make it a fixed companion of your daily routine. Hair-dryer can give you the straight hair you always wanted! Deep condition your hair while bathing and pat dry with a towel. Take up the hair-dryer and brush your hair. Follow the brush strokes with your dryer. Part the hair where you want and continue brushing with blow-drying. Finish the process with a little pomade or hairspray. You will get an amazing look with straightened hair, which you could never get without a hair-dryer.

2. Blow drying de-frizzes your hair

De-frizzing men hair

Not only women face the problem of frizzy hair, but also men are a victim of this problem. If you are a man, can you deny about being stressed about frizzy hair? This is another reason you should use a blow-dryer. Blow-dryers de-frizz hair. If in doubt, try it!

3. Hair-dryers lay the groundwork for tons of hairstyles

Men hairstyles
Blow-drying can save you time when you style your hair. How? Suppose, you are not using a blow-dryer. You come out of the shower and pat dries your hair. Can you use pomade or hair-spray to set your hair just immediately after pat-drying? No, you need to wait for your hair to dry, which is time-consuming. Now, imagine you have a blow-dryer. You can just get out of the shower and blow dry your hair immediately. Your hair will be dry within a minute, making it easy for you to style your hair in your desired way. You can use pomade or hairspray to set your style quickly. So, now you know why you should always use a hair-dryer!

4. Blow drying gives you the hair of your dreams

Wondered how the red carpet superstars manage to look so good and how their hairstyle just looks oh-so-amazing? They blow-dry their hair! Yes, that’s the key element to their perfectly amazing hair and hairstyle. A three-minute blow-dry can help you get a full, frizz-free, shiny and straight hairstyle which will make you feel like you are living a dream. A blow-dry even sets the hair cuticles in such a way that it becomes capable of holding the pomade or hair gel better.

5. It gives a smooth texture to your hair

Smooth textured men hair

Smooth hair is a goal for all men and women. For men, smooth hair might be a bit challenging, because they do not take care of their hair regularly. But, not to worry, hair-dryers are the savior here! After bathing, a short grooming session with the hair-dryer can help you achieve smooth and textured hair easily. The texture will be uniform and you will be able to do hairstyles, starting from messy hairstyles to styles like pomps and mohawks!

6. Blow drying your hair will increase your confidence

men blow drying hair
If you look good, you will feel good. And if you FEEL good, it will automatically boost your confidence! Your hair is something that can make or break your good looks. Imagine having frizzy, rough, and non-shiny hair. Will you ever feel good? No, you will always be distracted by your unhealthy hair. You will face weird comments and looks from the surrounding if you have bad hair. This problem is solved by hair-dryers. Hair-dryers can give you sleek and healthy looking hair. Hair-dryers can help you look neat and clean. You will look good with your hairstyle and will get compliments as well. Your confidence will be increased. The good feeling that you will get from your good hairstyle will be reflected in you throughout the day. Hair-dryers are a magic wand for your confidence.

So, what do you feel about hair-dryers? Despite being a man, will you embrace hair-dryers in your daily routine? I hope you do after reading the above reasons. Even if you are a man, hair-dryers can be your regular buddy.