Tips For Using Hair Dryer For Men

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Nowadays, men also use a blow dryer for styling. Well, not nowadays actually, men have been using hair dryers for decades! However, back then, the number of men wanting to utilize a blow dryer was very less. At present, almost every guy uses a blow dryer regularly. They wake up, take a shower and blow dry their hair and then go out. A proper blow dry can help achieve shiny and healthy hair in seconds! However, you need to know the proper and perfect technique to use the blow dryer.

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First of all, you need to get a good quality hairdryer. Below are some tips for choosing a good blow dryer:

  1. Buy a dual voltage blow dryer
  2. Look for options called cold shot button.
  3. Find a blow dryer with nozzles.
  4. The blow dryer should have proper temperature controlling button.

Now, let’s get to the tips for using a blow dryer for men. The tips and tricks that I will be sharing are pretty easy to apply and these will surely make a great difference to your hairstyling with a dryer. Read on!


1. Use heat protection before using a blow dryer

Men using heat protection spray

Most of the men tend to forget this part. But, in reality, this is the most important part of blow drying! If you want to have a perfect hairstyle with your blow dryer, you must use a heat protectant as well! This comes in various forms, like gel, liquid or spray. Just dab the heat protectant into your hair properly and then blow dry your hair. This will protect your hair from damage due to the heat of the dryer.

2. Use a round brush for volume

Men using round hair brush

If you want a voluminous hairstyle using a hair dryer, then opt for a round brush. Stylists suggest using a round brush in the Mohawk section of your hair. This will add volume to your hair while blow drying. And the sides should be tackled with a paddle brush.

3. Keep your hair dryer at least 6 to 8 inches away

Usually, men have shorter hair. So, it is very important to maintain a distance between your hair and the dryer. Otherwise, you might burn your hair and scalp as well! Scary, right?

4. Apply gels or hair sprays after blow drying

Applying gel in men hair

Applying hair spray or hair gels is very important to set the hairstyle that you made through blow drying.

5. Do not forget to use the cold shot button

Use the cold shot button at the end of blow drying. This will lock your style.

So, these are some major tips for men who blow dry their hair on a regular basis. Follow these tips and you will definitely notice the difference in your hair and hairstyle.


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