Men’s Hair Myths and Facts

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Hair for both men and women is made from the same genes on the chromosome. Some people keep the hair long, some people keep the hair short. The length is independent of any gender of the human being. Sex hormones determine hair type in the rest of the body. Baldness is generally hereditary along with a high presence of testosterone hormone in the body.

It is a common misconception that a good hair care routine with high-level shampoo and hair oil is best for hair quality improvement. But, this is not the truth.

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In this article, some myths and facts regarding men’s hair will be looked into.

  1. People think that dry scalp leads to dandruff: A type of fungus grows on the scalp which eats away the nutritious oil causing scalp to dry. This causes the formation of yellow colored scales which appear as dandruff on clothing. A very good quality high moisturizing conditioner can get rid of dandruff.
  2. A bald head is hidden when a man grows his hair long: This is actually the opposite. When hair is grown long, both the sides are covered more making the top of the head appear emptier. A good trick will be to keep all the hair the same trimmed small size giving more full headed with hair effect.
  3. Gray hair comes back with plucking: Pigment cells called melanocytes are the reason that hair of the man is the color they are. When melanocytes lose the ability to produce color, hair starts growing. Thus, however many times gray hair is plucked, it will never be the reason for more gray hair growing. Gray hair actually has dead hair cells and is more prevalent in smokers.
  4. Using two in one shampoo and conditioners: It is always better to use a high-quality shampoo, then a good quality conditioner washed after being left in place for a few minutes.
  5. Hair training: Men should have this realization by now that it is hard to train how someone’s hair grows. No method can enable someone as to how they can grow their hair. Once hair training products such as gel are stopped being used, the hair starts growing the way it is supposed to be grown.
  6. Wearing caps all the time will make a man go bald: This is totally a myth. Only way hair is lost by hair being pulled out permanently.
  7. Shaving increases hair and beard growth: Hair is made of protein. It is a follicle with no supply of blood. The human body does not understand when the hair is shaved. As the blood is not supplied, the information does not go to the hair. As a result, shaving does not accelerate hair and beard growth. This is actually increasing when a person ages.
  8. Hair can become a different color overnight: This is only true if any chemical reagent is used, that too very strong bleach.
  9. A person in stress will have grey hair: This is untrue. Greying of hair is dependent on genes.
  10. A foaming shampoo is better than a shampoo which does not foam a lot: Foaming shampoos have lots of sulfates which are not really good for the scalp. Sulfate free shampoo with glycerin is good enough to good the job.
  11. Blow Dryer: Use a blow dryer will increase hair fall. It is totally a myth. If you use hair dryer properly then there is no wrong. Since average men’s hair is short, do not use a blow dryer for a long time and set the heat settings low to avoid damage.

All in all, letting the hair grow naturally with moderate care is the best way to deal with hair. Too much shampoo and conditioner, too much chemical infested gels and pomades may be a temporary solution to control hair, but being natural is the best bet.


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