Most Common Hair Styling Mistakes Men Make And How To Fix Them

Featured Image Of Men's Hairstyling Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Men are also concerned about styling their hair, like women. They have their own trend and style to pull off. However, mistakes are not very uncommon while styling the hair. We are human and we do make mistakes! You will be surprised to know that men make a lot of mistakes during hairstyling. And the results of those mistakes? It might be an unpolished look or an aged look or even a coarse and dirty look!

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You will have both good and bad hair days along the way of your hairstyling routine. However, there might be some minor mistakes which are destroying your dream hairstyle and keeping you from looking fabulous. So, today, let’s discuss those common minor mistakes men make and also shed some light on the solutions.

Mistake 1 – You are shampooing your hair irregularly

Clean hair is the first and foremost condition of any perfect looking hairstyle. Shampooing your hair means that, you are cleaning all the grease and dirt that accumulated on your hair and scalp. If you do not shampoo regularly, your hair will become sticky and oily and it will also cause hair fall. On top of that, no hairstyle is going to set perfectly on your hair.


Men shampooing hair

First of all, get a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Do not fall for cheap products, as those might harm your hair. Shampoo your hair at least thrice a week. Scrub your hair with the shampoo at least for two minutes or three minutes. Scrub in different directions as this will increase the blood circulation of your scalp and stimulate growth as well. Maintain a regular routine of shampooing.

Mistake 2 – You are always opting for the wrong hairstyle

Probably, you like a haircut or hairstyle on your friend. And that person has a different facial structure and personality than you have. You are completely the opposite. However, since you like that hairstyle, you imitate that. Result? You are going to look like a complete disaster.


Just be honest with yourself and understand what type of personality you have. Try to match your hairstyle with your own personality, the hairstyle that you can pull off. Even when you go for a haircut, do take the advice of the hairstylist. You will save yourself from styling disasters!

Mistake 3 – You are using the wrong product

If you use the wrong styling product in your hair, you will never get your desired look. For example, if you have thin hair and you use a huge amount of pomade or styling gel, you will get clumps on the hair and this will show your scalp. This definitely is not good looking and is a big mistake.


Hair mousse

Use mousse! The easy solution to the big mistake. Thinning hair will get volume If you use mousse. You can also use hair dryers to add volume to your hair and get a fuller look.

Mistake 4 – Getting haircuts after too long every time

A long break between haircuts can cause long hair. Long hair means you need to take care of your hair more, you need to use more hair styling products as well. You will not be able to handle your long hair and set it to get a perfectly polished hairstyle.


Men getting hair cut

Cut your hair every three or four weeks. Trim your hair. This will help you to make your hair more manageable and smooth.

Mistake 5 – You constantly touch your hair all day

If you constantly keep on touching your hair after styling your hair, then this might be a silly mistake you might be doing. Touching the hair transfers a lot of oil and grease to the hair. And, as a result, the hair weighs down. Also, the constant touching of the hair damages the scalp.


Just remember the phrase, “Set it, forget it”. Yes! Set your hair with your styling product. Give it a final touch and forget about your hair. Let your hair be!

Mistake 6 – You are not drying your hair in the proper way

Well, this is a very common and silly mistake! Men often tend to give less importance to hair drying, as their hair is usually short. They do not consider the harmfulness of air-drying the hair. They let the hair dry naturally, and it results in hair breakage and bacterial accumulation on the scalp. Weak hair is very hard to style and it often does not hold the style for a long time.


Men hair drying - V2 July

Use a good quality hair dryer for men to dry your hair. After showering, pat dries your hair with a towel and use a hairdryer. This will dry your hair and a short period of time and you will be able to style your hair in a better way. Blow-drying also enables the hair to hold the hairstyle for a longer time.

So, these are few common mistakes men make while hairstyling. If you are committing any of these mistakes, then that might be the reason behind your not-so-perfect hairstyle. I even shared the solutions. The solutions are pretty easy and anyone can follow these solutions to get a perfectly polished hairstyle. Try practicing these solutions and you will definitely find good results!