How To Finger Dry Men’s Hair

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It may seem to you that drying men’s hair is not at all a difficult job. Their hair is small in length. As a result, there is a misconception that drying men’s hair is extremely easy. Unfortunately, you are wrong. Though men’s hair is small in length, their hair also needs some special care while drying. No matter what is the length of your hair, if you don’t know the proper way to dry your hair then eventually you are going to ruin your amazing hair. So men, be very careful. Often you rub your hair in such a way that there is no tomorrow. Well! You are doing nothing but ruining your hair. Just learn how to finger dry your hair. It’s easy and undoubtedly beneficial for all of those clumsy men who just rub their hair like hell to dry! Here is a step by step process to make it clear for you.

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1. Towel dry your hair

Bath towel

The very first step to finger dry your hair is to use a towel. Use a towel and obviously look for the fabric of the towel. Try to use towels made by cotton fabrics. Just gently pat the towel and rinse the water off your hair. Men, please be careful. Never rub the towel with extra force. You will get nothing but a massive hair fall. Be gentle with your hair, pat dry it and slowly let it dry. Unless your clumsy hair rubbing will gift you bunch of broken hair or freezes.

2. Use a skeleton comb

Skeleton hair comb

This step is crucial. Don’t just go for any random comb to finger dry your hair. Use skeleton comb. This comb has special ability to detangle your hair as well as smoothen your frizzes. Smoothly brush your hair with this comb. Remember you have to be gentle. Your gentle attitude will provide you with gentle feedbacks.

3. Avoid blow dryer or air dryer

Why do you need such dryers? Just wait for a while. Your hair will dry naturally. Unless your hair is extra long you don’t need any of these tools. Just back-brush your hair with your fingers. Your fingers are capable enough. You need a bit of patience. That’s all! Just sit for a while beneath the cooler or fan. Use your fingers as your natural brush. Let enough air enter in your hair. This is the natural process and by far the best process. It may seem to you a bit backdated but trust me. Just give it a chance. Excessive use of blow dryer as well as air dryer makes your hair too much dry. It snatches away the natural moisture from your hair leaving lifeless, dull as well as dry hair. So the choice is upon you. What do you want?

If you are a very busy person and do not have enough time to do it, then use a blow dryer for a shorter period of time.

4. The final touch up

If you’ve followed the previous steps then your hair is almost dry. It’s time for the final touch up. Just brush it again. set your hair. It’s up to you.

Men hair gel for final touch up
You can use your favorite hair gel to set up your hair or you can just keep it natural. This is the finishing touch for your hair. Once you’ve finished this then you’re all set.

Maintaining hair is not at all an easy task. No matter what the length is, men’s hair also needs proper care. You can’t just ignore your hair men. If you don’t want to be a bald guy then follow these steps. It will help you to finger dry your hair without snatching away the natural moisture of your hair.


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