Hair Drying, Heat Damage And Your Beard

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Styling and grooming are no longer confined to the female world anymore. Nowadays, even men are into styling their hair. Not only hair, but men are also grooming their beard as well. To some men, grooming and styling their beard have become a routine.

Beard sets the standard of “manliness” nowadays. Though men are not too much hyped about getting a facial or face pack, they are definitely concerned about their skin and hair, most importantly, beard! Guys, it’s 2018 and you should make your beard grooming a part of your daily life!

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Naturally, beards are thicker and curlier. And to tame this mane, you might have trouble even if you use balm, comb or oil. No single product will relieve you from the fuss. However, there is a thing that can help you tame your unruly mane! Guess what that is? Well, It’s the HAIR DRYER! It might sound a little weird, but you know what, it’s time to get weird if you want to rock your style with your perfectly set beard.

You might be confused about the reason for using a blow-dryer for men. Here’s goes some points for you to understand why it’s important:

Reasons why you should use a blow-dryer

Reasons of using blow dryer

  1. Blow-dryers train your hair! It makes your beard do exactly what you want it to do. Just use some heat while you brush and see the magic.
  2. It becomes easier to work, brush and style your beard.
  3. Application of some heat can cut down more than 50% time of grooming your beard.

Want to know the science behind such workability of blow-dryers on beard and hair? Keep reading!

Blow-drying explained with science

When you were in grade-8, I think you learned about hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bond becomes weak as heat is applied. Your hair is formed and structured with hydrogen bonds. When you use a blow-dryer, these bonds weaken and enable you to change the structure and shape of the hair. Sounds fun, right?

Now, let’s learn the steps to perfectly blow-dry your beard. Follow the steps below and share them with your friends.

Steps to blow-dry your beard

Drying beard
Get a hair-dryer! Yes, that is the first thing you have to do. And do not ignore the nozzle. Buy a hair-dryer with a nozzle or you can always buy I separate. This little tool is very important in saving your beard from excessive heat. It works like a diffuser. It will protect your beard from unnecessary heat. After you get a hair-dryer, follow the steps below:

  1. Wash your beard and dry it by tapping with a towel.
  2. Pat some beard oil into your beard and brush it. It will help to spread the oil.
  3. Brush your beard in the direction you want to style it. Blow-dry your beard along with the brush strokes. But keep in mind that you need to keep at least 6-9 inches gap between your dryer and your beard. Otherwise, you might end up burning your beard!
  4. Style as you wish. When you are done, set your dryer to the cold setting. Why? Read the section above named “blow-drying explained with science”. You will understand that heat enables you to style your hair as you wish because it weakens the hydrogen bonds in the structure of your hair. Cool air does the opposite. So, after styling, when you exert cool air, the hydrogen bonds will get stronger and lock your beard in the style you set it.
  5. Afterward, apply some extra beard oil. You can also use balm or styling gel if you want.

You can style your beard in whatever way you like. Just follow the steps above. And please do not forget to use some beard oil before applying heat, as it works like a heat-protectant as well.

Heat damage might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about hair-dryers. However, there are some facts you need to know about heat damage.

Heat damage and beard

Hair-dryers produce heat and help to style your hair. It is definitely true that constant heat can damage your hair follicles and make them coarse and rough. However, this is not always the case. If you use the dryer properly, then hair-dryers can do more benefit than damage!

Air drying your beard is actually harmful because the water stays in your beard for a longer time. This causes the hair follicles to break and produce bacterial growth. But if you use a hair-dryer, you can save your hair from this situation. According to a study, it has been found that if you apply heat to your hair with a minimum distance of 15cm, your hair will not be damaged. Rather, it will make your beard better. So, heat damage comes in when you use the dryer improperly. Use it in the proper way to save your beard from damaging.

Style your beard without fear and look like a superstar. Here are some tips for you to remember:

  1. Use a nozzle with your hair-dryer.
  2. Keep your dryer at least 6 inches away from your beard.
  3. Use beard oil to keep your beard healthy.
  4. Do not hold your dryer at the same direction for a long time.
  5. Do not use the dryer without conditioning your beard.

Best of luck with your beard game!


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