Expert Hair Care Tips For Men

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Hair care is a must for all, irrespective of men and women. Just because you are a man, does not mean that you escape taking care of your and still look good! Hair care is not only for men, but it is also a compulsory activity for men, of course only if you do not want to look untidy or shabby! There are some variations in the hair care process for a man if they are compared to that of women.

Hair problems like breakage, greasiness and product build-up are very common. Even if you are a man, can you state that you never faced these problems? No. Aren’t you tensed about your losing your hair? Aren’t you subconsciously looking for solutions to prevent hair fall? Don’t you at times want to look like the red-carpet superstars? Well, we all know that the answers are yes. But probably most of the men won’t say it aloud! Even if you don’t, we are here to hear your inner desire to have good and perfect looking hair.

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We know that most of the hair care tips around the internet are inclined towards women. But do not worry at all, mates! Here, we will share with you about 10 hair care tips only for men. Read on!

1. Take lukewarm showers

Men lukewarm showers
Do not opt for too cold or too hot showers. This is a big NO! Because there are a lot of blood capillaries in your scalp. Showering with cold water might block those capillaries and cause harm to your scalp. This can be actually disastrous for your scalp. And on the other hand, if you stand under hot water, your hair and scalp might lose all the necessary oils and moisture. As a result, your hair might become coarse. So, the best solution is, opt for lukewarm water. This is ideal for the good health of your scalp and hair!

2. Trim your hair regularly

Men trimming hair
Every 4 to 6 weeks, trim your hair. Maintain this routine. Trimming your hair can help you to prevent hair thinning and hair fall as well. It will always keep you neat and tidy and ready for any cool hairstyle! However, you also need to pay attention to the timing of your visit to the barber or stylist. Choose a time when the stylist can provide you with undivided attention. I would suggest going to the barber either in the first appointment of the day, or the last appointment. However, going for the first appointment is always the best, because the stylist remains freshest at that time.

3. ALWAYS pat dry your hair

Men drying hair - v1 May
Generally, men think that if they rub their hair with the towel, their hair will dry faster. However, in reality, this is not the case at all. Rubbing the hair roughly with a towel does more harm than good. Because, when the hair is wet, the follicles are weak and vulnerable. So, when you rub your hair with your towel, your hair strands might break and this might also cause a lot of hair fall! So, do not rub your hair. Rather pat dry your hair, you will see your hair quality improving.

4. Dry your hair with a hair-dryer, but keep it cool

After pat drying your hair, do not let your hair air dry. Because this will cause bacterial growth in your scalp. Dry your hair with a blow-dryer. But always remember to keep the temperature very low. And end your drying process with the cold setting function in your dryer.

5. Always carry a comb

Portable men hair comb
A slight and simple touch of the comb can keep your hairstyle perfect throughout the whole day. Carry a comb and brush through your hairstyle whenever required. And when you need to style your hair on the way due to some sudden plan, you can always set your hair instantly by wetting a comb and running through your hair.

6. Use vinegar for shiny hair

Every once in a while, rinse your hair with household vinegar. Vinegar has the property to restore the pH balance of your hair, which in turn can make your hair silky and smooth. The roughness due to washing hair completely fades away!

7. Wet your hair before getting into the pool

Pool water is chlorinated. Chlorine is very harmful to hair. The chlorine molecules bond with the protein molecules in hair and make the hair dull and coarse. It also causes breakage. So, what you can do is, wet your hair thoroughly before you get in the pool for swimming. Wetting the hair works like a dilution process, where the chlorine gets cannot affect the hair follicle adversely. You can also apply conditioner in your hair before getting into the pool. This also helps.

8. Do not over-wash your hair

Men washing hair
Over-washing is a very common mistake men do. Washing the hair more than the requirement will only make the hair rough and brittle. Coarse hair is very tough to deal with and it also does not look good! Washing hair every day just makes the hair drier. So, wash your hair only once or twice a week. Use conditioner after every wash. You will see that your hair is becoming more manageable and smoother.

9. Add a pre-styling product when your hair is damp

Men using hair product
Guys are mostly concerned about the products that they need to use to give a smooth finishing to their hairstyle. However, they often miss out on the products to use before styling the hair. Seal salt sprays and mousses are great products to use before styling the hair when the hair is wet. Using these products creates the real impact in styling and reflects better outlook.

10. Wash your hair with eggs

Men washing hair with eggs
Well, that sounds absurd, right? But washing your hair with an egg every month can make your hair look shinier and smoother! Eggs provide with protein to your hair. So, washing your hair with eggs can actually make your hair healthier.

So, these are some expert hair care tips for men. Try to implement these tips in your hair grooming routine, you will definitely get good results!