How Can I Make My Frizzy Hair Smooth And Straight Naturally?

Featured Image Of How Can I Make My Frizzy Hair Smooth And Straight Naturally?

Are you tired of your frizzy hair? Do your hair gets curled up after some time of taking shower? Do you want frizz-less straight and smooth hair naturally? We are here to afford you visible changes in your frizzy and coarse hair.

If you want to transform your wavy and frizzy hair into straight and smooth style up, it may require the manifold use of hair dryers, flat irons, and chemicals. In short, it will require you heat settings that will in the long surely damage your stands.

We present you some DIY professional tips on keeping your hair super smooth and soft naturally!

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Step by Step Process for Smooth and Straight Hair

1. The appropriate Shampoo

Girl using shampoo

It is essential to start with the right shampoo and the proper conditioner for your hair as these are the basics of straight frizz-free hair. Select one shampoo that goes with your hair type. After washing your hair, try to get moisture to your hair.

The more moisture, the softer hair!

Now you have to apply a proper smoothing cream. If you are not ready for creams then go for leave-in conditioner and one smoothing oil or serum so that you can prepare your hair for a perfect wash. The total hair washing process should be done in cold water as hot water will make your hair rough.

2. Towel Dry your Hair

Drying hair with towel - V1 Sep

You might be thinking if the towel has any job here or not. Let us assure you that any ultra-absorbent towel is our first preference. According to Engelsen, if you have fine or medium (less coarse) hair then heat-free techniques for straightening your hair will be your best bet.

Try not to rub hair when it is wet. You have to hold your hair tight to let the excessive water of your hair fall down. Now you have to wrap the towel over your hair and gently squeeze the excess water from your hair.

3. Brush Wet Hair

Brushing wet hair

After squeezing the extra water from your hair, your hair will seem a little wet. Now you have to brush this wet hair until your hair dries properly. Try to use brushes or combs that have wide tooth otherwise your hair will get tangled. Narrow toothed brush or comb can also be the reason for hair fall.

You have to continue the brushing process every five minutes. Pull out each strand and hold that part of hair so that you can encourage it for straightening out.

4. Hair Dryer and Hot Rollers for Hair Care

Heating may cause you damage but using the right product may lessen your damage to an extreme extent. You can air dry your hair if you want to. But in this year of 2018, do people really have time to air dry their hair?

Hair drying - V1 Sep

You are always in a rush and so you have to use dryers to dry your hair in the least time possible. Go for any hair dryer which supports frizzy hair and can reduce the heat damage. Always try to use dryers in the LOW-temperature setting and LOW speed to lessen frizz.

If you want to add volume to your straight hair then use hot rollers at the top of your head. This will keep your hair straight and at the same time voluminous.

5. Night Care for Smooth Hair

Night hair care

Try to select a pillowcase which is made of silk. Pillowcase made of other material such as cotton will absorb the moisture from the hair. It will lead you to dull and dry hair. You can also wrap your whole hair into a silk scarf whenever you go to bed and as a result, it will lock the moisture of your hair to keep it silky.

6. Use Hair Oil and Protein Hair Packs

Using hair oil - V1 Sep

If you have frizzy hair, you have to maintain providing food to your hair. Hair oil is the food of your hair. Use any coconut oil, olive oil or any kind of oil twice a week to keep it soft. To keep your hair shiny and straight, settle on Argan oil.

You can also go for hair packs and other natural elements to keep hair straight and smooth. Go for one ripe banana and 2 spoons of honey and mix them to straighten your hair. Coconut milk will also smoothen your hair. To reduce frizz add half avocado with a ripe banana. Apply any mask or pack for 30 minutes and rinse off.

7. Trim Down Your Hair Regularly

Hair trimming

Try to trim down your hair every two months. You will face split ends in the ends of your hair if you do not trim your hair regularly. Not trimming will lead you to excessive split ends and from the ends of your hair, the split ends will go to the upper body of your hair. As a result, your hair will get coarse day by day. Trimming will lessen hair damage and keep it smooth and straight.

Final Decree

Do you think damage can prevent you from doing style? Never! So, you will definitely run irons and chemicals on your hair when you are doing parties and hangouts if you need. But if you want to get smooth hair naturally in your daily life then you can go through our recommended process that will require less heat and chemical and more damage-free styling. Go smooth, straight, go trendy!