Natural And Synthetic Causes Of Frizzy Hair

Featured Image Of Major Natural and Synthetic Causes Of Frizzy Hair
Whether fine, thick, wavy, coarse or curly, your hair is prone to frizz for genuine reasons. As the core cause of frizz in hair is dryness, anything that makes your hair shaft drain its necessary level of moisture is to blame for it. The major reasons for frizzy hair can be divided into two categories which are Natural Causes and Synthetic Causes.

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Natural Causes of Frizzy Hair:

By natural causes, it means unadulterated and non-human caused reasons that can affect your hair and cause frizz. Following are the natural causes that turn your hair frizzy.

Synthetic And Other Causes:

Use and misuse of various hair products and machines while intending to care for the hair also damages hair and creates frizz. Also, not knowing the science of the simple hair care routine and thus doing them the wrong way may cost your hair a lot. Following the reasons that may be causing damage and frizz in your hair induced by your unawareness of hair care procedures and usage of products.

The 10 major Natural and Synthetic reasons for frizzy hair are as follows:

1. Humidity:

Your hair is more sensitive to humidity than you can imagine. In fact, your hair can change its length basing on the level of humidity in the air. Some hygrometers (devices used to measure humidity in the air) even use hair because of how much the length can fluctuate with exposure to humidity. Every time your hair gets wet and then is dried, new hydrogen bonds are being formed breaking the previous bonds. In a humid season, the water molecule gets absorbed by your hair and then turned into new hydrogen bonds in a higher rate than other seasons because of abundant water molecules in the air, and thus when dried, the hair loses its linear shape and curves the shape into waves. The hair that has waves has more cross-sectional points when they get wavy making it more prone to breakage, resulting in more frizz.

2. Dehydration:

Your body can get dehydrated in summer because of the heat and humidity causing you to sweat. Or even during the winter when the sweat is vaporized with high metabolism in the body, dehydration in your body can cause your hair strands to get dry. Dry hair does not have enough moisture or nourishment and thus the cuticles are also malnourished and more prone to breakage that results into frizz.

3. Scalp Oil Deprivation:

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Your scalp naturally secretes oil that penetrates hair to keep them healthy and moisturized. But this little amount is not always enough to make it down till the end of the hair shaft. This results in malnourishment of the hair and causes dryness that ends into breakage and frizz. Use oils that can better penetrate your hair for solutions. You may try Poppy Austin Pure Argan Oil to nourish your hair by natural conditioning.

4. Hair dying and bleach:

If you have over processed your hair with chemicals that come from bleaches and hair dyes, the layers of your hair, especially the cortex and the cuticle will lose its integrity and thus become more prone to breakage and frizz.

5. Overuse of shampoo:

Your hair should be shampooed just two or three times a week to keep it healthy. Overdoing it can leave your hair dry which will result in frizz.

6. Using a shampoo with higher pH:


If your shampoo is high in pH then it is more alkaline and there is a higher chance for your hair to break and get frizzy.

Choose shampoos that mention lower pH for help. The best pH level for a Shampoo is 5 to 7. You may want to try TREE TO TUB SOAPBERRY FOR HAIR shampoo which is great for scalp oil nourishment and pH balance.

7. Lack of conditioner:

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Conditioners balance the moisture levels of the hair. If you aren’t conditioning your hair with oils, conditioners or by other means, your hair will get dry and thus will result in frizz. CHI offers some really good conditioners that can help reconstruct your damaged hair. Try CHI Keratin Conditioner which is great for frequent use.

8. Using the wrong hairbrush:

If you are using brushes made of metals or thermal brushes and with sharp teeth, you are harming your hair by damaging the cuticles. The edges of a metal brush will shed your hair, while thermal brushes will conduct heat and might result in waviness and frizz. Use brushes that are mainly made of plastic-based materials.

9. Protein and moisture imbalance:

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The hair products you are using may not be giving you the correct protein to moisture balance, which is causing you frizz. If you are regularly heat styling, you may have frizz more due to an imbalance of protein and moisture. Hair is made out of protein, and thus protein is essential. But overusing protein-based hair treatments may dry your hair without having the correct level of moisture to balance it. To balance it, your hair needs deep conditioning. You may like L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm which will thoroughly repair and reconstruct your hair, seal the chipped hair cuticles and retain the protein-moisture balance.

10. Using the wrong hairdryer:

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If your hairdryer is only designed to produce heated air without taking into consideration the health and quality of your hair, it will create further frizz in your hair. It is important to choose hairdryers that ionize the heating and use technologies that enhance the quality of the cuticle layer like ceramic, or tourmaline technology. You may like T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer which is a great tourmaline-infused hair dryer for frizz-free drying and styling.

While the natural causes are inevitable, the synthetic causes are very much in your control. Proper caring by using the right hair products can deal with frizz in hair in a much better way regardless of the causes. Therefore, it is important to know the science of hair damage and study the ingredients of your hair products to know if they can really make a difference.