How To Prevent Frizzy Hair After Shower

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The hair you have is created with an inner cortex and an external layer which is called cuticle (protection shield for your hair). But for humidity, excessive styling, damage and lack of moisture can agitate the cuticles of your hair and make it frizzy. How you care for your hair after each shower will decide how less frizzy your hair is.

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Guidelines and Tips

Before acquainting with what you should do after showering, we will take a look at the shower segment.

Applying Shampoo and Conditioner

Applying shampoo

Sulfate may be great as it can strip away dirt and clean hair properly but it also strips away natural oils for your hair. Try using any sulfate-free shampoo or glycerin-packed shampoo that will lock your natural oils.

After shampooing, you have to condition your hair with something that will not only keep your hair smooth but also protect your hair from damage. Try to use protein infused conditioners which are renowned for frizz control. This kind of conditioner supplies required protein to your hair which reduced damage and frizz and keeps your hair glossy.

Now that you are done with the proper shower segment, we will move into the after-shower segment. We will provide you the best solutions for keeping your hair out of frizz.

Use your fingers

Using fingers as a comb

When you use combs or brushes, they may create friction which damages your hair. Dry brush or comb may boost the amount of frizz on your hair. The better solution is when your hair is wet; use your fingers to detangle the hair so that it remains smooth when it dries.

Use the finger from the top of your hair and glide smoothly to the end. Do not force the hair for detangling rather you should be careful and use your fingers at a snail’s pace.

Avoid the Towel Section

People are more likely to tie up their hair with a towel after every wash to get it dry. But is that necessary? Or it harms more? Regular towels can cause friction that directs you to frizzy hair.

Gentle microfiber cloths or t-shirts will be the better option to go for instead of a towel. Microfiber cloths do not create friction and help your hair dry without causing frizz.

Air-dry or Blow-dry?

There are misconceptions regarding air-drying hair and blow-drying hair. Drying hair naturally always does less damage than blow-drying. But, blow drying is the best option when you are in a hurry. If you are a woman with straight hair then you can use the blow dryer directly. Use of any concentrator while drying straight hair will help your dry hair perfectly.

If you are a woman with curly hair then drying hair with a diffuser is much required. The diffuser will diffuse the airflow of your hair dryer so that your hair does not get in touch with excessive hot air. By the way, your hair is served the adequate amount of air which leads to less frizzy and smoother hair.

Diffuser always helps to reduce the amount of heat-damage because it prevents direct heat to the hair. We recommend using diffuser whenever your dry hair.

 Reduce the use of Heat Stylers

No matter what, heat damages hair. The best way to reduce damage and frizz is to prevent using heat stylers. Does that mean you have to go out of fashion? No, definitely not. You can reduce the amount of heat styling by using the devices less.

If you blow dry your hair frequently, try to invest in high-quality blow dryer with a diffuser. Diffuser lessens your hair from getting frizzed.

Do not use a blow dryer to dry your entire hair after a shower. Let the hair air-dry till 80% of your hair is dry. Afterward, you can blow-dry your 20% wet hair with the help of any blow-dryer. You will see an instant difference.

Apply Styling Products

Applying styling products

If you want to lock in the moisture of your hair, you should apply the styling products just after you get out of the shower. When your hair is 60%-70% dry, you can use the styling products. This is because it facilitates your hair to absorb the styling products for the protection of your hair.

If you are a woman with a little wavy or fine hair, then you can go for hair mousse. Mousse doesn’t weigh the hair down so much and so you can keep pace with a little volume too. Alternatively, if you have got thick hair, settle on hair creams or hair gels which will hold up the definition with no trouble.

To reduce frizz, certify to use the products at the end of your hair because usually, the ends of your lock dry fast. Avoid using the products to your scalp as it will make your hair look greasy.

To Conclude

All type of hair calls for care and if you have frizzy hair then it requires additional to take care. Be careful of using products and always be choosy.

Use high quality branded devices and products to lessen the frizz from your hair. And do a little research before applying any scheme. They say hair is beautiful and we say you are the beautician!