How to Manage Thick & Frizzy Hair

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I know how unmanageable thick & frizzy hair can be! I am also among those people who have thick hair. The main problem is to maintain this type of hair. Hair loss is a common problem for thick & frizzy hair. People of thick & frizzy hair should avoid those shampoo & conditioners, which increase the volume of the hair. Otherwise, you have to cut the corners while combing the hair.

But the good news is, when there is a problem there is a solution! This kind of hair has a solution, too. So, let’s take a quick look on below points.

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1. Start it with a good oil massage

Emami 7 oil

Try to apply oil to the root & hair minimum thrice a week. Hot oil massage is more effective. Apply the oil at night before shampoo or if you don’t get time then apply it before 1hour. In this case, I would recommend “Emami 7 oil” for you, as it is a very good product for thick & frizzy hair.

2. A healthy wash is needed!

Washing your hair three or four times a week is healthy rather than a daily wash. But do not use any volume increasing shampoo as you have enough of it! Use smoothing shampoo, as “Dove hair care”. It will not increase your hair volume rather smooth it with care. Mix a little bit of water and salt in your shampoo for having the best condition.

3. Use a perfect hairdryer

Xtava55 Millimeter Double Bristle Round Hair Brush & T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

Xtava55 Millimeter Double Bristle Round Hair Brush & T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

After washing the hair, let it dry 60% by natural air. Then do a six or seven or more section of your hair according to the density. Take the hair dryer and dry it from the root. Don’t jump to the next section without drying the previous one completely. I know it needs patience but trust me it will decrease your frustration about the hair. While doing the blow drying, use a boar bristle brush. It will straight & unscrambles your hair for day long before the second wash. Your hair will look more gorgeous and shiny. I will recommend “Xtava55 Millimeter Double Bristle Round Hair Brush” for thick hair as it can be used to style your hair at the time of blow drying, too. “T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer” is the best dryer for frizzy hair. It is lighter in weight and has five heat settings with other benefits. So, if you can grab both of these products together, you are ready to attract the crowd that day!

4. Don’t forget the best friend!

Yes, best friend of your hair. Conditioning your hair is the most important thing to do. You can condition your hair in various ways, by using some home remedies. Vinegar, sour curd, honey, egg, lemon etc can condition your hair easily and at a cheap rate as well. But your hair needs a professional care, too! You can use “Dove Conditioner” along with the shampoo I mentioned previously. Apply the conditioner to the whole hair but do not touch the root as it can cause hair fall. Leave it for 5 to 7 minutes.

DevaCurl DevaTowel

Wash it with cold water and use a microfiber towel as “DevaCurl DevaTowel” for your frizzy hair or you can use your old t-shirt if you do not have the budget now. But try to avoid cotton towels, always.

5. Never forget the hair pack

Use a hair pack which suits your skin and hair, both. Applying a hair pack, weekly will absorb the excess oil of your hair & root and sooth your hair. Remember; always use the hair pack on clean hair. This will keep your hair light and lively. I use “Henna Hair Pack” mixing some lemon & honey into it. It really works effectively on hair.

Kevin Murphy UN.TANGLED

Frizzy & Thick hair will no more a curse to you if you follow the above tips including using bobby pins, soft scarf, some ribbon to tie your hair while sleeping or in the air, sun protectant as “Kevin Murphy UN.TANGLED”, it moisturizes hair and adds a shield that fights against heat from the styling tools and the Sun both. I hope, now you can manage your hair nicely & grab the attention of the party!


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