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There are plenty of hair dryers in the market that is swearing by its technology that reduces frizz. But if you are just as skeptical about them as hair experts are, you are on the right track.

Before falling for their clever advertising, you need to do your own little research on how exactly frizz can be controlled using such technologies. Are these brands living up to their claims for frizz control or are they exaggerating? To be absolutely sure, you need to know how the available technologies work to rescue your frizz-prone hair.

Before deciding what you should be buying for your frizzy hair and getting into details about what a good hair dryer can do to reduce your everyday hair problems, it is important to know the root causes of frizzy hair.


What is frizzy hair?

Hair and its basic cell structure consisting of three layers. They are Medulla, Cortex, and Cuticle.

  • Medulla is the innermost layer which functions like the marrow or pith of the hair.
  • Cortex is the mid-layer which is 75% of hair cells and holds moisture and pigment of the hair.
  • Cuticle Layer is the outermost layer that is fibrous in texture and is translucent to let the hair pigment show through it. This layer shields the cortex and protects it from getting damaged.

The cuticle layer is where frizz takes place. This layer bears the most damages while trying to be the savior to the inner layers. As the cuticles get damaged, its fibrous scale like structure gets chipped.

As the cuticles get chipped, the moisture that the cortex layer was holding, passes through the raised ends. This results in dryness of the hair shaft and thus frizz becomes inevitable.

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What are the causes of frizz in your hair?

Frizzy Hair

The major reasons for frizz in your hair regardless of your hair type can be divided into two major categories which are Natural causes and Synthetic causes. The following chart may be helpful to understand the causes better.

Natural Causes of Frizz in Hair

  • Humidity which makes your hair absorb more water molecules resulting in frizz.
  • Dehydration can cause your hair strands to get dry and make the hair cuticles prone to breakage and frizz.
  • Deprivation of scalp oil which malnourish hair and makes it dry and frizzy.

Synthetic Causes of Frizz in Hair

  • Hair dying and bleach which damages hair with harmful chemicals.
  • Overuse of shampoo making your hair too dry.
  • Using a shampoo with higher pH which will break hair cuticles.
  • Lack of conditioning leading to dry and damaged cuticles.
  • Using metal and thermal hair brushes and causing friction and heat conduction.
  • Using hair-dryers that do not neutralize heating.

While the natural causes are inevitable, the synthetic causes can be prevented for best frizz-free results.

Hair Types and Causes of Frizz

As mentioned, the natural and synthetic causes of hair damage and frizz apply to all types of hair. However, the level of frizz in hair may vary depending on the thickness of the layers of the hair tissues and its shape.

Basing on the shape and thickness, hair can be categorized into three major types which are: Thin or fine hair, Normal or thick hair, Curly or coarse hair. How frizz and its impact can vary depending on these hair types are discussed as follows:

Why does thin or fine hair get frizzy?

Very thin or fine hair has a lesser volume of hair cells comparing to other types of hair. Although all hair types have three layers of tissues in hair, which are Medulla, Cortex and Cuticle, very fine hair may have the Medulla divided into fragments or even be absent.

Although this kind of hair is easier to maintain, its structure is weaker and can be damaged by friction or overheat. Heat can easily penetrate through the thin layers of fine hair drying the hair unnecessarily which breaks the cuticle layer causing frizz.

What makes normal/thick hair frizz-prone?

Comparing to thin hair, thick hair has a larger amount of hair cells. This means, if your hair is thick, you have a more defined medulla, a cortex with more volume, and larger cuticle layer to protect the inner layers.

Although this kind of hair has a stronger structure, heating for a longer time and styling it excessively will cause it to lose its moisture by chipping the cuticle layer letting it pass through.

Also, the humidity will build and rebuild more hydrogen bonds because of the thicker cortex and in a higher rate that will make the shape and length of the hair fluctuate. Thus frizz will occur and make your thicker hair harder to tame.

Why is frizz most likely to appear in your curly or coarse hair?

If your hair is curly, it has a non-linear or curvy shape regardless of the texture of the layers of hair cells. If it is curly and coarse at the same time, it is both curved with a rough cuticle layer.

The rough layer is naturally prone to breakage, at the same time the curved shape of the hair bends the strands and makes them more vulnerable to damage caused by friction. Damage to the cuticle layer will naturally create frizz and make your curly hair harder to manage.

Not to mention this will get worse with overheating, dryness or the rising levels of humidity in the air.

Technologies available for frizz control

There are plenty of hairdryers on the market that are confidently advertising about their qualities that control frizz. However, do not be flattered by the brilliant marketing strategies of the hairdryer brands, rather inquire and gather knowledge on how they function to reduce frizz and to what extent to benefit your hair type. If the wrong hair dryer is selected, then it can cause frizziness in hair.

The available technologies that can help you tame your frizzy hair depending on your hair types are as follows:

  • Ceramic technology
  • Porcelain technology
  • Pearl Ceramic technology
  • Ionic technology
  • Tourmaline technology
  • Titanium hair technology
  • Supersonic hair technology
  • Hydro ionic hair technology

So, among this wide variety of hair dryers that promises frizz control, which one should you choose and why? For you to come to a fruitful decision, you need to know the functionalities of these technologies and how they can ensure quality hair-drying without having to worry about frizz.

Ceramic Technology

When we think of Ceramic, we usually think of exotic pottery art. But the use of ceramic is not limited to pottery these days and are being used in various technologies.

Hairdryers have been popularly using ceramic in their internal components for its beneficial qualities to fight frizz. Major parts of a hair dryer are coated with a fine powder of ceramic and heating units are created.

These hating units create gentle infrared heat to dry hair evenly. Because of ceramic having ionic covalent bonds, when it’s heated, it emits ions to dry hair. Thus hair dries fast without being exposed to heat for long.

What ceramic can do for frizzy hair and what hair type is it best for

Because of gentle eating, ceramic is great for fine hair. Fine hair has delicate layers and thus overheating can cause damage to it.

Ceramic with its natural healing properties smoothens and seals damaged air cuticles of your fine hair easily. This process helps lock moisture in the cortex layer of your hair and creates a more uniform cuticle layer.

Thus, frizz control gets much easier with ceramic.

What ceramic cannot do

Many people with thicker hair use ceramic dryers not knowing that it will take longer to dry it. Ceramic for its gentle heat is better suited for fine hair. Thicker hair would need more heat than ceramic can produce because of having a larger mass of cuticles. Therefore, ceramic isn’t the wisest choice for thick, coarse or curly hair.

Porcelain Technology

Porcelain is more popularly known as another variety of ceramic. However, its chemical composition is different as is proven to dry hair faster than ceramic. It is translucent in color, tougher and stronger in bonding. When heated, it emits ions and holds the ability to remove static electricity. It also effectively fights frizz even if your hair is dense.

What porcelain can do for controlling frizz and what hair type is it best for

For frizz control, this works just like ceramic by smoothening the hair cuticles for the shinier finish but for all types of hair. It takes lesser drying time comparing to ceramic dryers but also with better frizz control. It splits water molecules into smaller droplets and lets it evaporate almost immediately into the air.

Because of lesser drying time, it saves your hair from heat-induced damage and at the same time locks moisture by closing the raised ends of the hair cuticles and thus controls frizz better than ceramic dryers.

What porcelain cannot do

Porcelain hair dryers might need stronger motors to heat up which is why it might not be the best energy saving option. Also, because of its powerful motor, it is also comparatively heavier than other dryers, therefore it might not give you the convenience of other lightweight dryers in terms of its weight.

Pearl Ceramic technology

Pearl naturally rejuvenates and fortifies hair giving it a luster and for that pearl, extracts are used in many hair products. It also repels humidity which means, this works great for frizz control since humidity is one of the major causes of frizz in hair.

What Pearl Ceramic hair dryers can do for frizz-control and what hair type is it best for

Pearl-ceramic technology in hairdryers is designed to nourish and dry hair at the same time with the combined benefits of pearl and ceramic. Pearl gives lustrous shine and smoothness, repels humidity effectively and thus prevents frizz from occurring in your hair.

As a result, your hair has a beautiful lustrous shine. Ceramic, on the other hand, creates gentle and even heating alongside. As a result, your hair dries fast and coherently. Moisture inside the hair cuticles is sealed by ceramic and pearl together with their natural conditioning properties.

Because of having ceramic in it, it is better suited for fine hair. Pearl, however, makes it more versatile and makes this technology worthy of other hair types as well.

What Pearl Ceramic Cannot do

Since this technology is incomplete without ceramic it is not the greatest option for coarse or curly hair. But if it comes with a good wattage and motor options and heat control, it may also be usable for hair with denser volume.

Ionic Technology

Ionic dryers with the mechanism of corona effect, release negative ions and dry hair fast. It also seals chipped cuticles with the help of negative ions and traps in the moisture.

It shrinks water molecules and puts back necessary moisture in the hair shaft while blows away the rest of the molecules for faster drying.

What Ionic hair dryers can do to control frizz and what hair type is it best for

Ionic hair dryers are well suited for all types of hair because of its ion infused heating system that can penetrate hair cells whether it is thick or thin.  It claims to shrink the water molecules instead of vaporizing them, which helps to retain moisture, which is essential for frizz control.

What Ionic hair dryers cannot do

It is not very clear how ionic technology works on sealing the hair cuticles and whether it can have a long-term effect on controlling frizz although many ionic dryers claim to give a frizz-free drying experience.

However, if it combines with ceramic, titanium, tourmaline or other hair conditioning materials then it might be a great tool to fight frizz.

Tourmaline technology

Tourmaline is the blooming technology that works great for all types of hair. Because of the natural quality of crushed tourmaline to create negative ions in abundance and far infrared heating to dry hair without having to penetrate the layers of hair cells, it is a great alternative to hair dryers that overheat the hair to dry them.

What Tourmaline Hair Dryers can do to control frizz and what hair type is it best for

When your hair comes in contact with the crushed tourmaline, it creates a continuous stream of negative ions and infrared heat that seals the chipped hair cuticles and thus gives your hair a smooth frizz-free finish. Tourmaline works great for all types of hair and thus can easily be titled the most versatile hair-drying technology that controls frizz.

What Tourmaline hair dryers cannot do

What tourmaline dryers cannot help you with is save your money. Crushed tourmaline makes the hair dryers a bit pricey but for legitimate reasons since it is a rare gemstone. Since these hair dryers have powerful motors, they consume more energy as well. If you want to save energy, this is not a great choice. It might cost you electricity bills.

Titanium technology

While ceramic works great for fine hair, it is not powerful enough to create the same impact of frizz-free smooth hair on thicker hair. Thick hair has more cuticles than thin hair and thus, it takes longer to dry it with ceramic for its volume. Titanium is a metal and heats up quicker than ceramic and dries your thick hair way faster than ceramic dryers.

What Titanium hairdryers can do for frizzy hair and what hair type is it good for

Titanium is great for air that is thick or coarse in texture. With its quick and intense heat, it smoothens out the chipped cuticles and seals them giving a frizz-free finish. Because it heats up quickly, it also takes less time to dry your hair and save your hair from overheating and further damages.

What Titanium hair dryers cannot do

If you have fine hair, titanium can burn or damage your hair with its intense heat. Thus titanium is not a good choice for fine and delicate air types.

Supersonic technology

Supersonic is one of the latest addition to hair drying technologies that women of all hair types are getting highly impressed by. This kind of hair dryer has a promising temperature control mechanism that makes it suitable for all hair types.

Its smart heat motor checks the intensity of the air twenty times in a second and maintains the desired temperature needed to dry your hair. How much heat will be produced to dry your hair will depend on your hair density since it can emit heat in a wide variety of temperatures.

What Supersonic hair dryers can do to control frizz and what hair type it is best for

The supersonic technology claims to reduce and prevent hair from getting frizzy by its intelligent temperature control by saving your hair from over-heating and over-drying. Because of its auto adjustable temperature control, it can suit all hair types.

What Supersonic hair dryers cannot do

Although it is a much hyped up technology for its unique design, it is not very convincing what its mechanism is to control frizz. Just temperature control itself is not enough to smoothen hair cuticles. So some queries regarding frizz are still not fully answered by this technology.

Hydro Ionic technology

Although not widely used by major hair dryer brands, hydro ionic technology is a great alternative to heat styling. This kind of dryer uses hydro ionic crystals. The blend of these natural crystals emits purified negative ions and far infrared rays. The ions and the infrared energy teams up to efficiently break down the water molecules from the hair shaft.

What Hydro Ionic hair dryers can do to fight frizz and what hair type is it best for

As we know, dehydration is a major cause of frizzy hair, these crystals are highly beneficial for dehydrated hair. The teamed effort of far infrared heat and pure negative ions keeps the hair hydrated by sealing and retaining the needed level of moisture in hair and fights frizz giving it a smooth and shiny texture.

Because of its low heat drying technology, it is best for fine hair since drying thicker hair might require heat for its density.

What Hydro Ionic hair dryers cannot do

Among the disadvantages of this kind of dryer is that its low heating is not sufficient to dry thicker or coarser hair quickly. Also, it is not yet a very established technology and not many brands have incorporated hydro-ionic crystals into their dryers. Unless you are up for experimenting, it would be better to look for answers a bit more.

Which hair drying technology should you choose for maximum frizz-free benefits?

Keeping the functionalities, pros, and cons in mind, the technologies that can quality-dry your hair with the best frizz-free results therefore are:

  1. Porcelain Ceramic technology
  2. Pearl Ceramic technology
  3. Tourmaline technology
  4. And lastly, Ionic technology combined with ceramic, titanium, tourmaline or other hair smoothening materials.

What other features should your hairdryer have to fight and control frizz?

The following options are what you need for more convenient frizz free hair drying in your dryer:

  • At least 2 Speed and 2 heating options
  • The wattage of 1850 and above
  • High Torque AC or DC motor for more acceleration and speedy drying
  • Cool-Shot button for hair setting options
  • Concentrator Nozzle Attachment for more precise drying. If you would like to increase the volume of your hair and no frizz, try the technique of aiming the nozzle from the roots till the tips and continue the same motion for some time.
  • Diffuser attachment, which is essential for frizz control especially if have curls. This device will lower the velocity of airflow from the dryer and give you softer and frizz free curls.

The 4 best hair dryers for frizzy hair

Considering the technology and essential features that are ideal for frizz control, the following hair dryers will work great for all types of hair. These selected hair dryers more or less have variable heat and speed. Select the suitable heat and speed option according to your hair type to see the best results.

Try lower or medium heat and speed settings for thin and delicate hair types. Use maximum temperature and airflow for thick and curly hair types. If the right techniques are used, the hair dryers in our list will provide long-term benefits and promising results with frizzy hair.

1. Conair Porcelain Series Turbo Hair Dryer – The best home hair dryer with salon-grade service

Conair Jilbere Porcelain Series Turbo Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is a professional dryer that can be a great home-dryer too. If you are passionate about blow drying this is the right tool for your hair regardless of your hair type.

Because of its professional quality, it produces a powerful blow that might seem intense, but because of the natural benefits of Porcelain, it would not harm your hair.

This hair dryer uses the technology that has porcelain and ceramic combined to give a great frizz-free finish. Porcelain in a hair dryer is a great alternative to plain ceramic, and suits all types of hair for its heat conductivity and is stronger and more translucent. Porcelain also great for fighting static electricity. It creates negative ions and evaporates the water molecules almost immediately which gives your hair lesser exposure to heat.

Ceramic, on the other hand, will smoothen the hair cuticles and seal the moisture by producing more even heat. As a result, your hair will dry with a frizz-free smooth texture. Unlike Ceramic dryers which suits fine hair best, its innovative combination of porcelain and ceramic is well suited for all hair types.

Among its other important features that help fight frizz is its 3 heat and 3-speed settings that help you adjust your airflow depending on your hair type. It also comes with a hanging loop and 10 ft. professional power cord.

Features Of Conair Porcelain Series Turbo Hair Dryer

  • Technology: Pulse Ceramic Technology
  • Wattage: 1875W
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 2.3 Pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: 6 Heat/Speed Settings
  • Attachments: 1 Concentrator Nozzle
  • Cool shot button: Available

Conair Porcelain Series Turbo Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer – The Most Durable hair dryer for fine hair

Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer

This hair dryer has an AC motor which has the average life-span or 4 to 6 years and thus durability of this hair-dryer more than average hair dryers. It is also available with the warranty of 2 to 3 years which will save you the worry to spend on reparations.

This Remington hair dryer is incorporated with Pearl Ceramic and Ionic Technology which naturally heals damaged hair and controls frizz with the benefits of pearl extracts and ceramic combined with negative ions.

Because of even heating of Ceramic, it is best suited for fine hair. Pearl naturally rejuvenates and fortifies hair cells and repels humidity, and thus it smoothens the hair cuticles and gives it a lustrous, shiny and frizz-free silky texture. Ionic technology gives faster drying by shrinking hair molecules.

It also comes with 3 heat and two-speed settings, cool shot option and a concentrator nozzle to give a great frizz-free fast drying and styling experience.

Features Of Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer

  • Technology: Pearl Ceramic Technology
  • Wattage: 1875W
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: 3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings
  • Attachments: 1 Concentrator Nozzle
  • Cool shot button: Available

Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer – The Best Professional Ceramic Blow Dryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is a powerful yet aesthetically pleasing professional hair dryer. It has a 2400 wattage and 240 Voltage which produces an intense airflow for salon-grade professional hair drying and styling.

It has Ceramic and Ionic technology combined to suit all types of hair. Ionic technology combined with powerful wattage and voltage reduces drying time by 30% which facilitates fast drying.

Ceramic in this dryer smoothens and seals hair cuticles and keeps the integrity of this layer of hair cells intact. Ceramic also creates even infrared heat to save your hair from heat-induced damage.

Its Ionic technology, on the other hand, shrinks the water molecules and blows them out for faster drying. As a result, the hair has a frizz-free velvety texture with the combined benefits ionic and ceramic technology. It will also free your hair from forming static electricity with its electromagnetic wave protection technology.

Features Of Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

  • Technology: Ceramic Technology
  • Wattage: 2400W
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: 2 Speed & 3 Heat Settings
  • Attachments: 1 Concentrator Nozzle
  • Cool shot button: Not Available

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

4. T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer – The Healthiest and the fastest dryer for frizz control in all types of hair

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer - March 1, 2018

This hair dryer has airflow with highly infused ions and gentle infrared heating powered by Proprietary T3 Tourmaline + SoftAireTM technology and is an award-winning hair drying gadget.

The natural benefits of crushed tourmaline infused with ionic technology produce tons of negative ions and far infrared heating to ensure the integrity of hair cuticles by sealing and conditioning them keeping the health of your hair in check by protecting it from frizz.

Infrared heat dries hair without penetrating the layers which are very healthy and keeps the layers of hair tissue intact. Tourmaline is also great for all hair types.

Tourmaline emits far-infrared heat which breaks the water molecules into smaller portions and dries hair 40% faster. It reduces the average drying time by 30 minutes or more and dries hair in only 10 to 15 minutes.

The ion-enriched air exits the blow dryer and arranges itself in a wide cone shape to dry large portions of the hair shaft. Because of its drying time, it is the fastest hair dryer that offers frizz free solutions.

In addition, this dryer has 3 temperatures and 2-airflow control options great for both drying and styling. To give you the benefit of locking your styled hair, it also has a cool shot button.

Features Of T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

  • Technology: Tourmaline + SoftAireTM Technology
  • Wattage: 1800W
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 2.91 Pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: 3 Heat Settings & 2 Speed
  • Attachments: 1 Concentrator Nozzle
  • Cool shot button: Available

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Final Verdict

Although there are a wide variety of hair dryers available in the market that swears by frizz control, it is a better idea to know about the technical aspects and their trustworthiness and then finalize your decision to buy a hairdryer.

We have listed 4 best hair dryers for frizzy hair in this review article. Most people underestimate the role of hair dryers in frizz control without knowing how much impact it can make in strengthening the integrity of hair cells.

However, it is important to care for your hair by other means and not solely depend on your hair dryer for frizz control.


  • 1. Conair Porcelain Series Turbo Hair Dryer
  • 2. Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer
  • 3. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer
  • 4. T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

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